Want Silvor Mirror And Silver Bangle

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  1. mr_tech

    mr_tech New Member

    1) Ref rules
    2) I can trade within United States and Canada
    3) Only English Cards
    4) My cards are mint to near-mint conditions unless i say otherwise so i expect with the trader
    5) I have the right to cancel trade before address exchanged
    6) Ask for the set or promo or else i will trade whichever (example: garchomp c. lv x)
    7) Please trade cards in toploaders and sleeves and i will do the same
    8) Trades are considered final once addresses are exchanged.
    9) I will cyl after you offer something on this thread but please send me your link
    10) Offers are to be exchange here and then pm to confirm
    11) No scamming
    12) Ask if you want it in reverse holo because i might have it in them if not i will just trade away
    13)No world cards or fake cards unless i ask for them
    14) Have FUN!

    Red Font= Priority

    Plasma Blast Wants:
    4x Jirachi Ex
    4x Virizon Ex
    4x Gensect Ex
    2x Dialga Ex
    4x reversal trigger
    4x iris
    4x Caitlin
    8x Silver Mirror
    8x Silvor Bangle

    Other Wants:
    1x Cobalion Ex
    4x Bike
    4x Colress
    2x Victini Ex
    4x Deoxy Ex
    2x Thunderus Ex
    2x Lugia Ex
    3x Tropical Beach (English)
    1x Mew Ex
    4x FA Supporters (Juniper, Skyla, N, Colress)
    3x FA Keldeo (willing to downgrade)
    3x FA Darkrai (willing to downgrade)
    4x Shiny Max Potion
    4x Shiny Ultra Ball
    2x Shiny Blastoise
    1x Shiny Charizard
    Xx Any 60+ sleeves (Ultra Pro, Player Choice, KMC, Pre-Release, Japanese Pokemon)
    Xx Any deck boxes (Pokemon Related Deck Box, Ultra Pro, Pre-release Construct Deck Boxes)
    Xx Poison/Burn Markers (Custom, Cool AZ or Florida Ones)


    1x Latios FA
    4x Heatran
    1x Articuno FA
    1x Artincuno
    1x Mewtwo Set
    2x Raikou
    1x Reshiram FA
    2x Reshiram
    2x Cresselia FA
    1x Cresselia
    1x Shaymin FA
    1x Celebi
    2x Black Kyurem BC FA
    2x Black Kyurem BC
    1x White Kyurem BC FA
    1x White kyurem BC
    2x Kyogre FA
    1x Ho-oh FA
    2x Ho-oh
    1x terrakion FA
    2x terrakion
    2x rayquaza (set)
    2x kyurem NXD
    1x zekrom FA
    2x zekrom (set) and 1x promo
    1x regigigas
    1x groudon

    Shiny/ace Spec:
    1x chandelure
    1x Sigilyph
    1x Blastoise (only for priority wants)
    1x Pikachu (only for priority wants)
    1x Kyurem Dragon Vault (only for priority wants)
    1x Random Receiver (only for priority wants)
    1x crystal wall
    1x crystal edge
    3x Gold Potion
    2x Victory Piece

    Full Arts (non Ex):
    1x N (only for priority wants)
    1x Juniper (only for priority wants)
    1x thunderus
    1x virizion
    1x victini
    2x reshiram
    3x tornadus
    1x terrakion
    1x cobalion
    1x landurus

    Meta Stuff:
    2x Klingklang Plasma storm
    2x Exeggcute
    1x Accelgor DEX
    2x Leafleon Plasma freeze
    2x Flareon Plasma freeze
    3x Snorlax Plasma storm
    2x Kecleon Plasma freeze
    3x chandelure plasma freeze
    2x flygon bc
    1x dusknoir bc
    3x black kyurem bc
    2x white kyurem bc
    2x audino bc
    1x vileplume bc
    1x belossum bc
    3x hydreigon drx
    3x garchomp drx
    2x sigilyph drx
    2x garbodor drx
    8x eelektrik nvi
    4x any tynamo
    3x klingklang bw
    2x accelgor dex
    2x roserade drx
    1x bouffalant drx
    2x tornadus ep
    1x fliptini nv
    3x kyurem nv
    2x archeops nvi

    Pretty Much have all Trainer from this format besides Plasma Blast. So just ask!

    8x Tropical Beach
    50x Plasma Storm

    HAVE ALL Victory Cups 1st, 2nd, 3rd from this 2010-2013 battle roads

    2x Player Rewards Sealed (blend, cynthias guidance, scoop up, Black Belt)
    2x Player Reward Energies Sealed (2009,2010,2011,2012)
    1x Eveelution Season Promos (Evee, jolteon, vaporeon, umbreon, flareon, espeon)
    1x Worlds 2012 Cloth/Lens Cleaner
    1x Oshowatt DS pin with Oshowatt collectible figure
    1x Tepig, Oshowatt, Snivy Key Chain
    1x 2010 Worlds Pikachu Hawaii DS Holder Pouch
    1x Worlds 2011 Skating Pikachu Baggage Claim
    1x Aipom keychain
    1x 10 assorted pokemon pencils
    1x Dice box green baby politoad (fits small dice)
    1x 2010 Worlds Championships Baggage Claim
    1x Worlds 2012 Deckbox
    2x Worlds 2012 Playmat
    1x Pikachu baggage tag
    1x worlds 2012 pikachu plushie tiki
    1x pickahu holding tiki pin
    5x Scrafty Playmat
    1x Great Ball Playmat $25
    1x Heartgold Soul Silver PlayMat $25
    2x POP playmat
    1x Jason Martinez 2009 World Championship Deck
    2x 2013 Nationals Shirt Medium
    1x 2011 World Shirt Youth Large un-used
    1x 2011 World Shirt Adult Medium un-used
    1x 2010 Worlds Shirt Youth Large un-used
    1x 2010 Worlds Shirt Adult Medium un-used
    1x 2011 Nationals Shirt Adult Large un-used
    1x 2010 Nationals Shirt Youth Large un-used

