What do you think are the top decks in E-On?

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by plaidlesspez, Jan 15, 2004.

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  1. plaidlesspez

    plaidlesspez New Member

    We haven't had a good deck discussion topic in a while, so here we go. Now that Dragons has been out for a while and much playtesting has been going on the last few months, what do you think are the top decks in eon? Top 5 would probably be sufficient enough, but if you want to list more than that it's fine. You can also discuss any rogue deck you like, as well as discuss the top decks. Here's my top five:

    1. BAR
    2. Blazzy/Eggs
    3. Gardy/ex/Wobby
    4. Aggron ex/Wailord
    5. Not sure about this spot....maybe VBell
  2. TheAnswer3

    TheAnswer3 New Member


    Top 5 in this format right now is Near obvious
    1. Blaze/Quaza/Delcatty- This is the best deck in the format, BAR is good but i believe this deck with Switches and Warp Points is FASTEr and better.
    2. Gardevior/Gardevior EX/Wobby: Still dominant.
    3. Aggron EX/Wailord: This deck is the BIGGEST beast ever and my personal favorite. It has a chance vs. Every deck in this format except for Blaze/Tails
    4. Ampharos EX/ Wobby: Still needs to prove itself but is obv. incredibly powerful and can handle most decks.
    5. This is a tough spot. Kingdra EX has seen a lot of play lately and has begun to win. Flygon is decent. Vbell possibly. But out of all those i think Scept-Tech deserves this spot.
  3. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    I'm gonna agree on your decks, but not on your placement.

    5: Blaziken/Eggs - This deck is just really powerful, but so many decks deal enough to knock out Eggs that it has a lower ranking than before SS came out.

    4: Amphy EX - TheAnswer3 is right, this deck still needs to prove itself. Although I do love that it kicks Agglord deck's butts. Resistant to Steel, strong against water. Seriously, Wailord/Aggron EX players have no chance against this deck.

    3: Ahh...Aggron ex/Wailord - This deck, as said above, gets steamrollered (my second favorite word) by Amphy, but is better overall than Amphy. Just cuz one deck is bad against one other deck doesn't mean it's worse.

    2: BAR - Sorry Jermy, this may be just from personal experience with this deck, but I say neigh, like a horse. I mean three evolution lines is probably too much for an average play to handle. And setting it up is hard for a non-expert player. Granted this deck rules; that's why it's at number two...but I think number uno belongs to:

    1: Gardy EX/Gardy - This deck is just an unstoppable force. BAR kinda counters it, since all the energy gets discarded and their attack with Psystorm only gets ten damage from the BAR player's side, but that's why Gardy's here. And it has one of the greatest backup attacks (Feedback) ever. Feedback may make the opponent think twice about that Juggler/Copycat/Research/Delcatty's Energy Draw. And even though BAR beats this, like I said before in this post, just cuz one deck beats another doesn't mean it's better.

    That's about it. Loved it, hated it, well...I don't care. :D Just Joking. Feedback please. Get it...Feedback...hahahahahaha. :rolleyes:
  4. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    I can't put the decks into placement yet but Aggron/Wailord I think should have a good advantage against Amphy. Amphy is the one that will have trouble in the matchup. An Aggron w/4 Metals will take 30 or paralyzed. Amphy w/resistance will take 20 AND 20 to each of the benched. Or Aggron can hit right back for 30 once Amphy has damage. The stalemate will be won as Aggron picks up some prizes as this long battle goes on. Aggron has an advantage against any non-major damage decks which would be Amphy.
  5. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    1.- Blaze/Tales: My own personal favourite, really underrated, it has anadvatange over EVERYTHING in the format, except for Kingdra ex decks, which it beats them 70% of the time. Tales just sits in the bench while Blaze is powered up, making bench damage and reducing the energys Tales needs to OHKO stuff. BAR loses to it, Gady loses to it, not even Swampert/Wailord can handle this deck.
    1.- Chocolate BAR: This deck pwns everything, it hardly loses to Gardy, but it is pwned badly by Blaze/Tales, IMO, this and Blaze/Tales should be tied for first, but once Blaze ex is out, this thing will be unstoppable.
    3.- Aggron ex/Wailord: This deck is awesome once it gets going, but again, BAR and Blaze/Tales both beat it fairly easily, so.
    4.- Gardy/Gardy ex: The obvious powerhouse, this deck is overused IMO, it is good due to wynaut/sparce, and its ability to attach more nrgy per turn, without hardly any drawback, but then again it was the first obvious archetype so it is overused.
    5.- Prolly Vic here, but i can treally decide, im used to playing the same decks all the time so i can t really say, there are so may possibilities.
  6. Scizor

