When People Should Just Say No!

Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by Psycho_Lugia_X, Jan 3, 2004.

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    I've done some pretty thought provoking posts/threads for most of my itme here at these boards. Let's go for something a bit lighter, but maybe just as thought provoking.

    We are in the midst of a Disney Channel takeover! They are sending their zealots..er, child actors...in waves to conquer every kind of media and hog 'em for as long as possible. They aren't the only station to fling nonsense upon unsuspecting consumers. So it seems one TV show just wasnt enough for these people, so without further ado, i give you my newest topic: What Child Actors/Stars are You Sick Of?

    Lets get this thing going.

    Lizzie McGuier/Hillbilly Puff(as my sister affectionately calls here, lol)-really, enough is enough, your show a-a-a-a-a-a* is terrible, please leave it at that. No need to force yourself upon our theaters and record stores. Please, please let it go. You may have connections, but that doesnt mean your skill, in any of these areas, is commensurate with your status as a "celebrity."
    *See 30 seconds of her show and you'll know what i mean. It's like required for each kid to do this stutter move in their dialogue every other line.

    Raven Semoné-Good in Mr. Cooper, but stop there. Your show is too...whats the word, perky? Too much goofball acting. Too much energy. You can sing better than Puff, but still, your voice isnt that great. I guess its the lack of originality in today's singers. I was watching this infomercial for an old-fashioned singers CD collection. Man they really had it back then, no synthesizing, but real, pure voice. No fix-ups to your voice, just talent. Man these two could learn something from them. Just sing, dont moan, sing.

    Spencer Breslin-dude, you are NOT an actor. You get on everyone at my house's nerves! I hate to say it, but Movies/TV is supposed to be perfect. You have a mean speach impediment, and that really messes with the feature your in. Plus, your acting is, like, forced. You dont seem to pull off your roles naturally. This makes for an annoyance to a feature. I dont know why he's getting so many roles. He ruined "The Kid," "The Santa Clause," and "You Wish." Although, the third movie was quickly avoided by the end of the first few minutes, my patience was snapped. Which brings me to my final kid for now...

    Lalaine-You are just like Puff, and Semoné, you need to sing like you mean it, not like your forced to. She also falls victim to that horrid stutter thing that reigns over the Lizzie Show. I cant take all these uninspired singers, its not about singing anymore, is it? Your acting is like Breslin's, semi-forced. There is just a detracting undertone to her acting.

    With that, let's open up the phones for more opinions and counter-opinions. GO!
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