Will sell almsost any of these cards, also have a few GBA games to sell, + update

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by registeel, Mar 3, 2004.

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  1. registeel

    registeel New Member

    Need all the cards below quick!!!!

    GBA games:
    Namco Museum
    Pokemon Ruby
    Golden Sun: The Lost Age
    Battle Bots
    Sims Bustin Out

    Also have a Blue GBA SP, I'll sell that too just incase.

    Offer meh some money for one of these pleeeeeease, its for a good cause, I'm saving for a PSP =[

    Will sell almost any of these cards. ANYTHING FOR MY PSP!

    Pokemon Merchandise: 2 POP packs

    POP series 1
    Sceptile x1
    Larvitar x1

    EX cards from all sets:

    Team Rocket Returns:
    Rockets Scyther ex 1
    Rockets Zapados ex x1

    Fire Red Leaf Green:
    Mr. Mime ex x1(Evens)
    Electrode ex x2
    Blastoise ex x1 (circle crease at the top)

    Muk ex x1
    Rayquaza ex x1(Slightly creased at certain places...)

    Aggron ex x3
    Aerodactyl ex x2
    Typhlosion ex x1
    Gardevoir ex x1
    Raichu ex x1
    Kabutops ex x1(peeled in 2 corners)

    Lapras ex x1
    Sneasel ex x2
    Mewtwo ex x1

    Holos from sets E-on

    Ludicolo (holo) x2
    Metagross x1

    Team Rocket Returns:
    Reverse Holo Hoppip x1
    Reverse Holo Skiploom x1
    Holo Jumpluff x2
    Dark Stealix x1
    Dark Electrode x1
    Kingdra x1
    That octapus thingy lol x1

    Fire Red Leaf Green:
    Pidgeot x2 (One RH)
    Beedrill x1
    Kingdra x1
    Poliwrath x2 (one R/H)
    Victory bell x1

    Hidden Legends:
    Medicham x1
    Melotic x2(one Rh or whatever)

    TA Manectric x1
    TA Cacturne x1
    Absol x1
    TA Walrein x1
    TM Rhydon x1
    TA Crawdaunt x1

    Salamence x1
    Charmander x1(CC stamp)
    Crawdaunt x1
    Absol x1

    Lunatone x2
    Zangoose x1

    Camerupt x2
    Slaking x1
    Aggron x1
    Beautifly x1
    Wailord x2

    Tyranitar x1

    Reverse holo pokemon from all sets:

    Hidden Legends: (well they aren't axacyly RH, but what ever those new Foil cards from Hiddden legends that come in every pack are called)

    Lanturn x1
    Gorebyss x1
    Swalot x1

    TM Mightyena x1(bite off)
    TM Claydol x1(Magma Switch)
    TM Houndour x1(super singe)
    Meowth x1
    TM Rhyhorn x1(Ram)
    TM Lairon x1(Gnaw)
    TA Carvanha x1 (Dark Lift)
    TM Claydol x1(Clay Curse)
    TM Houndoom x1(Target Schorch)
    TA Spheal x1(Rollout)
    TM Rhyhorn x1(Horn Rush)
    TA Electrike x1(Scratch)
    TA Crawdaunt x1(Double Claw)
    TA Manectric x1(Aqua Beam)
    TA Kyogre

    Spoink x1
    Pineco x1
    Magneton x1(Triple Smash)
    Houndoom x1
    Magnemight x1
    Mareep x1
    Slugma x1
    Crawdaunt x1(Guillotine)
    Corphish x1
    Vibrava x1(Razor wing)
    Tailow x1
    Flygon x3(Energy Shower)

    Zangoose x1
    Zigzagoon x1
    Onix x1(really bad condition bent in 6 diffrent places!)
    Lombre x1
    Lileep x1(headbutt)
    Trapinch x1
    Vaporeon x1
    Cyndaquil x1

    Lairon x1(One-Two Strike)
    Wailord x1
    Weezing x1
    Cascoon x1
    Poochyena x1
    Skitty x1(Lullaby)
    Aron x1

    Charizard x1(Burning energy reverse holo bent at HP)
    Gloom x1

    Rares from sets E-on

    Ludicolo(happy dance) x2(one reverse holo)

    Hidden Legends:
    Rain Castform x1
    Snow-Cloud Castform x1
    Castform x1(I know this isn't a star But its still good)

    TM Groudon x2(non holo)
    TA Kyogre x1(non holo)
    TM Camerupt x1
    TA Seviper x1
    TM Zangoose x1
    TA Crawdaunt x1
    TM Rhydon x1
    Raichu x1
    TA Sealeo x1

    Skarmory x1
    Salamence x4
    Shelgon x1
    Girafarig x2
    Vibrava x1
    Ninjask x1
    Dragonair x1
    Flygon x1

    Arcanine x3
    Steelix x2
    Vaporeon x2
    Sandslash x1
    Sharpedo x2

    Weesing x2
    Nosepass x1

    Gyarados x1

    Blastoise x1
    Alakazam x1
    Vileplume x1
    Feraligatr x1
    Arbok x1

    Umbreon x1(bent at the sides)

