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Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by Lord Broly, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. Lord Broly

    Lord Broly New Member

    Ok, i'm wondering what kinds of workouts I can do at home without
    virtually any equipment except Hand Weights and without changing
    my eating/drinking habits although i'm open to a limited few suggestions.

    Btw i'm 6 feet weighing in at 240 pounds and I don't even look like it.
  2. Vegeta ss4

    Vegeta ss4 Iron Chef Leader

    obviously, go run a little.

    Do some crunchers, the bridge series. curls, dumbell millitary etc.

    If you are interested in losing weights, just eat less abviously. 240 at 6 foot isnt good unless ur like Dr. Muscles. You could easily go down to 220 in a month if u eat a little less and do a 20 minute workout a day.
  3. Flygon

    Flygon New Member

    I have the opposite problem, im 6'5 and weigh 180. But anyway do push-ups
  4. ColdCoates90

    ColdCoates90 Active Member

    Stop drinking non-diet soft drinks and stuff like Red Bull. They're filled with too much sugar. Try drinking stuff with artificial sweeteners. At first I hated them but after a solid week of drinking them I got used to them. Other things you can do is start drinking crystal lights and use something like splenda to sweeten whatever you make yourself.

    Its an easy 10 pounds to lose right there if you drank a soda or two a day prior to switching over.
  5. Azure Kite

    Azure Kite New Member

    Totally right. Stop drinking soda or carbonated sugary drinks and drink water or the occasional Gatorade. Or something Crystal Light or Splenda, as was mentioned. You could always be a neat nerd like me, and make a chart. Just work out over the month doing various exercises such as curl ups/sit ups, push ups, pull ups, etc. Just walking around the block every day with cut a couple of pounds. But back to the chart. Find a number of push ups your comfortable with, and do that number every day. Time yourself, and everyday write down the amount of time it took you to do that set amount. After about a month, if you consistent, I think you'll see big improvement, and you'll see it takes gradually less time to do that set amount. Then next month, find a new, higher, set amount, and repeat. Just do that with all those exercises, and watch what you eat, and you'll be fit as a fiddle. For me, I just cut down on the burgers, and I was already finding it easier to exercise!
  6. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    You can curl with the weights. You can also do shoulder shrugs.

    Stand on the bottom step with your toes the only part of your foot on the step. Use your toes to lower and raise yourself (lower yourself as far as you can and raise yourself to where you are almost standing on your toes).

    Sit ups. Push ups. Chin ups.

    Of course you may want to change your eating/drinking habits.
  7. eat at subway XD i mean it worked for that one guy... jk

    drink no soda and if you could do the usual pushups situps jogging bike riding etc
  8. Vegeta ss4

    Vegeta ss4 Iron Chef Leader

    It did work for that "1" guy. I just wonder what happened to all streched skin and stuff. Did he have surgury?

    if he didn't, he would like a certain character from Autins Powers who was good at sumo wrestling:p
  9. Chromecatz

    Chromecatz New Member

    Uh face it you have to change your eating and drinking habits. Noone said it was gonna be easy =/
  10. Jran Sakarra

    Jran Sakarra New Member

    Welcome tot he club.
    Um best ides that i am doing is cutting back on fatty foods with high cal and Walking around alot(Laps around a mall or walmart does good:tongue:) Or walkign down the street afew times.
    I go to the gym and workout.
    One thing if you do that.
    You will burn fat at fist but you will start to build muscle and you will start to gain some of it back, but it wil be muscle.
  11. Flareon

    Flareon New Member

    ColdCoates90 doesn't know what he is talking about (but I do love him!); artificial sweeteners, splenda, crystalight and diet soft drinks are all horribly bad for your body. Granted, some might be better, but they have a lot of crap you shouldn't be putting in your body. I can link you to studies on them if you don't want to take my word for it.

    Take it from a gymnast: Eat better (the only sugar should be from fruits and such), drink only water or protein shakes/ fruit smoothies and maybe a little milk or rice milk. I could create a 2 hour workout easily for you with just what you have to work with.

