What gets you banned from POP?

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by pat460, Apr 8, 2008.

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  1. pat460

    pat460 New Member

    I read another thread on life time banns. It was an interesting thread. But it got locked. I dont want this one to so dont mess up like in that one. One thing i know that gets you banned on first offense is stealing. I got a 1 year ban ofr a prank that was taken too far and classified as stealing. Anyone else know what gets ou banned? Because I have heard of some dumb ways to get banned, like SOTG banns(And thats a whole nother topic because SOTG is the dumbest thing ever. dont ask why in this thread, it will start toooooooo many arguements again.)
  2. secretsof2113

    secretsof2113 Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    I certainly wouldn't say that SOTG is the dumbest thing ever. To play a game well, you should be a good sport about it. Being a jerk the whole game, and being like "Ur a n00b u sux lolz" is not the way to play a card game, especially at the competitive level. At least be civil to your opponent. SOTG is in the Japanese rulebooks (I believe you are supposed to shake hands with your opponent, no matter what). I could easily see where SOTG could get you banned.
  3. vietgamer1021

    vietgamer1021 New Member

    bad sportsmanship gets u warnings right?
  4. secretsof2113

    secretsof2113 Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    It certainly can, but depending on the severity, it can spread further.
  5. I have heard so many stupid things on pokegym... from Mario is a good deck to *In a "Bickering" voice* Regionals is to far away. from the many many sour grapes threads about every single thing in pokemon to people taking thier own personal lives and others personal lives and intertwing them in pokemon. from deck list leaking to the sale of deck list. from someone calling pity to thier self just to gain attation to numorous debates over the stupidest topics in the RTC. I quit threads, Im back threads, fake names, this card is good, that player is bad, mini modding, Lafonte this, Europe that, who is better then who, where is better then where... Ive heard it all....

    but.... this line...


    Just to stay on topic.... Someone who doesn't follow rule NUMBER 1, of the Pokemon Orginized Play Floor Rules, Spirt Of The Game, I belive can get banned.

    If someone doesn't follow a rule they don't deserve to play this game.
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  6. Dr. Mason

    Dr. Mason New Member

    First Amendment FTW man, but....(Unless you don't live in U.S.A. >>)

    Harsh?You scare me man. You sound like ze Pokemon supremacist. Chill man. If he thinks SOTG is not important, that's his business. My goodness, leave the guy alone. (Scary CAPS LOCK!) I casn understand what his viewpoint might be. After all, some people are in this for fun, and some people are in this to win. Some of us have tempers. Some of us might clear a crowd in frustration after losing a big match. Welcome to being human and having emotions. Besides, deep down we all resent losing. Notice how unneccessarily firm that handshake was? Yeah, I thought so.

    By ze French way...

    Because the above poster bolded it, you know he's serious.
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  7. PikaPower56

    PikaPower56 New Member

    People who don't abide by the Spirit of the Game ruin my day. When people REFUSE to shake hands with me, it makes me feel like they do not respect me as an equal player or person. I ALWAYS shake hands before AND after a match with my opponent. Regardless of who won or lost, when I shake hands with my opponent, it makes me feel like we are on equal terms of respect and that we share the value of sportsmanship.
  8. vietgamer1021

    vietgamer1021 New Member

    lol getting off topic ishly

    well stealing, bad sotg, flicking off cameraman with children around xD, uhuhuh

    iunno just making pokemon look bad? o_O
  9. kinglion

    kinglion New Member

    i've never been a big fan of shaking hands (im guite the personal space/ germ phobic person) , but if my opponent offers their hand i will shake it. however i will conterdict my self by saying if it was a really close game i will shake hands at the end :thumb:
  10. Krucifier

    Krucifier New Member

    I offer to shake hands before and after every game. Does that make me a bad person?
  11. ColdFire64

    ColdFire64 New Member

    YES! LOL, just kidding. I also offer before/after, and eveyone does shake my hand when I do offer, even if they don't look me in the eyes and talk to me if I won the game. Sometimes their facial expressions/not making eye contact can offend me and make me think I'm not being respected, but it's all in the body language and facial expressions as well...

    Like the above post said, being in good spirits, keeping a good attitude, being friendly to your opponent, and offering to shake hands before and affter has everything to do with respect. I always offer respect to all the players, including my oponents. Now if they don't respect me, I'm not going to go around disrespecting back to where it could lead up to getting banned. Now, a baseball bat and a fight in the parking lot across the street from the event COULD be safe enough to let off steam without getting banned, but I wouldn't risk trying it.... :lol:
  12. Croatian_Nidoking

    Croatian_Nidoking New Member

    My guesses as to what might get you banned:

    Short-term bans: Cheating at major events (Nats/Worlds), stealing, posting false tournament results, misuse of League material, minor infractions of the law (e. g. underage drinking).

    Longer term bans: Would almost definitely be due to a felony of some sort.

    - Croatian_Nidoking
  13. The Gorn

    The Gorn Active Member

    What gets you banned? In my mind it comes down to 2 things - (1) anything that damages the credibility of organized play and (2) anything that impacts Nintendo/PUIs business. (Do something that would make parents say "I'm not taking my kid to THAT!" and see how long you stick around.)

    But "SOTG is the dumbest thing ever"? Good grief. SOTG is the EASIEST thing ever. Just don't be a jerk and that takes you 80% of SOTG. The other 20%? That's called character.
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