    Trainers from sets E-on

    Fire Red Leaf Green:
    Celios Network x4

    Hidden Legends:
    Ancient Technical Machine (Rock) x1
    Life Herb x5
    Steven's Advice x3

    T A/TM:
    TA Conspirator x3
    TM Ball x3
    Archie x1
    TM Hideout x2
    TM Belt x2
    TM Conspirator x4
    Warp Point x1
    TA Ball x3
    TA Technical Mechine x2
    TA Belt x2
    TM Schemer x4
    Maxie x2
    TA Schemer x6
    TA Hideout x1
    Dual Ball x1
    TM Technical Mechine x1

    Mr. Briney's Compassion x1
    Energy Recycle Sestem x2
    Low Pressure System x3
    TV Reporter x5
    Rare Candy x1

    Lanette's Net Search x1
    Rare Candy x1

    Professer Birch x1
    Lum Berry x2
    Lady Outing x2
    Potion x2
    Switch x4
    Pokemon Reversal x1

    Oracle x2
    Desert Shaman x1
    Crystall Shard x2

    Strength Charm x1
    Copycat x2
    Potion x1

    Forest Guardian x1
    Traveling Salesman x1
    Metal Cube x1

    Reverse holo Trainers from all sets:

    Crystall Shard x1

    Hidden Legends:(well they aren't axacly RH, but what ever those new Foil cards from Hiddden legends that come in every pack are called)
    Ancient TM (Rock) x1

    Archie x1
    TM Belt x1
    Warp Point x1
    TM Ball x1
    TM Hideout x1
    TA Conspirator x1

    Low Pressure System x1

    Pokeball x1
    Lum Berry x1

    best Reverse foil Professer elm

    Rare energy's from sets E-on:

    Scramble Energy x2(One reverse Holo)

    TA energy x3
    TM Energy x2
    Rainbow energy x2

    Raimbow x4
    Metal x4[/QUOTE]
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  2. sneaselsrevenge

    sneaselsrevenge New Member

    My Muk for your Ampharos EX?
  3. registeel

    registeel New Member

    I will think about that.
  4. bertrand

    bertrand New Member

    I have one, but I kinda like it for artistic reasons. Here's a list of cards I want from your list. Offer nicely, and its yours..

    ****Ampharos ex x1
    Salamence (holo)

    ****Typhlosoin ex x2
    ****Zangoose x1(one is reverse holo)
    ****Lunatone x1
    ***Raichu ex x1

    ****Camerupt x1
  5. registeel

    registeel New Member

    How about a Zangoose and a Lunotone for it?
  6. sneaselsrevenge

    sneaselsrevenge New Member

    Ok, let me know.
  7. registeel

    registeel New Member

    Any thing else you want for Muk ex?

    I am not sure I want to trade Ampharos ex for Muk ex.
  8. My MukEx for your omastar and Cradily or Zangoose.
  9. Warbuzz

    Warbuzz New Member

    Just want to confirm, that were trading my Muk EX for the cards we talked about over AIM.
  10. registeel

    registeel New Member

    Yes but I might not be able to get the Rare Candys
    just to let you know.

    I need 4 Muk ex any way.
  11. SwampertEX

    SwampertEX New Member

    Sry Regi, but I need to get my Muk back b4 we can trade. I will probably be able to get it two you within 1-2 weeks. I'm really sorry, but is the deal we discussed before still good? Ya know, Sneaselsrevenge has my Muk, so maybe he can send it to ya... Hmmm... We'll discuss this l8er on AIM. l8er
  12. registeel

    registeel New Member

    ok thats fine.
  13. SwampertEX

    SwampertEX New Member

    And, which Delcatty do you have? If it's the Holo one, I'd REALLY like to trade 4 them. IM me l8er w/ the details.
  14. registeel

    registeel New Member

    They are the Energy Draw Delcatty.
  15. registeel

    registeel New Member

    just opend box TA/TM!
  16. I have TA Manectric(non holo) and Maxiex1(RH).I need your TYEX desperatly.
  17. ED6291WAI

    ED6291WAI New Member

    Archie X1 REVERSE HOLO
    Rayquaza ex x1
    Double Rainbow Energy x1
    Sceptile x1 (energy trans)

    I NEED:
    Swampert ex x1
    Entei ex x1
    Raikou ex x1

    Ampharos ex x1

    Rare Candy x1

    Oracle x2

    best Reverse foil Professer elm
  18. registeel

    registeel New Member

  19. |PoKeY|

    |PoKeY| New Member

    I have TA Walrein Reverse, TA Kyogre Reverse, Maxie reverse, TM Rhydon (#22) Reverse

    I need
    Rare candy
    Oracle x2
    Delcatty Energy Draw

    Is that fair for you?
  20. registeel

    registeel New Member

    Sorry but I am only interested in the RH Maxie
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