    Scizor New Member


    Gotta agree with Answer for the most part here:

    1- Blaziken/Rayquaza EX This deck is very consistant and no matter what anyone says, it really doesn't lose to anything consistently.
    2- Gardevoir It is still a pretty good deck and handles most everything.
    3- AggronEx/Wailord - I really like this deck and its ability to compete with pretty much everything and CRUSH amphy.
    4- Ampharos EX - Still a good deck, but it has trouble keeping up with Blaze and loses to Aggron =/
    5 - Sceptile TECH - This is a hard one, but i think this deck is still somewhat of a contender.
    6-ON Blaziken/Exeggcutor, Victrebell, and i guess there could be a few others who follow, but nothing really as consistent as the others. I think clearly Blaziken is on ANOTHER PLANET compared to the other decks, in fact it should be like this:


    TIER 1.5 - Gardevoir

    TIER 1.75 - Aggron Ex/Wailord

    TIER 2 - Amphy

    TIER 2.5 and on - EVERYTHING ELSE =/
  7. YoungJohn06

    YoungJohn06 New Member

    I think the top 5 would be this:

    1. Bar. Total powerhouse, once it gets set up the only thing in the game that can probably beat this when it's set up is Blaziken Ninetales, only because of the ex advantage. If Ninetales was a ex, this deck would beat it I think.

    2. Blaziken Ninetales. This deck is really good, very strong and hard to beat.

    3. Gardevoir/Gardevoir ex. This thing is still one of the strongest contenders. If you're up against it, you know you've gotta play smart, because it can be a force against anydeck.

    4. Cradily/Ampharos ex. I know it's not really big, but I've played with this thing and it is VERY good. In the hands of a skilled player, it can beat any of the top decks listed above. I've beaten every single one of them with it, against good players.

    5. Blaziken/Delcatty/Exeggutor. Before Dragons came out, I'd say this was the top deck, it could beat anything there was, but now that Dragons is out, Rayquaza kinda replaced it. It's still a great deck and will 8/10 times beat Gardevoir/Gardevoir ex, the reason I put Gardevoir higher on the list though, is the because it stands a better chance against more decks than this does now.


    Other honorable decks, but not top 5 imo.

    Aggron Ex/Wailord/Furret
    Kingdra Ex

    I personally, do not like Sceptile Tech. I think never have worries when playing it. Venucenter was much more powerful, this is the same concept, but just doesn't have the healing power center had and the over all attack power. Sceptile just isn't as good as Venusaur.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2004
  8. Bigpoppabeatdown

    Bigpoppabeatdown New Member

    hmmmmmm well i guess that you all play in archetype environments

    here are my top 5

    in no particular order

    Gardy/EX-- still a big powerhouse but the emergence of numerous grass decks has proven very fatal to it's power

    Blaze eggs-- if played right, this deck can easily own most players, but it does have it's weaknesses

    kingdra/EX-- any bench hitting deck can easily destroy anything that doesn't counter it, and with an easy pokenurse, it makes this deck extremely dangerous

    BAR-- i've never even seen this deck run well, but i'll take everyone's word that it's really fast

    and finally, and i think the most powerful deck around................... and i know i will be criticized for this is none other than the all powerful......


    that's it i said it

    the rogue decks out there could absolutely destroy every deck that has been listed by every deck

    examples of rogue decks and others that don't make the top 5

    -straight AMPHY EX
    -omastar (any deck that runs rare candies, loses)

    well i said it

    just my 2 cents
  9. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    My Top 5 - with 4 decks to watch

