Yet Another Eevee Deck (DP-MD)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Katsumi-chan, Jul 11, 2008.

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  1. Katsumi-chan

    Katsumi-chan New Member

    This is my poor attempt at a deck (league use only), featuring Glaceon in the Modified (DP-MD) format. It's not a very original idea, but Glaceon is one of my favorite Pokemon EVAR. <3 I've never been too hot with card game strategies, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Ignore the little set marker thingies... They're just for my own reference. XD And, if anything isn't clear or if I've forgotten something, please say so.

    And yes, I like using commas. Especially in all the wrong places. ^_^;

    Strategy: Standard? Speed Eevee deck. Get Eevee out ASAP, evolve, then KO opponent's Pokes before they have the chance to set up properly. Or something like that.

    Pokemon x20
    4 Eevee (CFF)
    2 Glaceon (MD5)
    2 Glaceon Lvl. X
    2 Umbreon
    2 Espeon
    3 Phione (MD)
    2 Suicune (SW)
    3 Chatot (MD)

    Eevee and Glacies are a given.
    Umby and Espy for Tech - Free Retreat + No Weakness is too good a deal to pass up, and the 20HP is always a nice bonus. I didn't include Leafeon to keep it speedy(More than three Eeveelutions seems to gum up the works a bit). Might scrap the second Espy for something else? Thoughts?
    Phione to use along with Call Energy in the opening play.
    'Cune just 'cause :p - It's one of my favorites, looks like a decent Basic Poke, and the Poke-Power could be useful if Glacy is KO'd/discarded or I can't get my hands on a Premier Ball.
    Chatot for added speed.
    Balty/Claydol were considered, but Claydol's Power is too much chance for my liking... That, and everyone uses it. :tongue:

    4 Roseanne's Research (SW)
    2 Quick Ball x2 (MT, MD)
    3 Professor Oak's Visit (SW)
    3 Night Maintenance (MT,SW)
    3 Bebe's Search (MT,SW)
    2 Professor Rowan (DP,SW)
    2 Premier Ball (GE)
    2 Dawn Stadium

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure I botched this. XD Speed/Drawing Power is key here, but I think I totally went overboard. I put Dawn Stadium in for quick and easy healing. Yeah, it works for the opponent as well, but who knows--it could be helpful in a pinch.
    EDIT: Pulled the Mom's, added third NM and fourth Roseanne's.

    Energy x19
    15 Water Energy
    4 Call Energy (MD)

    Water Energy... duh. Think I'll keep the Call Energy to use with Phione
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  2. Banette EX

    Banette EX New Member

    + 1-1 Leafeon X

    I mean its only a nice Lution who can accel nrg and since you have speeed,this wouldnt hender you much or even at all.
  3. Katsumi-chan

    Katsumi-chan New Member

    Hmm... I posted this deck on another forum and got the same advice, so I think I'll consider it. I thought that there would be some kind of trainer that could do the same thing, but meh. Would you suggest I take out an Espy and Umby to put those in, or something else? And which version of Leafeon would you recommend? Or doesn't it matter?

    Thanks for your input! :thumb:

    EDIT: I found a deck similar to mine around here. Someone suggested a Phione/Call energy combo instead of the Sentret line... Think that'll help?
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  4. Banette EX

    Banette EX New Member

    Take out a Phoine and Chatot and then change your energy line to 5 water 4 grass 2 darkness (SP) 2 psychic 4 call,cut Suicune down to 1 and add in one more card,just something to compliment the deck.
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