Winter Haven, FL - tourney report - 3rd place with Amphy

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Misdreavus, Feb 28, 2004.

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  1. Misdreavus

    Misdreavus Member

    Here's the deck I used today at the Winter Haven CCs:

    Pokémon (19):
    4x Mareep (AQ)
    2x Flaaffy (DR)
    3x Ampharos ex
    2x Ampharos (EX)
    2x Magnemite (Thundershock)
    2x Magneton (DR rare)
    4x Dunsparce (SS)

    Trainers (27):
    4x Juggler
    4x TV Reporter
    4x Rare Candy
    3x POR
    3x Nurse
    3x Switch
    2x Warp Point
    2x Low Pressure System
    2x Town Voulenteers

    Energies (14):
    14x Lightning

    When I made this deck, the idea behind it was as to use Juggler or TV Reporter to get good draw and discard a Lightning and then use Mareep's Charge. Next turn, you can attach a 3rd Lightning and Rare Candy to Amphy ex and start using Gigavolt on turn 2. Surprisingly, this did not happen once today and I seemed to have slow starts, but I'm happy with it getting me 3rd. Here's the tourney report for those who are interested:

    Round 1: vs. Gardy/ex

    I get an opening hand of Mareep and Flaaffy, which seemed to be good, but he started with Wynaut and proceeded to get out a Wobbuffet on me. After Flaaffy got Flipped Over, I had to retreat him and sacrifice weaker Pokes until I could get Amphy (MANY turns). By that time his Wobbuffet had 70 on him (I kept Nursing Magnemite with LPS in play) and killed himself. I don’t remember what exactly happened from here but I think he had another Wobbuffet and I knocked it out with Exp. Amphy’s Lightning Strike. Gardevoir now came out and did 60 to my Amphy, knocking it out (it has been previously Flipped Over). I think I basically had nothing left and ended up losing the match.

    Round 2: vs. Amphy ex/Magneton/Delcatty

    I have to say... this guy had a pretty nice deck. I couldn’t get my Amphy ex out for a long time and he got 2 of his. I stalled until mine came out and had worked up a huge hand by this point. Delcatty and Copycat (got him about 9-13 usually) severely reduced his deck and he only had 2 turns to get his last prize. Any second I was waiting for him to toss a Town Volunteers from his huge hand but luckily he didn’t have one. All 3 Nurses were in my hand and I kept healing Amphy ex until he ran out of cards and lost the match. This was a very close game.

    Round 3: vs. Amphy ex/Amphy (Aquapolis)/Raichu ex/Jolteon (Skyridge)/Magneton/Manectric (I’m guessing Manectric was in the deck... all I saw was Electrike)

    Another seemingly good start of Marend Flaaffy was no match for her turn 3 Aquapolis Ampharos which began dishing out heavy damage with Reflect Energy. I was finally able to take it down... I believe it had 20 on it and I dumped all of my Lightnings on a Lightning Strike attack, but I’m not sure. By this time, she had her Amphy ex out and began powering it up with Reflect Energy. I think my Amphy ex got the lead on hers and took it out. The Nurse/Energy Connect combo kept me alive from her 2nd Aqua Amphy and her Raichu ex upon being damaged by her Amphy ex before I killed it. Jolteon would have been my last prize but she used Briney’s Compassion and replayed it. She finally had no strong evolutions out and tried to stall with Magnemite’s Thundershock. A tails flip left it a guaranteed kill for Amphy ex (it had 10 on it from my Conductivity and another victory for me. I had refrained from playing Low Pressure System my whole match... it would have frequently saved her Pokemon and apparently she either didn’t have any of her own or couldn’t get them out.

    Round 4 vs. Gardy/ex

    Coming into this match I knew I was going to have some serious problems with Wobbuffet. He began with Wynaut and started searching out Wobb and then the Gardy line. I waited for a long time to finally get my Exp. Amphy, and if I remember correctly, I attacked for 40 to knock out a Wobb and then 80 to kill another one. He was having energy problems (and was taking serious damage due to Conductivity when he did have energies and Psy Shadow. He eventually ran out of energies in the deck when I had 1 prize left and he had 3. There was a Gardy ex on his bench with 140 on it and I made a point of telling him that Feedback would kill my Amphy ex due to previous damage on me and a huge hand. He fell for it and took his 2 prizes as I sent out Dunsparce, attached a Lightning energy, and used Sudden Flash to for the win.

    Round 5 vs. Gardy/ex

    He started with Ralts and I got Mareep. He went first and used Oracle but apparently messed up the rearrangement and had to use Oak’s Research to get a new hand. Much to my surprise he managed to get both Gardevoir and Rare Candy in his new hand. I had to retreat my (now) Flaaffy for Dunsparce to save it. I evolved to Amphy ex on the bench and he took 30 from Psy Shadow and Conductivity. I sent him out and managed to flip a heads on Gigavolt to knock out Gardy. Wynaut came out (and didn’t have any energy to attack) and then died to another heads on Gigavolt. He sent out his last Poke, Kirlia, and it was his turn. It looked completely hopeless for him with one 70 HP Pokemon left and 0 cards in his hand, but he top-decked another Gardevoir. He Psy Shadowed it and hit me with Energy Burst, but when it came my turn, I used Switch and sent out Exp. Amphy, connected the 3 energies off of Amphy ex, attached, and attacked for 80, winning me the game.

    It was a lot of fun and I ended up getting 3rd place in the 15 and up division and getting 9 packs of Dragon. I was happy to pull a Charmander, a Shedinja, and a Latios ex.
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  2. sneaselsrevenge

    sneaselsrevenge New Member

    I was one of the judges for the event and have to say everyone had a good time despite the slightly cramped space. Hope to see you all at states.
  3. penguin_master

    penguin_master New Member

    Hey! I was at the CC in Winter Haven. I only played one Gardy/ex. I now officially HATE Gardy. I built my deck in two hours after a week of not choosing a deck. I came 5th in 11-14. If I had beat that Gardevoir I would have been 1st... Oh well, I'll just go win states. :D
  4. sneaselsrevenge

    sneaselsrevenge New Member

    I thought Swampert EX came in 5th in 11-14. Oh well. I was judging mostly 10-.
  5. godevoir

    godevoir New Member

    I would not be to sure about that. See you at States!

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