Weekly Pokemon League HB Collectibles Springfield, Ma

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  1. wboyden

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    Every Saturday 3-5pm Every Monday 6-8 pm

    HB Collectibles
    143 Main Street #305
    Springfield, MA 01105

    Both the Card Game and the Video Game are played both days, Mondays have a better turnout for the video game but players both days
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    Weekly Pokemon League HB Collectibles Springfield Ma

    Hello everybody,I posted this thread because I wanted people to tell their opinion of the new pokemon show Pokemon Sinnoh Legue victors.Now we all know that all the dimond and pearl series take place in the Sinnoh reigon my favorite of the four pokemon regions and can especially tell that from the newest pokemon tilte.Duh.So everybody do you like the newest adition the the pokemon shows? If you have anything to say,this is the place to talk about t.


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