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Discussion in 'World Championships' started by Water Pokemon Master, Aug 7, 2008.

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    I am going on one plane to one location, then from there to Worlds, and the first plane is delayed, leading me to miss the second plane? Does the airport allow you to take the next available flight to Worlds? The reason I ask is because the first plane I am going on apparently is 50% on time, and between landing at the one location and going to Orlando, there is only 30 minutes. So, if the first one arrives late, I'd probably miss the second one.
  2. blitz101

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    It depends when the second plane leaves usually there is a stoppage time when you arrive at a location to board an alternate plane. And I'm pretty sure they will let you take the next available flight.
  3. Jaeger

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    Nope you miss Worlds better luck next year. LOL

    No I believe they have 24 hours to get you to your destination.
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    Check with the airline or travel package you're traveling with. Some of them have pretty weird arrangements...
  5. homeofmew

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    usually there is an overlay time.
    So don't worry about it.

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