Will US nats have expanded day?

Discussion in 'National Championships' started by deckmaster, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. deckmaster

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    At Regionals, day-two or the top cut is in the expanded format, will this be the case at the 2015 US National Championships?
  2. DukeFireBird

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    I would presume since nothing is specifically said about an expanded format, that there is none. However more details are sure to be coming, so this is just speculation right now.

    Also, day 1 of Nats for TCG is 6-9 rounds swiss, day 2 is remaining swiss and then top 8, possibly top 4 if time allows, then day 3 is the remainder. According to this schedule, I see no time to switch a deck from standard to expanded, while still keeping the event running. Remember, if there is a change, then those decks and lists need to be checked, which would cause a break in schedule/play Saturday, and making it so that only the semifinals and finals are expanded is also ludicrious.
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    9 rounds is Day 1 Swiss for any number of players, according to the tournament operation procedures. I think that the "6-9 rounds" is simply saying, "we're doing Day 1 Swiss on Day 1, and the Top 32 Swiss on Day 2 ideally". So, Day 1 should be a qualifier for Day 2, which should end up being 6 rounds and a Top8 cut. Think the Nats staff can do complete list checks on both Friday morning and on Saturday morning? I'd be surprised if Expanded wasn't the Day 2 and Top Cut format.
  4. mcanaves

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    Lol, we still have no answer to this. However leaked sources that work for Pokemon have stated it will be Standard only, same deck throughout.

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