What can I do with 1,000 plastic bottle caps?

Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by Mew*, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    Ok, I this month started collecting the Mountain Dew (green) caps, Pepsi (orange or yellow) caps, and Coke (most red, some silver, blue, green, from other coke products). I've been collecting them for the codes on them, and I've got about 300 green ones, maybe 600 of the orange ones, and 100 or so yellow ones. then I have over 100 red ones, but the Cokes a different size than the Dew and Pepsi caps...

    So I have this paper grocery bag bag sitting outside with over 1,000 bottle caps... I need to do something with them! The only thing I could think of would be to throw them out since the codes have been used and they're unrecyclable. Any ideas? :smile:

    So far the only idea that I read about was to make a Chrismas tree, and that sounded kind of cool, but I'd rather do something cooler!!!
  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    why not just dump it in your school principal's yard? =D
  3. The Fish King

    The Fish King New Member

    Despite the fact I enjoy a good misdemeanor every once in a while I doubt littering is what Mew* had in mind. Perhaps you can mail them back to Pepsico and Coca-Cola incorporated with a note that you have finished using them and they can have them back.
  4. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    lol, I don't even know what a principal's yard is, not a term used around here but sounds interesting... but I stay out of trouble at school :tongue:

    Well, that sound great and all but these things aren't light! I'd cost me about $25 total to send a package with all the Dew and Pepsi caps to Pepsi and to send a package to Coke.
  5. Lakak

    Lakak New Member

    Melt them into a helmet.
  6. ixidor89

    ixidor89 New Member

    When in doubt, throw it out.
  7. Psyco Pedestrian

    Psyco Pedestrian New Member

    Glue them to your wall. I don't know. Make a hat out of them.
  8. giligan

    giligan New Member

    Eat them lol
    find a way
    idk or just like Burry them
    and like in 500 years some one will find them
  9. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    Give them to James of Team Rocket. I heard he collects them. :tongue:

  10. kent007

    kent007 New Member

    hehe.............its funny.:smile:
  11. Professor_Chris

    Professor_Chris Active Member

    Well, you see, believe it or not, the faculty at your school are, indeed, human. As such, they most likely have a place of residence. Supposing that such a place is not an apartment complex of some sort, said residence probably has a patch of green stuff called grass in front of and/or surrounding the premises. People call this a yard. Granted, grass doesn't necessarily have to be involved.
  12. shinx-a-vision

    shinx-a-vision New Member

    melt plastic = lots of toxic gases!!!

    ring up guinness world records!!!.....pfft
  13. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    Ok, well thanks for the suggestions. I'll just throw them all away. It'll at least be fun to pour them all into the trash! CRASH !
  14. Papi/Manny

    Papi/Manny New Member

    You should throw them out onto the highway, one at a time. See what people do. Or, for a much safer result, you could take a walk on a long path and use the caps as your path home.
  15. drrty byl

    drrty byl New Member

    You can probably trade em' in for a hundredth of an ounce of gold at the bottle cap recyclin' factory!
  16. Pikamaster

    Pikamaster Active Member

    LOL!!! If it wasn't so long, I'd sig it.
  17. You can use them at all McDonalds and Burger Kings for free admission onto their playgrounds.

    POKEMAN New Member

    I would get together about 5 friends and have a MASSIVE bottle-cap WAR!!! :biggrin: Me and my friends have a ton of fun flicking them at each other, similar to airsoft.

    If you don't already know how to flick a bottlecap, basically, you hold it between your index and ring finger, with your middle finger behind it (the cap being upsidedown works best) and your thumb on the outside of it. You flick it and kind of snap your wrist at the same time.


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