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Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by David's Confused Pokedad, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. Been so involved trying to build decks and handle travel for States I didn't notice but we are in a RECESSION. Oil today hit a record High. The dollar hit a record low. Japan's stock market is down. Ours is down. Big Brother can you spare a dime. Oh you spent it all on a war that helped no one. If it was not for Angela Shah reporting the businees reports it would be no use in me watching. We will soon be in a Depression. What could that mean for pokemon players. Less money in their own pokects to travel. Collection values will go down in price. Hope I did not lose to much money today. Gotta go check my Portfolio.
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  2. homeofmew

    homeofmew Active Member

    Gas is way to high I agree :'(

  3. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Money is always too good for me since I am Australian :)
  4. pikachual

    pikachual New Member

    Don't forget that Gold is at all time high.....wheat and other commodities at all time highs....hmmm who do we blame for this??? Those who were fiscally irresponsible (ones who bought real estate when they knew that they couldn't afford it, corporations which created phantom wealth with derivatives that were worthless ) should have personal responsibility and pay the piper whether that means lose your home or bankrupt your company. Its amazing how the responsible people who are not spending beyond their means are being punished by the irresponsible people and corporations.

    The dollar is worthless because the world can no longer look to us and believe the country is in great shape. Sell the american stock market and buy commodities (which still have intrinsic value in the rest of the world). The interest rate markets are all locked up, even the supposed most liquid products can't be sold, how is anyone going to have confidence in us??

    Real smart creating ethanol which is driving all food cost up like mad. It flows throughout the economy. Its so sad that our country is looking for a solution to oil when we don't want to give up our gas guzzling SUVs. Ethanol is not the solution. What a dumb way to use our precious food resource. Thank you ethanol lobby.

    Recession, for now, hope this is the worst its gets. We don't want to see it get any uglier. The fed interest rate cuts are doing absolutely nothing, the interest rate products are still locked up. It will get uglier before this whole mess is done with. Thanks to the no money down, no doc loans, CDOs, HELOCs, and other financial products. Who pays for the mess? The taxpayer. Thanks.
  5. ZAKtheGeek

    ZAKtheGeek New Member

    We're in a Republican, headed for a Democrat? Sounds entirely possible.
  6. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Oh the irony. We support an irresponsible stimulus package to "boost" the economy, yet we borrow the money from the Chinese...To buy Chinese products, pay off bills, and put in the bank. Someone, please explain to me how this "boosts" the United States economy.

    Whoever our next president is, he or she has to focus on the national deficit-BIG time.

    Are we headed into a D? No way. If we were headed to a "D," then we'd be in lock down mode right now.
  7. Chairman Kaga

    Chairman Kaga Active Member

    The market is undergoing a much-needed correction. Wall Street pundits were lauding the Dow hitting 14,000 back in July 2007, but what they failed to note was that, taking inflation into account, the market was actually 10% lower than it was in 2000. The global markets are similarly inflated and it's all finally coming to a head, starting with the subprime mortgage collapse.

    As to how stimulus packages help, the point is to get liquidity into the economy to help boost spending and investment. If people start spending, companies start reporting profits, investors start investing, and everything stabilizes over time.
  8. pikachual

    pikachual New Member

    It doesn't matter how much the Fed cuts, just look at the recent cuts. The mortgage rates have not really come in at all. The interest rate markets are still locked up. What we need is for some of these companies to go out of business before we really know what those "smoke and mirror" instruments are worth, and only then will we know what the values are. When that happens then the interest markets will become unlocked. Stop giving them government bailouts.
  9. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    That is the point; however, our government is creating money out of thin air to get it done.

    People kill each other over X-Box machines, so it's no surprise that a 9.3 trillion dollar deficit (much of it being money borrowed from other nations) may lead to our country's downfall.
  10. ~Blazi-King~

    ~Blazi-King~ New Member

    Too bad Bill Clinton, cant be president again...At least he LOWERED our defict...
  11. He had a chance at being first gentleman but it does look good for Monica Lewinsky's ex boyfriends wife.

    Stocks are down again today.
  12. homeofmew

    homeofmew Active Member

    oh i see, well I did vote today. Despite my whole nag about the Democratic party I did vote in their Primary go figure. I hope they don't expect my vote in Nov. though.

  13. ~Blazi-King~

    ~Blazi-King~ New Member

    They'll get mine either way...Seeing as how, the Repubs LOVE to spend money that doesnt exist...

    <-----FAR Left Liberal....
  14. Umbykirb

    Umbykirb New Member

    Same as me, except I live in a very red state, LA. No fun being on the opposite side of opinion!

    I think ending the war will help us get out of debt. Not quickly, of course, hopefully we can pull out of this (too much optomism makes my head hurt!). Let's just see who becomes president and then we'll talk about ending the recession/depression that's beginning to start.
  15. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Yes, but at what price? He raised our taxes, and increased our spending in every area except the military-go figure.

    Many economists say that lowering spending+raising taxes is the only way to go, but when you break down the government, there are soooo many things that can be done without, and be sent back to the private sector.
  16. rhodesia123

    rhodesia123 New Member

    who cares that he raised our taxes, our economy was thriving
  17. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    ...And you give him credit for this? Newt Gingrich's 104th congress had so much more to do with pushing successful economic policy than Bill Clinton did.

    As for "who cares if he raised our taxes," well...that's an absurd thing to say. Whenever taxes are raised, tax shifting leads to you paying more just to stay alive everyday. Raising taxes is one of the last things you should allow your government to do.
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  18. ZAKtheGeek

    ZAKtheGeek New Member

    Well, you don't buy the stuff directly from China. Some American owns the store. So they get the money, investment, trickle-down, blah blah... But, kind of like you said, if they're going to invest they'll probably just invest it right back into China.
  19. Money is so tight right now that nobody seems like they can sell a Dailga level X on ebay right now.
  20. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    To be fair, though, we did find a private buyer who purchased it for $18 (guess what country he isn't from, though...). :D

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