What is the Best deck out there - for me!

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Sand SLASH, May 27, 2008.

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  1. Sand SLASH

    Sand SLASH New Member

    Now i need a decent deck if I want to win some matches, but i dont think i have the best cards to use, however i have made some decent decks in the past but since new cards keep coming out My deck just falls to pieces.
    For example, i went to a CC in leicester and faced OllieK with his Blissvire deck when i was using a Palkia LVX and empoleon LVX deck.
    I also want it to be purely D+P onwards, and i haven't got any MD - Thankx
    My LVX, Rare Holo and my rares from each set:

    GE- 1 Cresselia LVX, 1 Darkrai LVX (PROMO), 2 Palkia LVX (1 PROMO), 1 Dialga LVX (PROMO), 1 Cresselia, 2 Darkrai, 1 Porygon-Z, 1 Beedrill, 1 Claydol, 1 Dialga, 1 Exploud, 1 Houndoom, 1 Lapras, 1 Milotic, 1 Palkia, 2 Primeape, 1 Slowking, 1 Unknown H, 1 Wailord.

    SW- 2 Ampharos, 3 Blastoise, 1 Charizard, 1 Entei, 1 Flygon, 1 Gastrodon West Sea, 1 Jumpluff, 1 Ludicolo, 2 Lugia, 1 Roserade, 1 Salamence, 1 Venasaur, 2 Arcanine, 1 Banette, 1 Dugtrio, 3 Electivire, 2 Electrode, 2 Golduck, 1 Golem, 1 Jynx, 3 Magmortar, 1 Minun, 1 Mothim, 1 Nidoking, 1 Pidgeot, 2 Plusle, 2 Weavile, 3 Wormadam Plant Cloak, 1 Wormadam Sandy Cloak, 2 Wormadam Trash Cloak, 1 Xatu.

    MT- 1 Lucario LVX(PROMO), 1 Blissey, 1 Celebi, 1 Raichu, 1 Typlosion, 1 Tyranitar, 1 Abomasnow, 2 Ariados, 1 Bastiodon,1 Exeggutor, 2 Glalie, 1 Garados, 2 Kricketune, 1 Manetric, 1 Mantine, 2 Mr Mime, 1 Nidoqueen, 2 Ninetales, 2 Rampardos, 1 Slaking, 1 Sudowoodo, 1 Toxicroak, 1 Unknown I, 4 Walrein, 1 Whiscash.

    D+P-1Torterra LVX(PROMO), 1 Empoleon LVX(PROMO), 1 Dusknoir, 1 Electivre, 1 Empoleon, 2 Infernape, 2 Lucario, 2 Manaphy, 1 Mismagius, 1 Palkia, 1 Roserade, 1Shiftry, 1 Skuntank, 1 Staraptor, 1 Torterra, 4 Beautifly, 2 Carnivine, 1 Clefable, 1 Drapion, 2 Driflblim, 1 Dustox, 2 Floatzel, 2 Gengar, 2 Heracross, 1 Hippowdon, 3 Lopunny, 1 Machamp, 1 Medicham, 1 Munchlax, 2 Noctowl, 1 Pachirisu, 1 Purugly, 3 Steelix, 3 Vespiquen, 2 Weavile, 1 Wobbuffet, 1 Wynaut.
  2. glaceon_master

    glaceon_master New Member

  3. crazy trader

    crazy trader New Member


    plox is about the best deck out there right now ask anyone. of course there are those decks that try to have a favored match against it like garch, but if u are able to play plox well u should lose that many if any.
    i personally have this deck built, and have another for sale if interested. u can check it out on the price discussion thread. this list is all teched out and bare as far as foils go check it out:biggrin:
  4. Eeveelution decks are going like wildfire at tournaments in my area at the moment and they are pretty vicious. Although my favourite Eeveelutions before the Majestic Dawn expansion came out were Flareon, Leafeon and Espeon, the best three Eeveelutions in this set are clearly Vaporeon, Leafeon (Rare Holo) and Espeon, despite my love for fire types. This is ignoring the Level X Eeveelutions and do you agree with my opinion?
    Other incredible decks in the Modified Format are Gardillade, with cards such as Claydol, Furret, Lunatone, Solrock and Absol to make the deck very tactical.
    Not to forget Infernape Level X and Magmortar Level X variants, with cards including Moltres, Chatot and also Blaziken to improve the performance of the deck.
    Finally, Blissvire or Moving Truk decks are one of the most tactically complex and satisfying to play with in the Modified Format.
    That is my unbiased review of which decks are rocking the Modified Format. I hope you enjoyed reading it and does anybody agree with me? I look forward to hearing your views on this topic.
    Jak :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:
  5. TIZNE

    TIZNE New Member

    3 magmortar, 1 typhlosion and 1 claydol seems like a good base. However I prefer Blaziken over Typhlo.

    On the other hand, you have like a third of Arithmathic. 1banette, 1 gyarados, 1 cresselia, 1 cresselia Lv. X., 1 claydol . (1 mismagius or Dusknoir may also make the cut)
  6. I agree with you that Blaziken is a better Firestarter than Typhlosion TIZNE, although I am the Fire Flame Eruption Explosion Incineration Volcanic Burning Desire Master and I prefer Infernape, Charizard, Magmortar and Magcargo as fire type pokemon to Blaziken
  7. pokemonfreak

    pokemonfreak New Member

    You have to know what strategy you want to use when trying a deck. You ask yourself, "Do i want a sniping, disruption, rogue (powerful w/ no strategy), or just a quick deck?" Then you use the cards you have to do this. Personally, if i were you, i would try to obtain some Cresselia and make a cresselia X/Gengar DP deck. I have never played it but the strategy works well, Gengar uses life drain to put your opponent to 10HP, then Next turn you sent out cressy X and mooonskip for 2 prizes! You could even put claydol in the deck to speed it up, or lucario to snipe!
  8. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member

    Sand SLASH,

    Because of the sheer number of posts this forum gets, and the frequency with which new threads are created, we need to make sure people's threads have a format that's both easily read and critiqued. As such, we have a specific format of which you need to be aware. Check the forum guidelines, carefully consider the cards you have, and post a deck + strategy folks can help you with.


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