XY-EvolutionS Prerelease, Tyler, Texas

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  1. :pokeball::pokeball: XY-EvolutionS Prerelease @ Ground Zero Comics :pokeball::pokeball:​

    Below is the schedule for the "XY-EvolutionS Prerelease.

    :pokeball: Date: October 29, 2016 :pokeball:
    2744 East 5th Street
    Tyler, Texas 75701
    Registration: 10:00am
    Event Start: 10:45am
    Fee: $25.00

    More information about this set as I receive it. It is close to Halloween, also!!!

    Come on out and enjoy playing with the new set of Pokemon cards. If you have any questions, please contact MP Birch.

    MP Birch
    aka: Richard Collinsworth
    Cell: 972-754-8618
    Home Phone: 972-442-5545
    Email: retnuhd1999@yahoo.com
  2. Rose City Rescue League Challenge

    As requested by players, we will have a League Challenge after the prerelease on Saturday, October 29th. The League Challenge will be in the "Standard Format". The "Evolutions" cards will not be legal in this League Challenge.

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