World's Prep Tournaments July 12th & 26th

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    The 2008 Pokemon World Championship is scheduled to take place in Orlando August 15-17. To help everyone prepare we are running two tournaments at HobbyTown. Plan now to attend these “World’s Prep” Tournaments on the Space Coast of Florida!!! See below for details...

    Saturday, July 12 & 26, 2008
    HobbyTown USA
    4335 West New Haven Ave.
    West Melbourne, FL 32904

    Registration Time: 11:30pm - 12:30pm

    Deck registration sheets are not required for these events. You must be in line for registration no later than 12:30pm or you will receive a first round loss

    Start Time: 1:00pm

    Entry Fee: $5.00

    - Ex Holon Phantoms through Majestic Dawn
    - Nintendo black star promo cards 037-041 and DP01 and higher
    - POP Series 4,5,6,7
    - Diamond & Pearl Trainer Kit

    If card has been reprinted in one of the sets mentioned above the older version can be used (i.e. Warp Point, TV Reporter, etc).

    Rounds: Based on attendance. Swiss rounds only (no top cut).

    Prizes (Junior, Senior, & Master Divisions)
    Based upon attendance. All players will receive a minimum of two booster packs (1 Diamond & Pearl and 1 Majestic Dawn) plus an Origins/Nats promo card. Worlds and Release Posters will also be given out.

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