Would Pokemon be dangerous in real life?

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    I have seen some realistic pictures of them and I've also watched X-Men,whom Pokemon share some common abilities with, so I think they would be quite dangerous and gruesome.Golem would be huge and scary,like an ogre.Rhydon the same.Even a Chansey looks creepy and deadly.I mean the only Pokemon I can't imagine being badass and deadly in real life are Happiny and Igglybuff.Anything taller than 1 feet and 0,3 inches would kill us and anything smaller would injure us badly except some exceptions.Even in the game,when you walk in the tall grass without having any Pokemon by your side the game warns you that it is too dangerous to continue walking.And in that area the only and I truly mean ONLY Pokemon sneaking in the grass are Pidgey,Rattata,Ledyba and Sentret.I don't really get how they would be all that dangerous but i reckon that they could harm us.Ledyba has Bug Buzz,Silver Wind and its punching attacks,Sentret has Hyper Voice,Pidgey can use Twister,Gust,Whirlwind or even Hurricane.Rattata,well,he got some quite big fangs and it's certainly larger than the average rat.What do you think?Would we be able to deal with them if they invaded?

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