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Discussion in 'Buyers House' started by FriedBlaziken, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. FriedBlaziken

    FriedBlaziken New Member

    Here are my rules.

    1. I live in Australia.
    2. Some of my cards might not be 100% mint, so I will let you know if its not.
    3. I don't really have a lot of refs, so most of the time I will be sending first.
    4. Yes. I do trade overseas.
    5. LMK about the condition of the cards I am receiving.
    6. I can buy cards.
    7. No rippers please.
    8. Lets have fun trading.
    9. Please post here. Don't PM me. Thanks :)


    LvX's, Special Cards and Ex's:
    Xx Victory Medal Gold
    Xx Victory Medal Silver
    Xx TSD
    Xx Lucario LvX
    Xx MT ex's

    Rares and Holos:
    Xx Kricketune MT
    Xx Rampardos MT
    Xx Nidoqueen MT
    Xx Garchomp MT
    Xx Blissey MT
    2x Raichu d HP
    Xx Feraligatr MT
    Xx Delcatty PK

    Xx Rare Candy
    Xx Quick Ball
    Xx Team Galactic's Wager
    Xx Night Maintenance
    Xx Castaway
    Xx Celios
    Xx Fossil Excavater

    Xx Pokeball Sleeves (LMK what colour)
    Xx Sleeves (Sealed)

    Low wants:
    Xx Cessation Crystal
    Xx Bebe's Search
    Xx Windstorm
    Xx Battle Frontier
    Xx Lake Boundary
    Xx Other useful trainers
    Xx DRE's and Scrambles
    Xx Other MT holo's
    Xx Walrein MT

    THROW-ins: (only for related trades)

    Xx Rampardos pre-evos.
    Xx Kricketots
    Xx Garchomp pre-evos.
    Xx Nidoqueen MT pre-evos
    Xx Feraligatr MT pre-evos
    Xx Chinglings and Chimechos


    4x Torterra LvX
    2x Empoleon LvX (1 Corrected)
    1x Electivire LvX
    1x Dialga LvX JPN DP3
    1x Palkia LvX JPN DP3
    1x Garchomp LvX JPN

    1x Alazkazam*
    1x Kyogre*
    1x Mewtwo* (Bad Condition)
    1x Registeel* (Signed by Creator)
    1x Charizard*
    1x Treecko*
    1x Flareon*
    1x Vaporeon*
    1x Jolteon*
    1x Mew*

    3x Flareon ex
    1x Umbreon ex
    1x Espeon ex
    1x Vaporeon ex
    1x Jolteon ex
    1x Latias ex d
    1x Latios ex d
    2x Salamence ex PK
    1x Salamence ex d
    2x Metagross ex PK
    2x Steelix ex (1 JPN-signed)
    1x Absol ex
    1x Flygon ex PK
    2x Mightyena ex (1 JPN)
    1x Blissey ex
    2x Flygon ex d
    1x Raichu ex EM
    2x Walrein ex PK
    2x Walrein ex LM (1 GER)
    1x Groudon ex CG
    1x Rayquaza ex 039 PROMO
    1x Kyogre ex 037 PROMO
    3x Swampert ex CG (2 JPN)
    1x Crawdaunt ex
    1x Aggron ex CG
    2x Altaria ex d
    1x Claydol ex
    1x Sceptile ex
    1x Jirachi ex


    2x 2006 WORLDS SET (Only letting go one)
    1x 2007 WORLDS SET (Very hard to get)
    1x Shining Raichu
    1x Shining Kabutops
    2x Nationals Blastoise
    2x T32 Tropical Tidal Wave 06
    1x T16 Tropical Wind 07
    1x QTR FINAL Tropical Wind 07
    2x SEMI FINAL Tropical Wind 07

    italics: very very hard to get.



    5x Manaphy (3 AH)
    6x Dusknoir (3 AH)
    6x Mismagius (2 AH)
    7x Palkia (1 AH)
    3x Dialga (1 AH)
    6x Rhypherior (2 AH)
    6x Magnezone (1 AH)
    4x Electivire (0 AH)
    6x Luxray (2 AH)
    8x Lucario (7 AH)
    5x Roserade (2 AH)
    2x Skuntank (1 AH)
    1x Shiftry
    6x Torterra (2 AH)
    6x Staraptor (4 AH)


    Xx RH DP Commons and Uncommons
    Xx DP Commons and Uncommons
    -just ask-

    ALSO HAVE: $$$ Paypal.


    1x Cyber Blader
    1x Cyber Phoenix
    1x Skyscraper
    1x B.E.S Tetran
    1x VWXYZ- Dragon Catapult Cannon


    1x VWXYZ- Dragon Catapult Cannon
    1x Yu-Jo Friendship
    3x Blockman
    1x Treasure Map
    1x Hero Spirit
    1x King's Knight
    1x Chtonian Blast



    MY: 4x Rayquaza ex d + 3x Absol ex for
    HIS: 1x TSD + 1x Victory Medal Autumn + 1x Lucario LvX

    REFS: (1)

    1. ice_brakerz
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2007
  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Hello Aaron

    I have

    Rares and Holos:
    Xx Rampardos MT

    Xx Fossil Excavater
    Xx Bebe's Search

    Low wants:
    Xx Battle Frontier
    Xx Lake Boundary
    Xx Walrein MT

    THROW-ins: (only for related trades)

    Xx Rampardos pre-evos.
    Xx Kricketots
    Xx Garchomp pre-evos.
    Xx Nidoqueen MT pre-evos
    Xx Feraligatr MT pre-evos

    lmk a price offer on MSN.
  3. FriedBlaziken

    FriedBlaziken New Member

    4 Ramparodos for 4AUD
    4 Fossil Excavater 3AUD
    2 Battle Frontier 2AUD
    3 Walrein 2.50AUD
    4-2 Cranidos 0.50AUD

    TOTAL: 12AUD.

  4. Jason

    Jason New Member

    yer... 2 of the rampardos are rev foils so lets say $6aud for 4 rampardos

    msn me to finalise, Aaron.

    *you need to open a thread in the buyers house if you are looking to buy stuff*
  5. pokemonmike

    pokemonmike Active Member

    Moved to buyers house as you are buying not trading. If you wish to make only trades you can open a new trading thread in the trading forum.
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