    Try to do 100 pushups every day, and try to decrease the number of sets like, weekly. For example, try doing 20, 20, 20, 20, 20. Then next week 25, 25, 25, 25. Then perhaps 35, 25, 25, 15. You get the idea. Try to focus your workouts on a few muscle groups at a time. Biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest on MWF, and Legs, Back THS. You can do abs everyday ;)

    Hollow body position is really good for your abs. Lay on your back, lifting your shoulders and legs off of the ground with the only part of your body touching being your butt and the small of your back. See how long you can hold that. Sets for 30 seconds are good, but you can also scissor your legs, rock back and forth, or tuck your legs and crunch your body... there are hundreds of things you can do.
    I've got plenty more if you're serious. Hope I helped
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  12. Azure Kite

    Azure Kite New Member

    Well don't make him go overboard. Your just a health nut. The kid just wants to lose some wait. Yes that was kind of a joke. I won't say proteen shakes aren't necessary, but just drinking water will do loads of good. But yeah thats the basic way you wanna work out, once you get a consistant pace going to the gym.
  13. ColdCoates90

    ColdCoates90 Active Member

    I dunno,Flareon. Its really hard to distinguish which articles provide conclusive evidence either way. I remember reading somewhere thats aspartame caused cancer, but it turned out something like it was only tested on mice and some other thing in the study made the results illegitimate.

    All I know is after I stopped drinking sodas that contained sugar and started drinking 0 calorie ones(Coke Zero, Pepsi One, and also Crystal lights.) I lost about 10 pounds. These other drinks may or may not offer problems, but I believe at the very least they are better than sugar drinks.

    A brief google search brought up multiple articles stating more or less the same thing as each other: the body gets a sweet taste and expects calories to be taken, but when this doesn't occur the body hungers for more and you eat more as a result. It also said that you didn't naturally burn as many calories by drinking artificially flavored drinks.The study has been called inconclusive by companies that use artificial sweeteners because it was only done by rats, so idk.

    I tend to look at the nutritional information before eating something and always watch for that kind of thing though.
  14. drmario

    drmario New Member

    The answer to this is to not drink either. Water is better for you anyway.
  15. secretsof2113

    secretsof2113 Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    I also can share on this one. 275 and 6 foot, and a female, so I trump you all. If you must drink pop, try having only one can or two a week total. If you normally drink pop each day, that's not good. Drink water, and if you don't like the taste of water, just add a little bit of lemon juice to it. It's really good that way and gives you a little bit of flavor. Crystal lite is a nice low cal drink option, but with the bad rap that artificial sweeteners are getting, I certainly wouldn't want to drink a lot of that stuff. Try walking or biking places if you can. It's a lot better for you, especially with gas prices being what they are. DDR is a great way to play video games and get a cardio workout at the same time! I think once I get out of school for the year, I'm gonna try losing some weight myself. God knows I could really use it.
  16. Azure Kite

    Azure Kite New Member

    So what does that make me if I'm 260 something pounds and 6.5 ft. tall?
  17. drmario

    drmario New Member

    You are not 6'6".
  18. Azure Kite

    Azure Kite New Member

    First off, I said 6.5. Second, how do you know? It simply means I'm 6 feet and 5 inches. I hope Lord Broly has been taking notes or something, because he hasn't posted here since he made the topic.
  19. drmario

    drmario New Member

    Actually 6.5 means 6 and 1/2 feet. 1/2 a foot is 6". .5 is 1/2. And I met you at MD regionals. You were not 5" taller than me.
    Off topic but anyone else notice Azure Kite posted at 1:11 and I posted at 2:22?
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  20. deckmaster

    deckmaster Active Member

    Here is what I did before I joined a gym:
    Push ups
    Split leg lifts
    Jogging (going up 10 minutes each day)
    Glute kick backs
    Sit ups
    Pull ups (go to a park for a bar)

    If you can, get some dumbbells and a bench—for a man that’s really all you need because you can do so many upper body exercises that way—Its all about technique.

    Please keep track of your exercises you do each day.

    I was on a grape fruit diet—I was over 300 pounds now I weigh 240!

    Always speak with your doctor before doing any changes to your body!

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