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  1. goldedda

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    So i was going to BR in huntinton beach, CA I was wih my friend who is playing his old carntavles deck which wasn't so bad. so i pay garrallade it is gallde,gardevoir, gyarados, unown p for the win! me vs. ???? (random)
    he was so luky he didn't got game loss because he played with ileegal cards and fake cards. T2 gallde! GG 1-0

    1 game of my friend
    my friend got a bye !


    2: game me vs. james (mag/electivire)
    yeah only one word T2 gyarados! GG


    2. game of my friend Vs jason (random)
    easy match for the scizor with cradily for the win


    3: game me vs. my friend (crawnticles)
    was nearly the hardest match of the day we had to play our best pokemons but then it was 1-1 in prizes and time was called so it was sudden deatch, and then i had to bring down his scizor! GG

    me: 3-0
    my friend:2-1

    4: gme me vs. matt (G&G)
    it was for sure that we both go into the finals so who cares i gave him the win easily.

    FINALS: first game he gave up after 40 minutes
    2 game won on a 1-1 prize with gallade!

    8 bosster
    fun day
    victory medal
    premier rating

    always being on table NUMBER 7
  2. chinchilla

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    u were lucky

    you were lucky that I did not go to that prerelease or you would have loss again,against me like in fountain valley.:lol:
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  3. goldedda

    goldedda New Member

    not really i won against the 5TH best senior player in CA

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    that wasn't a prerelease! that was a BATTLE ROAD
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