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Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by mew2man, Aug 30, 2003.

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  1. mew2man

    mew2man New Member

    Oka seriousy, i'm sick of it. All i hear on the RTC is complaining about Yugioh. i've wanted t post for a long time, but i was too lazy. So lets geit out in the open. Bag on YUGIOH all you want here, but give me a Good reason why that particular thing is bad.

    but it better make sense...
  2. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    Mmmmmm....be very very careful here; if this degenerates into personal attacks upon other community members for stating their opinion(s), this will have to be locked.

    State your opinion, give your reasons...but let's not have this be a flame-fest thread, okay? Discuss, debate...not just "YGO suxxx!!11"

    Thanks for your cooperation...

  3. mew2man

    mew2man New Member

    well, heres the twist, i play yugioh WAY more than Pokemon. Mainly cuz theres no one to play here. I wsh i lived in San Diego sometimes...
  4. dkates

    dkates New Member

    I personally do not strongly dislike Yu-Gi-Oh!, but I do not like it either. Why?

    - The cards are expensive. This may change later on, when/if the popularity of the game dies down a little. In the meantime, building a collection of reasonably powerful/useful cards requires a huge investment.
    - It is difficult to build a deck strategically, because the most powerful cards tend to be so simple to use anyway, and the strategic cards get overshadowed by the sheer attack power of the best monsters. Sort of a "Sneasel Syndrome," you might say.
    - Despite the large card pool, there is little variety in terms of good/usable cards. Pokemon has a smaller card pool, but few cards are useless. Sure, there is a top tier, but the top and second tiers are large enough to make room for a lot of strategy.

    However, the game is not as bad as one would think from looking at the RTC. There IS some strategy, believe it or not (not as much as I'd want, but there is some), and the players seem to be a nice bunch, overall. I've never played the game except with friends who lent me their cards, but it can be a very entertaining game.
  5. Fawkes0126

    Fawkes0126 New Member

    I find that they have poorly made creatures. Exodia? He looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger with Egyptian tatoos!! I like pokemon because I find that it is more interesting for ME, and (obviously) Yu-Gi-Oh! just isn't right for me. I think that's the real reason that people on this site talk about the game that way. Some just aren't interested! So if you really don't like people talking about Yu-Gi-Oh, then why not go to a different site?
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  6. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    While this is a Pokemon-focused site, a lot of our members play YGO, so I see no need to bash a card game just because it happens to be popular at the moment.

    If this stays respectful of YGO players, we can keep it open. If it turns into a bashing session, it will be locked immediately.
  7. Fawkes0126

    Fawkes0126 New Member

    Did I say that the wrong way? I am very sorry if it sounds wrong.
  8. Baboon

    Baboon New Member

    One idea about it is almost jealousy maybe. It's taken quite a number of Pokemon players away from Pokemon, and in my area, so many people migrated to YGO/Magic that our league ceased to exist. They ended after Year 2, I believe, of league. =\ Also, it's because of comparison to what Pokemon used to be. People see YGO now, and remember what Pokemon was in 99-2000 and are possibly even angry how YGO is what Pokemon used to be. The odds are, most of the people that flame YGO are ones who've never played it, and just think it's stupid.

    I'm not against YGO, but not for it either. I'm not against the players, I'm not for the players. The game's here, and that's something we all have to deal with. Personally, since the league here basically stopped because of it, I do carry a grudge against it, but in general, I don't want to see the game end completely, as that wouldn't solve anything.
  9. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    When Yugioh came out I was playing it like everyone else. I still like the game & like to play it occasionaly. But I like to stay competitive with any card games I play. Yugioh costs too much to stay competitive in. I HATE the whole Ultra-rare concept. It costs too much to find those ultra-rares but the really hard-core players do get them. To make the best deck you almost always have to have your Mirror Force, Raigeki, Snatch Steal, Jinzo.... It's ridiculous!
    In Pokemon, you don't need the 15 best pokemon in the game. (and they aren't ultra-rare) You can win with much fewer rares.
    Pokemon has more strategy. In YGO someone can lose pretty quickly with a barrage of traps etc. In Pokemon you usually won't lose before you can get something going. A bad start will usually just put you at a disadvantage but very recoverable. In Pokemon you have to play for the long run of the game. YGO you just draw Magic/trap/monster, play magic/trap/monster. There is strategy, but it seems like cards on the field will be gone within 5 turns. When you build your YGO deck, you usually just put in all your best traps, magics, 4-star monsters & some cards for strategy. Most of those 'best' cards are rares & are hard to come by. Pokemon involves much more strategy in creating your deck & much easier to get a competitve deck.
    I still like Yugioh but its format of rarity is very player unfriendly. I like the gameplay but it will never replace pokemon. (Even with Kuriboh, the greatest monster in yugioh :clap: )
  10. Dek