    1. AggronEX/Wailord - deck won $200, nough said
    2. Scizor/Furret/SneaselEX - do not discount the power of this deck
    3. Sheninja/Victreebel - This deck is very hard to deal with if you are not ready for it
    4. RaquizaEX/Blaziken - Am building this myself, seems to flow - we shall see
    5. Gardevoir/Wobbuffet - Still a fast moving, hard hitting beastie

    4 Decks to Watch....

    1. Anything Swanton1717/NikePK come up with (they started Aggron and Shninja - great pair)
    2. RaichuEX with Fire Tech - still a fast deck with great potential
    3. Wobbuffet with tech - knocks a lot of decks down quickly
    4. AmphyEX - its power is not fatal, its speed is not deadly, but if you are not ready, it will own you

    There are at least 10 other decks that I will expect to see played heavily at cities, including the one I am playing which is not on this list. Too bad I only get to play in Chicago.....have to run the rest of them I deal with...

    My 2 cents

  10. plaidlesspez

    plaidlesspez New Member

    Does anyone think Slaking can work? I have made a pretty good one on Appr, but not IRL yet. So before I go out and make it IRL, does it sound like it could stand up to your top 5's?
  11. Bigpoppabeatdown

    Bigpoppabeatdown New Member

    YES AND NO, the deck itself has potential but in general, it is too slow for the new decks out there

    i guess it would depend on how you play it and with whom u use to back it up

    i myself wouldn't recommend the deck, but to each one their own

    i just don't think that the deck can stand up by itself due to it's really slow speed
  12. TrueGamerX

    TrueGamerX New Member

    I believe Blaziken/Delcatty/Exeggutor is an unstoppable deck. Once it gets going with Delcatty and Exeggutor stalling in the bench with 3 other Blaziken's OUT?!? I have see it in action and its quite interesting.

    I do see potential in the Scizor/Furret/Sneasel EX Deck. The pokemon in it match up perfectly, with Furret being the backbone helping both Scizor and Sneasel EX.

    KabutopsEX/Steelix is probably a good choice to play, but Kabutops EX is just TOO risky at times. But its major weakness is Wobbuffet.
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2004
  13. swanton1717

    swanton1717 New Member

    OOOOK Colin's list ^_^

    1. BAR- I've played against this a lot, a very nice deck that has very few bad matchups. It loses only to like a straight Muk Ex deck, even then it can still win. May have problems with Slaking also.

    2. Gardevoir- This deck is really nice, very speedy with the Wynauts and can pack a huge punch. It mainly loses to Blaziken. It can also have troubles with the version of Victreebel i'm playing now.

    3. Aggron- This is a very strong deck that CAN beat everything. If it plays Crystal Chard it can beat BAR, the only problem I see with it is maybe Gardevoir and obviously rogue fighting.

    4. Ampharos- I've only seen this played a few times. But it runs very nicely, can hit quick and can recover with the nurses. Weakness is Flygon, and Gardevoir if it doesn't play Wynaut/Wobbuffet.

    5. Victreebel/Shedinja/Wobuffet or Muk Ex- I may be having a little favoritism because I was among the 2 people who made this deck, but it really is powerful. I am playing with Wobbuffet right now but it also works very nicely with Muk Ex. This deck is probably one of the hardest to run because its not a straight on power deck, you have to be VERY strategic. So only a skilled player can run this. This decks main weakness with Wobbuffet and not Muk Ex is BAR and sorda kinda Aggron, but it beats everything else pretty much. With Muk Ex it loses to Aggron and any deck that plays 3 or more Wobbuffet.

    Other decks..
    Sceptile Tech- I've seen this run a few times and it seems to flow nicely. I dont think it has enough defense to beat the top decks, as most decks are doing at least 100 a turn. And not a lot in Sceptile Tech can take 100 damage without dieing.

    Muk Ex- Ok you all are probably thinking why am I saying this, but this deck loses only to Gardevoir/Aggron and maybe some rogue stuff. This deck is really fast and can play a lot of techy cards. So that is why I put that here.

    Salamence- I've seen this run 1 time, and it is very nice. Not very quick, but can definitly be a beast. If something like Erika's Perfume comes out again I think this would be one of the best decks. You can win by just picking of the weak stuff. This may be a good card with Shedinja.

