Why is Sage's Training so good?

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  1. peadawg14

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    I see it a lot in Vileplume decks and TyRam decks and I don't get it. What if you have to discard a precious card in order to get 2 cards out of the 5? Why isn't Cheren/Bianca better?
  2. baby mario

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    Nothing lets you dig as far into your deck as Sage's. Except Juniper.

    Speed decks prefer Juniper because they will often play out the hand, then draw 7.

    Decks that need to get specific card combinations in hand early to set up (like Tyram and Plume decks) can't always just discard what they are holding, or shuffle it in with PONT. They might have the Typh, but need the Candy. Sure they could play Cheren and hope to get it in 3 cards, or they could improve their chances by playing Sage and hope to get it in 5.

    With Bianca, you need to play your hand down to 2 cards (including Bianca) to get the 5 cards draw. Not always possible.

    Discard isn't so bad in this format anyway. In fact in can work in your favour with Junk Arm (the Catcher in your discard is now searchable). We also have Super Rod now to get back Pokemon/Energy. You can bear that in mind when deciding what to discard.

    Most decks will play a mx of draw and shuffle draw Supporters anyway, and Cheren can be a really good card to have in your deck.
  3. Renki

    Renki New Member

    In Vileplume decks, there's a chance you'll draw into trainers that you wouldn't be able to use anyways so you can discard them in case you use another hand refresher. Also, drawing 5 > 3 in a slower deck.

    TyRam doesn't really need all 4 Typhlosion or whatever to run efficiently. Also, Sage's often has a high chance to get the necessary fire energy in the discard to gets the attackers going. Again, it's straight drawing from the deck which servers secondary purposes.

    Cheren isn't a bad card by any means though.
  4. ajhawk

    ajhawk New Member

    well in The Truth (probably the most common Vileplume variant) there are a lot of cards not needed for certain match ups. So discarding what you do not need and grab only what you do is crazy good.

    the card was almost custom made for tyRam. you take what you need. it discards energy to start the engine.

    overall, with both junk arm and super rod, you do not have to fear discarding resources, because you can get them back relatively easy.
  5. xCiegex

    xCiegex New Member

    I think Sage's get's better with super rod in the format now. Just allows you to get back a couple pokemon or an energy, so there isn't as much worry when you discard pokemon you need.
  6. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    As a durrant player I say please play Sages in every deck. :smile:
  7. Raen

    Raen New Member

    Sometimes, you also WANT to discard some cards. For example, TyRam and Zekrom/Eelektrik want to discard energies, and so Sage's is fantastic in them.

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