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  1. Assassin_Thief

    Assassin_Thief New Member

    This is the deck I have been playing with. It does pretty well but I feel that there are a few changes that could be made to make the deck better. There are also a few cards that I would like to try out in it but havnt found the room. I would like any help and assistance you can offer.

    Here is the current list I am using. On TCGO my record is 50-4 with this list.

    3x Sableye
    4x Sneasel PLF 65
    3x Weaavile
    3x Voltorb PLF 32
    3x Electrode
    1x Mr. Mime
    4x Exeggcute


    4x Professor Juniper
    3x N
    2x Colress
    1x Bianca
    3x Level Ball
    3x Ultra Ball
    4x Dark Patch
    2x Super Rod
    1x Dowsing Machine
    1x Switch
    1x tool scrapper
    2x Pokemon Catcher
    2x Dark Claw


    10x Dark

    The strategy of the deck is to use Weavile's attack to continuously do high damage. Cards like Electrode is used to add the extra pokemon counts to hit high damage and to use his ability to add consistency and draw power. The Plasma Freeze Sneasels are used as opposed to the other ones because of the 10 extra HP, same with the Voltorb. I use Mr. Mime, again for the extra pokemon count and to block the bench damage. With all my pokemon sitting at 90HP or lower its good to have that extra damage blocked from pokemon like Darkrai, Landorus, and Kyurem so that they dont take multiple prizes after a few turns of attacking. Exeggcute is used for his amazing ability to return from the discard to your hand. With that it lets you use Things like ultra ball and dowsing machine for free. This is the card that makes the deck run, allowing you to hit up to 120 easily over and over.

    The supporter count is lower then normal because they arnt need as much because you have Electrode. I chose just all draw cards so that I wont ever get stuck with out pokemon in my hand.

    There are 4 dark patch in the deck because it is very important to get energy down on your sneasels and Weavile so you can keep the stream of Weavile and damage coming. I use two super rods because its very important to keep pokemon (especially Weavile) in your deck so you can discard them or keep getting Weaviles on the field and attacking.

    I have the switch in there mostly just in case my pokemon stay asleep with laser. It helps in those rare cases where I need to switch but still need to attach to a different Pokemon.

    Tool Scrapper is used mainly for Garbodor decks. Without your abilities your deck doesnt do anything.

    There is a lower count of Pokemon Catcher because you are fine with just attacking and killing the active. Though there are some times where you need to catcher someone they are setting up or an easier target to win the game so two is a good amount.

    I use Dark Claw to give me that extra 20 damage so I can knock out 170HP pokemon like Thundurus, Deoxys, and Keldeo or even Kyurem at 130HP without needing to discard an extra Pokemon.

    I chose Dowsing Machine as my Ace Spec because it works real well with helping discard exeggcute while still getting your trainers from your discard. Because this deck uses a lot of trainers quick it makes Dowsing Machine ideal. It also allows me to run lower counts of things like switch, scrapper, and Pokemon Catcher.

    I like this deck because it is able to one shot even beefy EX pokemon quickly while only giving up one prize at a time. It lets you win the prize race against EX focused decks.

    Here is a list of cards that I wanted to see in it but wasnt sure if its worth the cut of another card.

    2x Super Scoop up -- works great when you need that extra damage. You can just scoop up one of your pokemon and now you have an instant extra 60 damage. It also helps with getting out of Special Conditions.
    1x Town Map -- To help when you have a exeggcute prized. You can get it out right away so you can start doing more damage.
    1x Audino -- Adds to the pokemon count of possible discards while giving you the security of a searchable way to remove special conditions.
  2. Melakai

    Melakai New Member

    Hello :)
    I think voltorb and electrode are taking a lot of space I know they draw up but you need to get them set up in order to do that.
    Sableye is fine but id have either darkrai or absol in this deck since you have dakrclaw and dark patch. reason why is you got more pokemon (non dark) then your dark pokemon making dark patch difficult.

    Mr mime I think is good especially against landorus. He is the ultimate pain for dark decks.

    Also if you had skyarrow bridge it can not only battle virbank but also give you a free retreat in sticky situations. one switch isnt going to cover that :(
    In my version of this deck i run a keldeo and float stone for Rush float making it real easy for me to switch out even with a poisoned/asleep pokemon.

    I also dont think that tool scrapper is useful due to garbodor being squishy like if you have a catcher and pokemon in hand its gone.

    Also one debate for this deck running with us english players is dark claw or rescue scarf? I chose rescue scarf since not only does it put 2 pokemon in hand for the setup on perhaps another weavile but if your vilifying 4-5 pokemon its doing plenty of damage. I run deoxys to boost the damage needed for the ohko.
    Of course thats if your lucky to get your hands on some :)

    Just suggestions but of course play how you wanna play and if its fun to play it then play it ^^

    Have fun ^^
  3. Josh_the_great

    Josh_the_great New Member

    Go 4-4 Weavile. You'll need it friend.
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