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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Rai, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. Rai

    Rai <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    Aah, how interesting life can be when you've got little siblings in the house. They make such bizarre demands such as "Gimme the remote!", "I want my Absol!", and "I want to play Blastoise for cities! Build me a Blastoise deck!"

    ...Wait a minute, Blastoise? The thing that can attach multiple water energy from your hand in a turn? Well... I figured that a Junior might be able to do decently with a deck like this, and thus I threw together a collection of 60 cards.
    It's a water deck, right? It loses to Magmortar. Every game. It gets semi-set up, but then falls apart ten seconds later. Perhaps it's the trainer line that's not working right. Perhaps it's the support line? Hm... Questions indeed. How does one make Blastoise playable?


    Sableye (SW) x3
    Squirtle (CG w/ Body) x3
    Wartortle (CG w/ Tail Whip) x2
    Blastoise (SW) x3
    Blastoise d (CG) x1
    Snover (MT) x3
    Abomasnow (MT) x3
    Suicune (SW) x1
    Shuckle (SW) x1

    Celio's Network x3
    Copycat x2
    Rare Candy x3
    Pokedex x4
    Pokenav x3
    Energy Search x2
    Great Ball x3
    Master Ball x2
    Dusk Ball x3
    Warp Point x3

    Water x12


    So. The first question when getting Blastoise playable is actually getting the cards onto the field. I decided that running a pure trainer engine would allow for faster access to Energy Cards, and still be able to fit in plenty of pokemon search. What better pokemon for grabbing these trainer cards then Sableye?

    Blastoise is an obvious choice, as this is the core of the deck. Waterlog is a cool power, but needs energies (found via Pokenav/Pokedex/Energy Search) and the actual pokemon (found via the variety of Balls) in order to be useful. I've actually found Blastoise is a decent attacker, just barely too weak to be considered for play on it's own due to the fact that it comes 10 HP short of OHKOing Magmortar SW with 1 extra energy attached for Hydro Pump.
    Blastoise d is an obvious tech to cut weakness. Of course, has it ever come out at a useful time? No, of course not.
    The CG evolutions are used because Squirtle's not effected by Prinplup's damage spreading and Wartortle had a disabling attack. Not much reason beyond that.

    Now. The part of the deck that's questionable. Abomasnow. What makes Abomasnow cool? It's got a body that puts to sleep any pokemon that attacks it, and it's attack requires only water energy to work. Even more fun, the attack spreads damage throughout the opponent's bench if you flip heads. Since Blastoise ends your turn by using it's power, it seemed to make the most sense to pick a pokemon whom could punish the opponent for taking action (Abomasnow's body). It also did not make sense to use a pokemon whom required other types of energy, 'cause so many resources are going into having a decent pull with Waterlog. Thus Abomasnow's water only requirement seemed perfect. I'm not sure how much help the 3-3 line is over a 2-2 line. Heck, there might even have been a better partner for Blastoise that I missed. *shrug*

    Suicune's another obvious tech. It's TSD like ability and the Delta Reduction attack make for a good combo with Blastoise, especially since the turtle accelerates energy onto Suicune.
    Shuckle is weird though. It seemed that if you were unable to have an Abomasnow active, the least you could do is put a pokemon up who wouldn't take damage. Mr. Mime did not seem like a good choice because of Blissey being able to have enough energy to overide it's body. Shuckle on the other hand, eagerly waits for the Holon WP or Holon FF energy to hit Blisseys before sitting there, being unable to be touched.

    The trainer line's rather self-explanatory. The only thing the Ball Engine can't do is search for very specific pokemon, thus there are some Celio's in the deck. Draw Power to recover from after a Waterlog can be lacking, hence the Copycat in the list. Other supporters should not be needed because Basics are already found by Great Ball, and other cards would limit Rummage's usefulness.

    12 Energy is a number that seems decent for now. It's seemed too low at times, especially when Waterlog is only attaching 4 energy. It's also seemed too high, when Rummage finds only energy with it's pick ups. DRE and Scramble have not yet been tested, nor has WP. Advice on more correct numbers here would be appreciated.

    So yeah, have at it...
  2. Black Mamba

    Black Mamba New Member

    A couple suggestions for this...

    Smeargle SW- This guy was practically made for this. He sets you up for great waterlogs, and his 2nd attack can actually get him out of a jam sometimes.

    Gyarados MT- IMO, a much better partner for Blasty. Sure, Magikarp sucks, but having a Gyarados active after using waterlog is going to make your opponent think about attacking it, because if they can't OHKO it, they're in for major pain with his augmented flail attack.

    Holon Circle- Since you said that this is a Jr's deck, I think Circle is very necessary. It forces your opponent to waste an attack without doing any damage, while you get a waterlog off scott free. You can occasionally get into trouble with it against a smart opponent, but like I said, this is a Jr's deck. :wink:

    Trainers- I noticed you only play 5 supporters. Even with the ball engine, it's nice to have some other options when you need more than a Pokemon.

    Totally winged a list at 7 AM, but I hope it's okay.


    3x Smeargle SW
    3x Squirtle CG
    2x Wartortle CG
    3x Blasty SW
    1x Blasty d
    3x Magikarp MT
    3x Gyarados MT
    1x Suicune


    3x Celio
    3x Prof Oak's Visit
    2x Roseanne's Research
    2x Copycat
    3x Rare Candy
    3x Pokedex
    3x Pokenav
    3x Great Ball
    3x Holon Circle
    2x Warp Point


    12x Water
    2x Holon WP

    I debated DRE or scramble, but since you can't attach them with Waterlog and have no really good way to get them out, it would probably be better like this.

    Hope it helps.
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  3. Blassari

    Blassari New Member

    No Holon Circle?
  4. freakysmiley

    freakysmiley New Member

    out with the abomasnow in with the crawdaunt ex lumineon or magenton Pk and multi /lightning energies

    the thing with all these cards it blastoises power increases there attacks abomasnow really the only thing it has in common with blastoise is it needs watter energy to attack

    if you dont have crawdaunt ex lumineons or magneton pks
    try it with a least a better water pokemon
    i hear empoleons pretty good

    sorry but abomasnow is not the way to go with blastoise
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