    Dek New Member

    As we all know by now, I am not a real fan of YuGiOh:

    1. Gameplay is just like Magic:The Gathering where attack points must be higher that opponents defense points (and so on and so on)
    2. All the mathematics in the game can get real confusing. I've seen YGO tourneys where kids bring dozens of calculators just to figure out how many life points they have left.
    3. not much strategy in the game. The only strategies that you ever see are monster/magic combos, sacrificing countless numbers of monsters just to bring out one huge monster, and counter-attacking with trap cards.
  11. Marril

    Marril New Member

    No. The best creature (Psychatog) and second-best creature (Morphling) in Magic have power 1 and 3, respectively. That's 400 and 1200 in Yu-Gi-Oh, if you do the math (1 life = 400 life points). Power being higher than the otrher creature's toughness only matters in combat, and even in Yu-Gi-Oh, attack higher than the other monster's defense only matters when one is in defense mode.

    It's easier than using a scrap piece of paper. Lots of people (like me) can even do the math in their heads. 8000 life points kind of negates the purpose of using a d20 to keep track of life (in Magic) or just having six Prize Cards (in Pokémon).

    The same could be said about Pokémon, if you're into ignorant statements. After all, at one time, Pokémon was mostly about getting your Sneasel out and powered before your opponent. Heck, at one time, it was just a choice between Haymaker, Damage Swap, and Raindance! Yu-Gi-Oh actually has quite a bit of strategy. It's in its infancy here in America, there're tons of strategies besides beatdown, Exodia, and Ouija Board. Union Monsters, the Chess Demons, heck, you could even build a competetive Freed deck if you so chose (he has three different cards). I use a deck based solely on breaking Chaos Emperor Dragon, and it wins a lot, but is a stall deck that wins with little or no attacking.


    Also, I don't want anyone saying that you need to buy a deck consisting of forty 20-dollar chase rares. That's ridiculous. Yes, beatdown decks can cost tons and tons of money, but lots of strategically-inclined decks cost way less. You might as well complain that to get into Type 1 in Magic, you need to shell out over a thousand dollars for a set of Power Nine (you can make a competetive Sligh or Suicide Black deck for under a hundred dollars, easily). It's just a myth, nothing more. I should research some more and write a "You CAN Play Yu-Gi-Oh" series of articles (for those who don't play Magic, Oscar Tan wrote a long article series called "You CAN Play Type 1").
  12. Tails

    Tails New Member

    YGO... I have mixed emotions on this game...

    I like it because...

    It's fast. one game, five minutes average.
    I can do stuff on my opponent's turn.
    I can play mind games just by hovering my hand over a face down card. (ABUSE THE POWER!)
    I can play cards face down. (Fun)
    Can't get mana screwed because there's no mana!
    I can swipe any creature you have in play, for any amount of time.
    Art's cool.
    Collect five specific cards in the hand, you win. Nice surprise.
    One of the best variants I've ever played... Rose... (Duelist of the Roses PS2 game rules) Then again, playing like that can take hours at a time. Worth it, though....

    I dislike it because...

    Tourney ladder sucks. Local > Worlds, as far as I can see.
    No uncommons. It's either common or some degree of rare.
    No T2/Modified equivalent. UD would LIKE to (emailed 'em about it), but Konami won't let em. TPC anyone?
    TOO MANY POWER CARDS! Can't stress this enough... Honestly. I see at least three of the Power 5 every game, on both sides of the table.
    Yata-Lock. Think Sneasel was bad? OK. Dark Hole, kill all monsters. Summon Yata-Garasu, damage to you, you don't draw. Lather, rinse, repeat. Practically skips your turn.
    Cards are freaking flimsy. Sleeves are required if you play a lot.
    8000's a bit much...
    Upper Deck... man... if it were Wizards, it would be SO much better...
    Fun game, but not one you'd play every day for the next five years...

