What "free" side events are at Nationals?

Discussion in 'National Championships' started by DMoCTTA, Jun 26, 2014.

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    Hey guys so me and my siblings will be heading down to Nationals in a week and a half. None of us have enough player points to play in Nationals and we only just got our first theme decks for the new generation of cards after saving up!

    Are there any free events [aside from the defunct Pokegym tournament that I read in the other thread] that usually go on during Nationals where you can win stuff ?_?


  2. There is always an open "League" area which also offered some 8-man tournaments last year. Both places you could "win" stuff. In the League games, you sign up and get a number, then play another player. Both players go back to the desk after the game, the volunteer there will select two cards (either Promo cards, or a card that says "hat" "binder" etc) the winner of your match gets to pick one card to keep and the other goes to the losing player. Lots to do! come on out!

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