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Discussion in 'World Championships' started by LefaLefa, Aug 10, 2013.

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    As far as the 7/32, they changed the tournament structure a few years ago. Not everybody agreed with that decision. Most players I know like the longer tournaments...
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    That's not the issue. I was at Worlds last weekend, and the open gaming was happening in a different area than the main event hall. The open gaming area always has a hodgepodge of people, probably mostly players who aren't in the actual Worlds tournament. Siblings, people who tried to grind in, etc. People play different formats too. People are there to trade as well.

    I'm just pointing out that it's not necessarily easy to pick up games against other Worlds competitors, as they are mostly hanging out in their respective groups of friends. They playtest in private, and socialize in public. Maybe if the tournament were indeed Double Elimination they would be craving to play more games, but it just doesn't exist that way now.
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    Oh okay, didn't know about that.

    Yeah, I think it was last year when they changed it to Top 16. Truly annoying change in my opinion because the possibilities in making it to the Top 16 were really cut down. Not all 5-2s made it if I recall correctly. In this case you can then ask what was even the Swiss's point then.

    I know what you're talking about. Yeah, it can be hard to go and ask someone to play against you though because it's the Worlds people should use those opportunities to do just that. Not everyday you can play relaxed games with people from other countries in real life. If people don't have the courage to ask others to play against them because they feel they're inferior to them then maybe the "social aspect" of playing should be completely crossed out when speaking about playing Pokemon.

    About the small groups of friends, I would be more surprised if that didn't happen in somewhere. Even if it isn't nice there will always be those kinds of groups, just the sad truth. Though how withdrawn to their own shell they are propably changes.
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    Of course there are small groups of friends that playtest against each other. It's not that they're withdrawn, it's that you don't want everyone and their mother to know your deck ideas as you're testing them.

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