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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Ez1, Sep 20, 2003.

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    Wings----watch your opponents energies fly away......

    pokemon 21
    4 x Seedot
    2 x Nuzleaf(razor leaf)
    3 x Shiftry(fan away)
    2 x Dunsparce(sandstorm)
    4 x Magikarp
    4 x Gyarados(flame vapor)
    2 x Cacnea(poison payback)

    energies 19
    3 x boost
    3 x warp
    6 x grass
    5 x water
    2 x multi energy

    trainers 20

    4 x rare candy
    4 x copycat
    4 x wally
    4 x switch
    2 x lynettes net search
    2 x energy switch

    the idea is to use gyarados(flame vapor) and shiftry(fan away) to energy
    remove your opponent....
    gyarados offsets shiftry's weakness to fire.

    Any suggestions?????
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