Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon-Whcih will have a bright future??

Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by FireFighter095ReBorn, Feb 4, 2004.

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  1. The topic is opinions only please
    Please: :nonono: no rants or fighting here.

    With the years past and the 2 games at thier peaks which game will have the greatest impact.
    Me,im a fan of both. One seems to be for the older generation as one is based on a younger generation so it answers the question which one will be having a bright future

    With dragon and sandstiorm out the pokemon gam is growing ever so largly and from what ive heard and seen both sets are powerful. The pokemon fan base and professor program are BIG. The demand is high and the fans keep growing.

    In yu-gi-oh the fan base is enourmous. The new dark crisis sets are hot and since the arival of the game the buzz never died. This years opigins looks so far to favor pokemon but id be surprized of yu-gi-oh stayed out. The game has reached unbelieveble heights and it now runs the question of which one will outlast the other?? :confused:
    I would like to see some honor as well as fun on this topic. Give a good reason and your answer and lets all share in the greatness of these two games. :cool:
  2. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    Hmm, which will outlast which??? I could see that going either way. Right now, Pokemon isnt what it used to be. We see new players all the time, but not like "the good ole days", when Pokemon was the in fad. Not that I mind what it has become. Now it is all the hard core fans and new people drawn in by what Nintendo has done. Pokemon sees reseurges everytime a new game is released, and then has brand new cards to support it. Thats the foundation for me thinking that Pokemon will out last and persevere. With newer games coming out every couple of years, and the fact that Pokemon stays main stream in Japan really help this theory.

    Nothing against YGO, I dont play it much if at all (hard for me to afford 2 TCG's, can barely afford 1 as is.) but it is the fad. Whether or not it will persevere is dependent on what happens when the next fad hits. The only reason as of now I see YGO outlasting is that it is still relatively new. Once Nintendo is able to kick it into high gear (assuming that they will) Pokemon has staying power, I'm not to sure on YGO..... This goes either way, cause not knowing what will happen too YGO after its fad days are over......
  3. bullados

    bullados <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showthread.php?

    IMO, people will start seeing that YGO doesn't have the same kind of depth that PTCG has, and people will start leaving for either the newest fad or for MTG or PTCG, as they have more thinking opportunities and more variety in the decks. People get bored with seeing the same decks all the time, and for the reason of variety, I see PTCG outlasting YGO, but YGO will outsell PTCG this year.
  4. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    I believe Pokemon will be the eventual winner. The sheer ability for you to walk by a table and immediately see who is winning, all of the damage, and prizes remaining make Pokemon a "self contained" game.

    YGO has you have to keep track of points externally, and is therefore subject to "foul play" with respect to the same (ask people at Gencon last year!).

    With Pokemon, it is much more difficult to cheat, although it is not impossible in any game. It is very evident however if you take 2 prizes instead of the one you are supposed to take. It is too easy to "accidently" enter the wrong life damage into a calculator.

    Just my opinion.


    Also, god love Upper Deck, but Pokemon is run by Nintendo and is supported by fans of the Cartoon, the video games, and the card game, all of which feed off of each other, not to mention the feature length films!
  5. YoungJohn06

    YoungJohn06 New Member

    I personally think and hope Pokemon will last longer. Yugioh doesn't have near as much skill in my opinion. Once your hands become small... you're off to the top decking races and that's usually how the game ends... the better top decker wins which is total crap imo. It has a much higher luck factor than Pokemon, and like someone else said, much less of a variety in decks. All the "top" decks contain the majority of the same cards which gets fairly boring after quite sometime. I'm hoping and betting Pokemon will either win the battle and get more people back, or Yugioh will die out to what ever the next card game is.

    I personally hope they make a transformer card game LOL! :D
  6. Carrington388

    Carrington388 New Member

    Pokémon'll last far longer. Yu-Gi-Oh was dead on arrival and never improved.
  7. bullados

    bullados <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showthread.php?

    Meh, I wouldn't exactly call it "dead on arrival", considering that I've seen 50+ person YGO tournaments weekly. However, that number is now down to about 30 and is dropping fast.
  8. Steven B

    Steven B New Member

    I play both and i think that Pokemon is better. :D

    Pokemon has lasted for ages and although it isn't on the T.V as much as it used to be in England the new TCG products, new T.V show and videogames are keeping it going. It is mcuh more easier to play as well.
    Yu-gi-oh is very good and i have grown to like it. I colect the cards and dule against myself ( lol ), i also grew to like it because you can't say who's going to win because with just 1 card, you can turn the whole match around.