    Please Make An offer First! I will Check your list!
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  2. koltonsdragonite

    koltonsdragonite New Member

    CML for these-

    3 Hydreigon Dragons Exalted Holo
    2 Garbodor Dragons Exalted
    1 Blue Pikachu Tiki Notebook. How big is this and what do you value it at?
  3. mr_tech

    mr_tech New Member

    I have the lower evolutions too, if you need it. I can do:

    2x Hydreigon
    1x Garbador
    1x Blue Pikachu tiki


    1x tornadus ex plasma freeze FA
    1x rayquaza dragon vault
  4. koltonsdragonite

    koltonsdragonite New Member

    How big is the notebook? Is it the size of a regular one?
  5. mr_tech

    mr_tech New Member

    its smaller than the normal size notebook. It is sealed and is spiral.
  6. koltonsdragonite

    koltonsdragonite New Member

    Do you have any extras of these?

    Hypnotoxic Laser
    Virbank City Gym
    Ultra Ball

    We're trying to get a league going again, so my brother and I are trying to get as many staples as possible. Any Amount helps.
  7. mr_tech

    mr_tech New Member

    i have 2 extra skyla. I will be getting more staples when i recieve boxes of the new set.
  8. koltonsdragonite

    koltonsdragonite New Member

    Okay. So could you do this?

    1 Full Art Tornadus EX Plasma Freeze
    1 Rayquza Stamped Dragon Vault

    2 Hydreigon Dark Trance
    1 Garbodor Garbotoxin
    1 Tiki Notebook
    2 Skyla
    1 Gold Potion

    LMK or Counter
  9. mr_tech

    mr_tech New Member

    I could do this if you replace the rayquaza dragon vault for shiny garbodor. The rayquaza wasn't really a need.
    I do find interest in the garbodor shiny.
  10. koltonsdragonite

    koltonsdragonite New Member

    Sorry I'm confused by what you're saying. Instead of the rayquaza you want my shiny garbodor?
  11. mr_tech

    mr_tech New Member

    Yes that's exactly what I'm saying
  12. koltonsdragonite

    koltonsdragonite New Member

    Could you do this-

    1 Full Art Tornadus EX Plasma Freeze
    1 Shiny Garbodor Plasma Freeze

    2 Hydreigon Dark Trance
    2 Garbodor Garbotoxin
    1 Tiki Notebook
    2 Skyla

    LMK or Counter
  13. Hank Hill

    Hank Hill New Member

    Would you do
    Your fa juniper and2x fa skyla for

    Shinny charz
    1x lugia ex
    2x thundurus ex
    1x tornadus ex plasma
    4x colress
    2x bicycle
    1x absol plasma
    1x life dew
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  14. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit New Member

    CML for FA Skyla please :)? I have cobalion EX, Victini EX, Rock Gaurd etc. from your wants.
  15. Calisweeper

    Calisweeper New Member

    FA Virizion EX

    FA Skyla + some small stuff

    can you cml to see if you have any of my smaller wants you may have not listed? my thread is in my sig :)
  16. pokemonplayer101

    pokemonplayer101 New Member

    Extremely interested in your x2 FA Skyla and FA Juniper (mainly the Skyla). I have from your wants Tornadus EX PLF, 3 Virbank City Gym, Dowisng Machine, Rock Guard, Life Dew, and I might have 4 Colress. CML?
  17. soccerdave17

    soccerdave17 New Member

    CML for FA juniper! :) I have thundurus ex, Cobalion ex, tornadus ex plf, life dew, plb Sigilyph and a few other things from
    Your wants!
  18. mr_tech

    mr_tech New Member

    I would love to do this deal. However, my only concern is the shipping cost. Would you be able to add in 25 plasma freeze codes to even this deal.

    ---------- Post added 08/01/2013 at 01:18 PM ----------

    Shiny Charizard isnt a priority at this moment and I am mainly looking to trade FA supporters for my priority wants. Please check again if you need something else. I am interested in the smaller wants.

    ---------- Post added 08/01/2013 at 01:21 PM ----------

    I would have to decline on this offer. If there is anything else you need, please post. Interested in the things you offered.

    ---------- Post added 08/01/2013 at 01:27 PM ----------

    I am interested in this offer. What would be the small stuff?

    ---------- Post added 08/01/2013 at 01:28 PM ----------

    Ill pass on this. Those listed are smaller wants. However, if you see something else, feel free to post.

    ---------- Post added 08/01/2013 at 01:31 PM ----------

    I like the genesect FA. would you do my FA juniper and something small for your genesect FA
  19. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit New Member

    It wasn't nec. an offer it was just some stuff I have from your wants. If you checked my list maybe you'd see something else? Dunno.

    Only interested in your FA supporters but it looks like you'll only trade them for priority wants no? If you'd be willing to work something out though let me know :)
  20. Calisweeper

    Calisweeper New Member

    I have a wants list on my thread in my sig, would you happen to have any of those?

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