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Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Shocking_Pichu22, Jun 1, 2008.

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  1. Shocking_Pichu22

    Shocking_Pichu22 New Member

    Today was the BEST because I place 2nd in masters at Gamers Inn. I use my skittles deck to do so made by my friend Robert. I also placed 3rd with this deck at the Game Master Gym Challenge! So this is how the day went:

    1st Round:

    Played against a guy named Troy (IDK what the deck was, only was one pokemon)

    Basiclly you could probably tell what happened. turn 1 with Pachi and get out Togepi, Baltoy and Ho-Oh
    I have Rare Candy and Bebe's to get Togekiss and at least 1 extra energy just in case i didnt get all 4 energys. next turn i Bebe's Togekiss, Pull out 4 energies for SG (Serene Grace) and switch Pachi to kill Troy's active ( which was Caravana) and that got me Game.


    2nd Round:

    Played Against The famous ROCK PAPER SCISSORS dude, John. (Blissey)

    Ok i had i really bad start which was 2 Baltoys. horrible at first. then i got out my Pachi which he had a Blissey with a Cessation Crystal and attacked with Smash short to get Rid of it. Then get my Togekiss and Ho-Oh out. most of the match i was attacking with my Claydol Though. For the last few turns i brought out Ho-Oh but i couldnt kill his Blisseys because of HP. so i kept on attaching energies to get it stronger. but one move i messed on was miss playing a metal energy, i want to attach it to ho-oh and i attached it to togekiss. Then john let me take back my energy and attach it to Ho-Oh the the last few of my prizes. He said for some reason, he couldn't really get draw or energies out alot. Got A few boost and a FF


    3rd Round:

    Played Alex Jordan (Chompy/Flygon EX Delta)

    Started off like always with Pachi and get out my 3 main Pkmn. Then i get out the Togekiss and some energies but not all for ho-oh to do major damage. i had Togekiss as my active for a while and for some reason i kept Rolling heads(Rolled two 4's), had it for 2 turn and did 70 both times. then brought out another togekiss to bring more energies to attached ho-oh. retreat togekiss for ho-oh and did massive damage. he knock out my ho-oh i think twice. and when i rolled for Phoenix Turn, i got both heads which were both 4's. then i won. at the end of the match he took my dice to see if it was load , but i wasn't . he rolled it 3x and it was a 2, a 3,and a 1. but i had out 4 different dice and switched out between 3 of them.


    4th Round:

    Played Jacki, the nicest person alive! (GG)

    I have never played Jacki in a official tournament, today was the first. she had a really bad Start, Sentret only. I dont remember if she groped and got a pkmn or not. but anyways get god hand with pachi, togepi, rare candy, bebe's, plus a few other cards. i started with Pachi and got out a ho-oh, togepi and Baltoy. then next turn i Bebe's got out togekiss, SGed and got 4 energies and killed the Sentret with Ho-oh. Sorry Jacki!!!, but after that we played another battle and she one because she got everything out and i got nothing. that was a for fun match!


    5th Round:

    Played Jeremy Jallen (Empoleon)

    Auh, this one i lost because basically he locked me with the Cessation Crystals and i lost that match because i didnt get to attack alot due to not having the right amount of energies. so yeah that was that round down the tube!



    First Opponent: Jacki (Again)

    1st Round:

    Again Jacki didnt like her start because it was Sentret... Again! she got out a baltoy the next turn because af Celio's. My turn i had Togepi and I found a friend which was Togekiss. next turn i got out ho-oh but didnt have rare candy, hoped to top deck it but i drew a pachi so i retreated and got out more bench. then she started to get things out and so did i. then soon i brought out Ho-oh, locked and loaded, and attacked. she scooped in the end because she said i had it and she couldnt come back.


    2nd Round:

    And Again Jacki didnt start off with a good start... Sentret starter. And so the battle progressed and we were both attacking left and right. and at one point i have a ho-oh and she has a ralts. she puts me to sleep and when i rolled, i got a heads, 4. then she started to do more damage to me and she knocks out my ho-oh but when i rolled for phoenix turn, of course i get a heads, which was 4. then i win the match and she said that my dice must be loaded cause i always got heads and i was always 4. so we had a judge check it out and rolled it 3 times, 4, i think 1, and 3. and said "nope, its not loaded. but i knew Jacki was joking but the Judges just wanted to check just to make sure the dice werent loaded.

    2-0 and i move to the chance for 1st or 2nd!

    Second Opponent: Jeremy Jallen (Again)

    1st Round:

    I started of bad but then came back to win the battle!


    2nd Round:

    Basically got messed up because i actually had it but instead i couldnt get rid of the Cessation Crystals fast so i lost but i had 2 pluspower and a togekiss in had with a togetic on the field.


    3rd Round:

    My last chance to get 1st place. i knew i wasnt going to get it, he had locked my with the Cessation Crystals from and early start and i was in an energy drought so yeah which was weird. i had a few here and there but i only evolved i think only 1 pkmn in this last battle so you can tell he was going to win.


    Which now made me get 2nd in the Master division at the Battle Road and it was really fun. i really didnt care if i got 2nd or 1st to be honest. Jacki and i were talking before we started our match and we said that we are in the top 4and were happy no matter how the game came out. so that was my day at Battle Road
  2. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    gj on second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    yay Skittles
  3. Rocky500

    Rocky500 New Member

    You bore me.

    Where are your slops and props, I think Imma burn Skittles later on.
  4. Never Die

    Never Die New Member


    I am proud of you, my squishy fun-loving friend. :D
  5. piñata

    piñata New Member

    No credit for the furret that won me the game lol LOL
  6. Viva piñata

    Viva piñata Active Member

    skittles is a 1st place deck rico you put skittles to shame =(LOLJOKING
  7. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    If it was me playing Skittles instead of Rico I would have swept all 3...lol j/k but not really

    *cough stupidKabutops cough*
  8. Viva piñata

    Viva piñata Active Member

    lol rico shoudve done better though
  9. XYZ_Sniper

    XYZ_Sniper New Member

    whai who is

    an gj i guess u got beat by cess AGAIN :lol:
  10. Shocking_Pichu22

    Shocking_Pichu22 New Member

    Yeah so what and neverdie is Ashley
  11. spookees

    spookees Active Member

    Nice report Rico! Congrats on 2nd.

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