    In my opinion, Pokemon is better but i do like Yu-gi-oh a lot too. :)
  9. Eevee234

    Eevee234 New Member

    Pokemon IMO will last longer. Why, they will have Colloseum, and FR/LG coming too. That will attract more fans. YGO is having a sort of downfall. YGO doesn't have future Video Games coming out(I think.).
  10. Sea Crobat

    Sea Crobat New Member

    Of course YGO isn't having any up coming video games soon. One for the Gameboy Advance/SP and one for Gamecube just came out last December.
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  11. Dunjohn

    Dunjohn New Member

    My honest opinion?

    Well, you've decided to read on with this post, so you're going to get the full-hog, in-depth analysed-to-hell-and-back patented Dunjohn Opinion. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    It won't come down to the license's respective audiences. It won't come down to products in the pipeline. What it will come down to is pure license quality, and the ability of the respective licensees not to muck it all up.

    Yu-Gi-Oh was, to my mind, designed after a careful disection of the Pokemon license, to see what made it tick so loud. Nintendo have always had a tri-pronged approach. There's the TV show, the games, and the cards. All three are roughly equal. Like meganium45 said, they feed off each other. That balance between prongs is a key part of Pokemon's endurance.

    Bandai took that balance model and separated it's parts. It was clear that the card game was doing the most business for Pokemon. So, based on that, they took a new approach: centred their new license completely on the cards, and adapted the other two wings soley to service it. Both the games and the TV show for Yu-Gi-Oh simply emulate the card game. They simply offer other ways to do exactly the same thing, but always encouraging you to try the cards out yourself. Because, that's where the money is.

    So, what will last the longest? Pokemon's balance, or Yu-Gi-Oh's focus? My answer: Pokemon's balance. I say that not as a fan of Pokemon. I say that purely as a result of unbiased observation.

    Yu-Gi-Oh is rapidly burning out. So did Pokemon; a fuel-intensive fad like this always does. However, Yu-Gi-Oh has very little to fall back on. I get the vague impression that Yu-Gi-Oh is already past it's peak, but only just barely. I mean, like a metre below the peak of Mount Everest. I can't see it, but I can feel it. It needs a movie or something, fast. Pokemon cleared the hump, and plummeted, but levelled out admirably. It has a stable card base, which Nintendo actually seem to be improving. It's game base is also looking fairly solid; not as huge as Mario, probably not even as huge as Zelda, but solid. It's TV show base is weak, but, since the TV base never depended strictly on direct consumer response (i.e. we didn't pay money for each episode) but rather, on the popularity of the other two.

    Yu-Gi-Oh? When it's card base falls to the level of Pokemon's, the minor wings will wither and die. If you don't want to play cards, you won't want to simulate playing cards, and you won't want to watch cartoon people playing cards. Without it's wings, the Yu-Gi-Oh bird won't fly, and card sales will fall further. Bandai know this. They've set themselves up for this.

    Bottom line (at last, though I could go on another bit): Pokemon is designed with the long term in mind. Yu-Gi-Oh is not. That's fine. Both will go down in history as major successes. With things staying the way they should, Pokemon should actually continue past Yu-Gi-Oh, despite it's age.

    [edit: My "answer" should not have been "Pokemon's Focus". That's just thick :rolleyes: ]
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  12. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Rick's theory on fan support is dead-on. The people dedicated to the game will STAY with the game. Yu-Gi-Oh, on the other hand, sees people quitting for other things, like Yu Yu Hakusho, Magic, or just plain qutting TCG's altogether. With Duelmasters due in March, this can only mean worse for YGO, whereas the Pokemon fans won't be too turned off. Just my $2 on the issue ;)

  13. CrimsonWarrior26

    CrimsonWarrior26 New Member

    Which one will last? In the global area Pokemon will survive longer. In my area it looks dark. only
    me and another person play Pkemon anymore as far as I can tell. Some people even make fun of Pokemon here. Two people said Pokemon was >> *** << . But I know the
    owner of the store who sell the cards and lets us play there. At one time though the deck rules were
    that the deck had to have 11 Trainers, 28 Energy, and 21 Pokemon :eek: . That may have turned people away from the game. Another person said Yugioh had more stratagey than Pokemon because
    of tributes :nonono: . He never even played Pokemon. I may try to get a league, Pre-Release, and State Championship there. The only problem is that I have to wait 7 years before I turn 18.
  14. johnznothere

