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    So I was looking through some cards deciding on a fun deck to make.. and I ran across my old buddy Blissey <3.
    I figured why not.. It's a nice little tank and can take some hits.

    We arrive in Meadview on Thursday and I test out..
    Blissey Tank
    Blissey/ Hitmonchan
    Blissey/ Drapion
    Blissey/ Electivire
    Blissey/ Magmortar
    Blissey/ Sableye
    Blissey / AMU

    and on saturday morning at 5 am I decide to go with Blissey / Hitmonchan... however. I felt Hitmonchan didn
    t have the luster I needed to counter any SP I might see.. so 1 minute before we left I ran around the house borrowing a 1-1-1 Machamp from Dylan.

    List: Blissout
    Pokemon: 16
    4/3/1 Blissey [MT/PL]
    1-1-1 Machamp SF
    1 Regice LA
    2 Chatot MD
    2 Uxie LA

    Energy: 14
    9 Fighting Energy
    2 Warp Energy
    2 Cyclone Energy
    1 Upper Energy

    T/S/S: 30
    2 Roseanne's Research
    4 Pokedrawer+
    3 Broken Time-Space
    4 Felicity's Drawing
    3 Volkner's Philosophy
    3 Luxury Ball
    2 Time Space-Distorion
    1 Mom's Kindness [FOIL|
    2 VS Seeker
    3 Bebe's Search
    3 Expert Belt

    So we get there.. and the address from the gps takes us to a mosque... -.-'
    We drive around for ten minutes and we finally see a library type building and hope it's one.. and it is.:biggrin:

    We chill for a while, draw on the blackboard.. chat with Jeremy.. and finally we begin...

    Round 1: Chris(?) Shuppay
    My hand is interesting... not the best because I have no supporters, however, I have 3 Chansey.. so I was hoping I could last a few turns.. I figured it was Shuppay when he went first and flipped over Mr. Mime.. so I finally get a Roseanne's and Uxie draws me Lux Ball to get Blissey, and I use Regice
    s Power to get his Mr. Mime away, while also getting energy in my discard. Once I get a powered up Blissey and one on the bench with 3 Energy I start controlling the game. I bring up Machamp to take out one of his last Pokemon.. and he uses Shuppay to put me to sleep... I draw my Mom's Kindness and use it to draw into my last Warp Energy.. and switch to Blissey for the KO on Shuppay. Good Game!

    No wait, I need to pause my report to quote myself from my first city:
    You just replace Mamoswine GL with Blissey and you have my day lol:lol:

    Round 2: Zac [Machamp]
    I knew he was playing Machamp... we draw our starting hands and I see Machop.. I told him that I was going for the donk no matter what because I told him that if he gets a Machamp out I pretty much lose. He nods. He goes first and starts with Nidoran F. He draws and passes. I draw an Uxie and play my first one for 4 after I attach to Machop. I draw a luxury ball and Pokedrawer+.. I Luxury Ball and hope that Machoke and Machamp are in my deck... they are and I get Machoke.. I then Uxie for 2... still nothing.. I proceed to Felicity's for 4 by discarding Volkner's and Felicity's.. my third card was the other Pokedrawer+.. and I use them for BTS and Machamp and do take out for game. Sorry for donking u bro ><'.

    Round 3: Henry [Machamp]
    Him and I both knew how the match would go if I didn't win early... I look at my hand and see I have T1 60... we flip and I go second... he flips over.... his Uxie.. I gave a little sigh and proceeded to do my 60.. he then got out Machamp and Claydol on his next turn.. and did 70.. I healed with PT Blissey to give myself another turn.. or so I thought. On his turn he plays Life Herb and gets heads... then he attaches an Expet Belt to his Machamp and OHKO's me.. I then try to stall with a Chatot MD.. but he has a Warp Point and I am forced to bring up Blissey PT =/ I do end up getting a prize and have a 150 HP Blissey up... He brings up a new Machamp.. attaches Expert Belt.. and Level's Up to do Take Out for 150.. meh.. still a good game sir.

    Round 4: Adi [Raichu/Electivire]
    This was the best game that I played all day. We started off pretty fast and I had T1 40 and he had turn 2 electivire and Raichu.. we trade the first couple prizes and I bring out Machamp w/ Expert Belt to OHKO his Electivire LV. X... he damages my Machamp for 100 and I take Out his Raichu for 80... he then switches for an Electivire SW and Plays TS-2 to Devo my Machamp for 2 prizes... touche... I got caught off guard. I bring up Blissey and start from scratch doing 40.. he keeps running away so I couldn't hit him for a ko.. I TSD back Machop and Machoke and get a plan going.. he brings up his Electivire a bit later and Level's it up and tries to take the late lead by damaging my Blissey with 80.. Luckily Expert Belt Saved me.. I then draw... play BTS to get rid of his Sunnyshore Stadium.. play my machamp line.. use Warp Energy.. bring up Machamp and Lucian's 4 Fighting Energy to machamp and then ko his Electivire LV. X that already had 40. He couldn't do much and I win on the next turn.

    Round 5: EriKa/InfinityFangX [Basic Gengar]
    I see the pairings.. wee... we play again.. ><'
    I know that if I don't donk her before she gets Gengar out.. it's all over. Unfortunately for myself, I DID not donk her or get anything out that was relevant before she could.. and by turn 3 she had all 4 Gengars out and I was fighting an uphill battle for the rest of the match. I did manage to escape Fainting Spell 2 times!!! but, alas, that wasn't enough and she scared my Blissey right out of Kingman. :eek:

    Top 4:
    [DEL](1) Henry[Machamp] [/DEL]v (4) Z-man (Zach in a box... GG)
    [DEL](2) Arizona Guy (Dusknoir/Cresselia[/DEL]] v (3) InfinityFangX (Basic Gengar)

    Top 2:
    (3) InfinityFangX (Basic Gengar) v [DEL](4) Z-man (Zach in a box... GG)[/DEL]

    So EriKa wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Nevada sweeps.

    I was talking spookees and I got offered to help judge Arizona States! I was so excited to get offered that :biggrin: :eek::eek:

    - Team Hatter
    - EriKa/InfinityFangX
    - Ryan
    - Josh
    - French Gliscor Lv. X
    - Fun weekend
    - Getting offered to judge Arizona States
    - My dad getting to go
    - Dylan for letting us stay with him and his crew
    - Bucket - O - Chicken
    - 8 Boxes of Mac and Cheese
    - Finally getting Absol G Lv. X

    - My Sandslash figure vanishing.. along with InfinityFangX's Arceus LV. X
    - $6 Cheese
    - School tomorrow
    - ZAC'S SNORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nonono:
    - Jeremy for dropping.. COME ON MAN!!

    Thank you for reading!!

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  2. Cephalized

    Cephalized <a href="

    lol bucket of chicken should be the name of a deck, unless it was already done..?
    grats to erika
  3. piñata

    piñata New Member

    I'm disappointed Josh. You promised me a spot in the slops at least. lol.

    Blissey is going to wreck.
  4. Hatter™

    Hatter™ New Member

    Ceph: EriKa says thanks =D
    pinata: You are right... I edited it <3
  5. jeffrey123

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    Blissey? Cute

    I'm sure you're excited for Bliss prime eh?
  6. z-man

    z-man New Member

    Zach in a box... you serious?

    Didn't you forget to mention Ryan and Joshua? :p

    Anyways, GJ using the most random deck you could think up. Also, GL judging AZ states... I probably won't be there to receive your DQ of power (by the power of grey skull).

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