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Discussion in 'Tournaments & Events Worldwide' started by ANIMEBOY, Jun 3, 2008.

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    ANIMEBOY New Member

    Hello everybody

    I thought for all players on the worlds, an additional Hp-Md tournament would be welcome as a seasonending event.

    Date: saturday and sunday july 5th and 6th
    Place: arround zurich probably

    I need to know how many players would be interested to look for the right room.

    As it is just a test tournament there is no pricesupport. So why come to Switzerland?
    For fun, as a test for your decks, to meet friends again, to make new experiences .......

    Looking forward to hear you soon.

    Greetings from Sven Wälti from Switzerland
  2. Rayquaza14

    Rayquaza14 New Member

    I'd be there, eventhough I can't go to Worlds...

  3. luca

    luca New Member

    hi sven,

    i think that some guys from lausanne will come.

    See ya

    Luca and Philippe

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