    Ok that is all I have now. Everyone is saying Blaze/Tails is good..but I have never played it or seen it play so I will not say anything. The idea is good though. Other decks that could be up there are Slaking, Flygon, Swampert, and I really like Magneton. So ya. We will obviously see when City Champs comes around.


    HYPER EEVEE Iron Chef - Master Emeritus


    Hey you guys got it all wrong

    5 BAR

    4 Gardy/ ex

    3 Blaze/eggs

    2 Amphy/ex

    1 muk ex

    If you play muk right it takes down all the big decks
  15. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    Jermy is right, Hyper Eevee. Wobbuffet/Gardy/EX blows Muk EX to pieces. So what if Gardy's and Wobbuffet's power is shut off? Well, guess it really depends on the player, but Muk EX does not deserve number one and I think we all know that. All of us except Hyper Eevee. Hey, Hyper Eevee, I don't have apprentice, but I could battle you sometime over AIM. My email is RecnepS321@aol.com. Email me if you feel up to the challenge, then I'll tell you my screen name and what time to meet me. I could use a good net battle. Haven't had one in a while.

    But back on topic...Gardy EX beats Muk EX hands down. Muk needs three to attack, Gardy needs four, it's over. Even if you do run Darkness, ten energies in play is all you need to destroy pretty much any good dark type. Granted there are exceptions, but I'm talking about in general. Umbreon, Murkrow, Absol, etc.
  16. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    And Hyper Eevee, in your post you said Muk EX was best, but your signature says that the best deck is Gardevoir. That kinda confuses me. Confliction there, which do you think is really better?
  17. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    dude, havent we played against each other before? seriously, the next time i see ya at AIm, ill play you with this deck, also, jermy, salamence doesnt beat blaze/tales since delcatty owns it. ive never faced a muk ex deck with this, so i cant really say, but i guess warp point solves that. so i pretty much think this and BAR are top decks, BAR can beat everything but muk ex, slaking (maybe) and blaze/tales, and blaze tales beats everything cept for kingdra, slaking and muk ex (maybe) so i agree that BAR is higher up, since kingdra is more widely played than blaze/tales, actually irl i dont think anyone but me plays blaze/tales, ya in mexico they play it too, but the decks here are not exactly well built.
  18. MonkeyMan

    MonkeyMan New Member

    Ok the top 5 are quite simple imo

    1) Blazi/Ray

    2) Gardevoir ex

    3) Ampharos EX

    4) Aggron EX

    5) Victreebel/Shedinja

    It would go in that order imo and Im going to group blazi/ninetales, Blazi/eggy and all the variations together because they all have the same deck theory and all win the sam way. Each has its own weakness and strengths and none are better then the other and yes jermy this means BAR and Blaziken/Ray/Switch ARE Equal.
  19. TheAnswer3

    TheAnswer3 New Member

    I seriously dont understand why everyone is saying BAR is #1. Ive played against the deck a few times and Yea it works, it works great when its up and running, but whenever ive tried it ITS been SOOOOO inconsistent and ive given up all hope on it. If it works for you play it, but just like Monkey said Blaze/Ray/Switch is JUST as good as BAR mainly because its faster and doesnt have as many problems with Muk EX.
  20. SupremeBlader22

    SupremeBlader22 New Member

    1. Blaze/Tales- ahh this is the deck i run and its incredible..for unlucky ppl like me it towers ova Blaze/Egg and BAR is good too but if shard wit a blaze it can OHKO it and u draw to prizes..
    2. GardyEX/Gardy/Wobb- a deck i used to run.. good stuff but easily deafeated by a Blaziken(wit tales quaza or egg) cuz there gettin rid of there energies
    3. BAR- good stuff like i said..if u have someone really good controlling it(like jermy) its really good but still i dont like it cuz quaza is very easy victim
    4. AmphyEX/TecHs- Amphy is straight power..nugh said
    5. AggronEX/Wailord/Furret- mad power house especially once u get an aggron wit 4 metal..one word UNBEATABLE!
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