    Don't get me started on the rarities... Three degrees of common (normal, Short Printed, SUPER short printed), three, no... four degrees of rare (normal, Super, Ultra, Secret). The sad thing? Some of the "Commons," like the S-Short printed are harder to come by then the mighty Ultra and Secret rares...

    And then we have holo-fever. If it's rare, some part of the card is holo. Eyes can hurt if a lot of Super/Ultra/Secrets are played on both sides of the table... Half the field is reflecting in your eyes... And since most, if not all of the good cards are Super/Ultra/Secret rare...
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2003
  13. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Sorry for the confusion. I wasn't responding to your post, just the topic in general.
  14. Marril

    Marril New Member

    four degrees of rare (normal, Super, Ultra, Secret).
    Perfect and Parallel, too.

    No T2/Modified equivalent. UD would LIKE to (emailed 'em about it), but Konami won't let em.
    Maybe it's because older cards aren't as powerful as some of the newer cards? Jar of Greed and its ilk (Black Hole, Thunder Bolt, et all) are poweful, but Ra Djinn is no Gemini Elf, no Blood Vors, no Newt, and no Skilled Black Magician.

    I've been on the short end of that. Not as annoying as a Tolarian Acadamy deck in Magic going off, though (read: you don't even get to take ONE FLIPPING TURN). Ugh. However, since Yatagarasu is a Spirit, he takes your turn's summon without Spirit Fixation Equipment. Yatagarasu alone after a Black Hole will almost never kill a player, since it'll take 40 turns to whittle down 8000 life points—you'd deck yourself.

    It's fast. one game, five minutes average.
    It can be. It's often longer, though.

    I can do stuff on my opponent's turn.
    Barely anything. Options are limited to trap effects and "Quick-Play Magic" (I'm guessing they're like Instants?). Still, no end-of-turn Fact or Fictions, no end-of-turn Ancestral Recalls, no abusing the End of Turn step, so it works.

    Fun game, but not one you'd play every day for the next five years...
    I think that _any_ game would get sickening if you played it every day for five years.
  15. dkates

    dkates New Member

    One good thing no-one's mentioned about Yu-Gi-Oh. The rules themselves may be complex, but there don't seem to be cases of "ruling nightmares," unlike Pokemon. Fossil Ditto, Brock's Ninetails... we've had some MAJOR nightmares in our past.
  16. Gh0st11

    Gh0st11 New Member

    Marril, you can't counter cards in Pokemon(playing cards on your opponent's turn).
    I have only one thing to say since everybody else stole my complaints ;) :

    Card is played, countered, discarded. Almost always.
  17. Orange Soda

    Orange Soda New Member

    I don't hate it. I just ignore it. The show on KidsWB is moderately interesting, but I ignore the card game.

    Me ignoring Yu-Gi-Oh isn't any particular bash against it. I usually ignore Magic, too, but I've had a little experience with it and it's moderately interesting.

    And then there's also the lesser argument of expenses. I can only afford one game (Pokemon), and even then, my collection is kinda sparse compared to other people's. No second game for me.

    But it's mainly just that I don't really care. If you wanna go spend your time on something I don't care about, go ahead. Just don't think that I have to care, too.
  18. Marril

    Marril New Member

    I didn't say that you could. I was mostly saying that the unpleasant end-of-your-opponent's-turn abuse in Magic isn't present in Yu-Gi-Oh.
  19. treecko_332

    treecko_332 New Member

    I play Magic and Pokemon and I generaly dislike YGO because I think it has functions of both Magic and Pokemon. This is because I started playing them before YGO came out. I also don't like that sets come out so fast and there are so many really rare cards. But YGO currently has a huge community, which is great. So for me YGO doesn't click. Magic and Pokemon do.
  20. Yugi's_tough_chick

    Yugi's_tough_chick New Member

    To me, YGO is fine,for a while.I mean, like some people on this board, they playe the game,but just for a taste. In my own opinion, I think YGO is a small spoof of Pokemon. I'm not saying I don't like it, I have my own site for the show and manga myself. Its the game I find annoying. It's been a thorn in my side for quite some time. Where's the strategy? Where's the fun of unleashing an awesome gameplan that you've been editing for months?? It's not there.It's not as much fun to play..

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