    johnznothere New Member

    YuGiOh TV show is kinda lame in my opinion. Come on!
    The cards arent the same as the tv show. And who could forget, Kaiba playing a little kiddie card game instead of using his money to do thing with force. It's not realistic in my opinion. And, remember the first booster packs that ever came out? You get a cruddy silver letter card most of the time, and the others are useless weak monsters. Remember when polymerization used to be the rarest card, and then about a couple years later, you could get one in the Joey deck? Well, I think the Starter Decks in the english are too strong but the boosters stink. Japanese starter decks are too cheap in my opinion. They give you a high attacker in all the decks and it just wipes out the things you get in the boosters. Pokemon is all balanced. The starter decks are pretty decent, and so are the boosters. When you buy YuGiOh boosters, you say,"darn i got these worthless "normal rares" with silver letters! But in pokemon, you buy 10 boosters, chances are, more than half are holos. I remember when i just grabbed 4 neo (i forgot which neo, the one with the shrine) and i got all holos! Ampharos, Celebi, Misdreavus, and Shining Magikarp! YuGiOh, It's more fun to play than to collect, but pokemon is the exact opposite.

    Pokemon, you can actually play the game as in the show, but the shows are already unpopular. Kids watch it, that's the truth. I play the game for game boy. It's fun, mysterious, challenging, and there's always more to do! But, just because of the tv show being lame, it hurts the card game and game some. Pokemon never gets lame, but just keeps on getting better.

    Plus, YuGiOh, they focused on "super" rares and up too much in the first couple of boosters. I mean come on! lotsa common cards, but "rare" "super rare" "Ultra rare" "Secret Rare"?!?!? What's next? Mega rares? Legendary Rare? Where's the uncommons?I think YuGiOh won't last long. They run out of ideas for unique names for the Booster Packs, they're done for...
  15. Pokeplayer

    Pokeplayer New Member

    Pokemon all the way..........
  16. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    Yeah, I think Upper Deck knows this all too well... why else would they pump out every card they could as quicly as they could... It seemed we were getting a set released every 2-3 months, or less. 2-1 releases over Pokemon. It was rediculous. And even with all these different sets, most people play the same 2-3 decks, a few rouges that moslty loose to these couple of arch-types. This isnt a bad thing, if it was just a small # of sets out, but YGO has 8+ sets out, prolly a couple more. At that stage (not counting reprint sets) Pokemon was up into the Neo sets, and there where way more than 2-3 major archetypes, and where PTCG started getting rid of older cards from major tourneys, an idea that turns a lot of players off, but ultimately boost sales. If you cant rely on older cards, you have to go buy the newer ones. Though the first modified was not as successfull (the age of the Gatr as I like to call it) at it coulda been, it still forced players from their old ways. No more Rain Dance, or Haymaker. The other Modifieds went off better, having at least 3 archetypes, with several more rouges popping up. There was never a clear cut winner, decks could equally complete if built/played right. Even now, there are probably 3-5 major archetypes, Blaze/Gardi being the biggest, but many cards are available to make other decks competative. red face paint's stand as good or better chance than ever to compete.

    Just some more random thoughts on this subject
  17. Dek

    Dek New Member

    personally, I think Pokemon might have a higher chance to live longer for a few reasons. One of which is the card game itself. During its existance, so many improvements have been added to the game, increasing its replay value and strategy. Yu-Gi-Oh, however, really hasnt improved much. Konami basically gave you that Survivor feeling and gave you everything in teh beginning and went "Okay, have fun." I dont wanna be cruel, but thats just what i've seen.

    Another thing i have seen between the two are the adaptations made based on the original form of entertainment. Pokemon, that i know of, has 5 ways of selling its franchise: Gameboy, Card game, comics, the TV series, and other accessories like shirts, backpacks, pencils, etc. Yu-Gi-Oh has about the same amount of ways to sell the franchise, but Konami/Upper Deck gets most fo the profits just from the card game and TV, which is 2 out of the 5 franchises, unlike Pokemon, which gets most of its profits from 3 out of the 5 franchies (GB, TCG, and TV)

    Then again, all of this is just my opinion, i dont know about you

  18. Actually that false. To just touch on the subject since its arrival Yu-Gi-Oh was hot and still is. its one of the 3 most popular games out there.
    Thats thats the facts i know.
    Thanks everyone for not turning this into an argument and being professioonal in your post
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  19. Marril

    Marril New Member

    Because, you know, occult references and banishing people into their own internal mental hells is lame. I swear the first plot arc of YGO makes people judge the later arcs (wait until we get to Raphael vs Yugi, trust me on that one).
  20. illo admit this enter the shadow realm has been quit boring because everyone knew how the duels would end but i would like to see what happens after the battle city finals commence. Thats should end nicely. I will admit the marek charecter is the lamest on the show but he does show why yu-gi-oh is not for youg kids. That face could amke an 8 year old pokefan cry. :lol:
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