Whose Your RuSa Theme Team?

Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by Spectreon, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. Spectreon

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    What are some theme teams you have created. They can be based off of Gym leaders or off of a Single or 2-3 Ideas? Anyteam that was creative, and not jsut a bunch of powerful Pokemon thrown together (Exp 2 Groudon, 2 Kyogre, 2 Rayquazza not a theme team!!!)

    Here are 2 of Mine. Feel free to Rate or make suggestions, as long as it encourages the overall theme.

    Whitney (anyone who has a Badge called Plain is cool in my book!) She tends to train Normal types, that are cute....

    Exploud @ Quick Claw (Shiney:) )
    Stomp / Secret Power / Rest/ Roar-Shadow Ball

    Dodrio @ Bright Powder
    Drill Peck / Rest / Double Team / Return-Tri Attack

    Wigglytuff @ Leftovers
    Icebeam / Flame Thrower / Double Team / Return-Body Slam-Psychic

    Girafarig @ Shell Bell
    Psychic / Crunch / Thunder Bolt / Return

    Zangoose @ Chesto Berry
    Swords Dance / Crushclaw / Shadow Ball / Rest

    Altaria @ Lum Berry (Ok, it evolves from a cutesy little Normal/Flying Swablu, so not cheating much)

    Dragon Dance / Aerial Ace / Rest / Return-Earthquake

    Seems pretty balanced, I taught Exploud to be a Parflincher, others are trained to be either Special or Physical attackers, and cover my weakness as much as Possible.

    My other team is a Toxic Shuffler. Inflicts Poison (or burn) and sends them running through Spikes as much as possible, or allow status to do its damage.
    could work well in 1-1 or 2-2 I think?

    Toxic Demise

    Skarmory @ Bright Powder
    Toxic / Roar / Spikes / Double Team

    Dusclops @ Leftovers
    Will-o-Wisp / Double Team / Rest / Protect-Confuse Ray

    Claydol @ Chesto Berry
    Sandstorm / Cosmic Power / Rest / Light Screen

    Cacturn @ Lax Incense
    Toxic / Double Team / Spikes / Sandstorm

    Ninetails @ Lum
    Will-o-Wisp / Roar / Rest / Double Team

    Metagross @ Focus Band
    Sandstorm / Reflect / Toxic / Double Team

    I was looking for a Pokemon who could learn Reflect, Toxic or Willow and Roar, but appenrently there are none. Most Pokemon get complemented with Sandstorm, but the 2 that dont can heal themselves from teh damage.

    Well there are 2 of mine, what can ya'll come up with
  2. Kyfogre22

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    in battle, i have played a toxic shuffler simmilar to that expcept i used camerupt and not cacturne... i like both, but id say your first one is better.

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