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  1. bulbasnore

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    The Tournament Rules on taking notes changed for this season. They are quoted below from section 7 of the Play! Pokemon Tournament Rules.

    Players are allowed to take notes during a game in respect to actions that have happened during the game. Players may take notes during a match and refer to those notes. Players may choose not to share these notes with other players, but a judge may ask to see a player’s notes and request an explanation if needed. A player’s note sheet must be blank at the start of each match. Players must be timely with their note taking and may not use devices that may send or receive messages as a note-taking device. A player may not refer to notes taken during previous rounds while the tournament is still in progress. Notes taken during a match may not be given to other players during the course of the tournament.
    Because a judge may ask to see a player’s notes while a match is in progress, the use of codes, ciphers, abbreviations, or any other method of obscuring the meaning of the information is not permitted. Additionally, notes taken by a player may not contain misinformation, intended to deceive tournament staff.

    We’ve removed the old rulings on note taking from the Compendium until we can replace them. One big difference is that the qualification for note taking no longer exclude taking notes on your prizes, such as may be revealed by Time Walk.

    Happy time travel.


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  2. bittyboy52

    bittyboy52 New Member

    This may not be the right place to ask this bit there was a question that came up at a local tournament. I was just wondering if you were allowed to take notes on whats in your opponents hand. For example if you use Looker's Investigation.
  3. Darkwalker

    Darkwalker New Member

    You can take notes for things like that or Smeargle's Portrait, but you should make sure that doing so does not cause the pace of the game to slow down because of it. While taking notes is allowed, stalling the game out while doing so is not.
  4. bittyboy52

    bittyboy52 New Member

    I get why you can't use abbreviation but I think there is at least one good reason why you should be able to. If you were allowed to use abbreviation it would make the game go a lot quicker and you wouldn't have to worry about slowing down the game.
  5. AyameHikaru

    AyameHikaru New Member

    It depends on what you mean by abbreviation. As a Judge, if I see someone's notes I'm not going to penalize them for writing "Bebe's" and not "Bebe's Search". However, if I see notes that are something along the lines of "Br57 g991 r453" I'm not going like it even if it's the abbreviation of their entire deck contents.
  6. camadad

    camadad New Member

    Would you be allowed to make note on time walk like this?

    gyr reg

    karp bts

    seek ssu

    with each being a short form of a card.
  7. PkmnManiac

    PkmnManiac New Member

    So, it's fine for the other person (opponent) to take notes of what Trainers and Supporters I get from Cyrus's Conspiracy?
  8. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    All notes are now legal.
    However they must be readable by a judge if they wish to review them and taking them cannot impact the timeliness of your or your opponent's turn.
  9. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Quick question for 'Snore and Pop:
    If your reason to abbreviate has no intent of obscuring the information, then is it still illegal?

    I ask this because abbreviating actually helps speed up the process, showing more respect to the timeliness of (usually) your turn. There doesn't seem to be any reason to ban abbreviations if there's no intent to obscure.
  10. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    I'd check with your HJ about that. That gets down to interpretation.
  11. BrightRush

    BrightRush New Member

    Just to double check, we Don't have to show what we wrote down for time walk to our opponent. Today my judge said if we did time walk our opponent could look at my notes at anytime. So if i had like all my main pokemon prized he would know.
  12. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    That was two years ago's rule.
    That judge needs to review this year's tournament rules.
  13. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    This really needs to be reversed, this isn't good for the game.
  14. AyameHikaru

    AyameHikaru New Member

    Why isn't it good for the game?
  15. Vegeta ss4

    Vegeta ss4 Iron Chef Leader

    Not only does it easily slow the game down, It shows direspect. At any point you do the note-taking, you are wasting atleast 30 seconds on either turn. If you do it on your opponents turn, its like slapping him in the face, have the respect for that vigilante on what he is doing. This is a travisty, imho. Also takes away a bit of the skill in the game I.e. 'Time Walk.'
  16. PkmnManiac

    PkmnManiac New Member

    1. Azelf won't last long.
    2. Not everybody has the best Short-term memory.
    3. It is bad though if the note-taker takes a long time, so I'll give you that.
  17. toxictaipan

    toxictaipan New Member

    Not being able to remember the positions of 6 face-down cards displays a lack of skill? Yeah, okay.
  18. Jakeman

    Jakeman New Member

    from the psychological aspect of the game, taking notes is counterproductive. the information you're writing down is always worth less than the information you give to your opponent by simply "choosing" to write them down. At least that comes from my experience in other games where the psychological part of the game is much, MUCH more important.
  19. xcfrisco

    xcfrisco New Member

    This is seriously a stall tactic. I've seen 3 players do this as the new rules have changed and guess what, they are NOTORIOUS slow-players! I've seen someone even write down what their last two prizes were! Who can't remember two-prizes!!? And how did everyone get by using Time Walk before when they weren't allowed to take notes? (I think it took something along the lines of skill! Short-term memory is a fundamental skill outside of pokemon too you know.)

    Imo taking notes should only be allowed on the opponents turn to lessen the chance that it slows the pace of the game down, which it invariably does.
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  20. BrightRush

    BrightRush New Member

    I thought you had to take the notes on your opponents turn. (according to a judge at my CC)

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