What search engine do you use?

Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by onederlnd, Sep 1, 2003.

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  1. onederlnd

    onederlnd Administrator Emeritus

    Was just thinking about this, what search engine do most of you use? or what search engines out there do you feel are good, but dont get recognized enough?

    Personally, I'm one of the many google fans. Used it since day one of its release, and still using it.
  2. Google.

    Image Search is your friend. :thumb:
  3. Red5bv06

    Red5bv06 <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    I use google the most, 99% of the time.
    I'll occasionally be caught using Yahoo!, but I prefer Google. No nonsense searching, just results. And I'll also concur that Image Search can be very helpful in the right situation.
  4. Tails

    Tails New Member

    ::says quickly:: Jeeves

    Google at times, when Jeeves doesn't turn anything useful (or OT, but interesting).
  5. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Once you go google, you never go back.
  6. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Here's an example of why I like Google:
    If you do a search on pokemon+card+rulings, you get the Team Compendium site as your number one response. And we certainly never paid for any placement.

    Meanwhile, Ask Jeeves doesn't even list us anywhere near the top.

    I will say that Yahoo also puts us as the number one choice.

    Gotta love it.
  7. mossy2k4

    mossy2k4 New Member


    BTW RANDY!!! Nice to see you man! We need to stay in touch more. I miss you like a fat kid (I) miss cake :( YOU'RE MY REASON FOR LIVING RANDY!!!!!!
  8. MonkeyMan

    MonkeyMan New Member

    Google for sure =D
  9. Marril

    Marril New Member

    Google. It's fun to type in weird things ("French military victories" comes to mind *ducks*) and hit "I'm feeling lucky." :D
  10. RainbowRichards

    RainbowRichards Active Member

    Doesn't Yahoo! actually use the Google search engine under the hood?? Just wondering...
  11. onederlnd

    onederlnd Administrator Emeritus

    Google and Yahoo! are in NO WAY connected, other than that they are both search engines.

    Yahoo! Search has its own engine that it uses, which is "loaned" out to a few other engines. But Google, well, google is good enough to create its own service. One that tops any other available.
  12. Baboon

    Baboon New Member

    I *usually* use AOL search first, only in the fact I'm on AOL and there's a Search entry box on the screen at all times, so I don't need to go to a website to start anything. ;) AOL search also has Image Search and is relatively quick.

    BUT, when I get tired of paging through tons of unrelated things, then Google it is. :)
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2003
  13. ShadowOfTyranitar

    ShadowOfTyranitar New Member


    Google. Nothing better.
  14. Gh0st11

    Gh0st11 New Member

    I always go to Altavista.com. In 2000, according to Guinness World Records, Altavista.com had the most hits ever for a search engine site. It has Image search, Video search, anything.
  15. Kyogre

    Kyogre <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    Well there is a google search box built into my web browser and they seem to give the best results so I'll have to say Google.
  16. Pikachu Mage

    Pikachu Mage New Member

    Used to use Yahoo, now I use Google.
    Same here.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2003
  17. yoshi1001

    yoshi1001 New Member

    Google. There are others?
  18. TR Shadow

    TR Shadow New Member

    Google. It's fun to type in weird things ("French military victories" comes to mind *ducks*) and hit "I'm feeling lucky."

    I've done that before. "Weapons of mass destruction" is a lot better XD.

  19. DARKGeNGaR094

    DARKGeNGaR094 New Member

    I use Copernic Agent, a program which searches using google, yahoo, aol, altavista etc.
  20. Captain Obviousx1

    Captain Obviousx1 New Member

    I use either the Optimum search, which uses Google combined with a few others, or just regular Google.
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