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    During Dallas Regionals this interaction came about, and a ruling had to be made mid tournament. The interaction which needed ruling is as follows:

    If I have an Yveltal BKT active with it's Fright Night ability active and a basic energy attached to it, do I get to move the basic energy to one of my Pokemon with an exp. Share attached to it after the Yveltal is knocked out?

    The ruling was that you cannot because it acts the same way as the interaction of a Lugia EX with Overflow knocking out a Garbodor with Garbotoxin.
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    This ruling hasn't been published in the Compendium yet, but here it is, fresh off the press:

    == FRIGHT NIGHT (Yveltal - XY:BREAKthrough)

    Q. If my Yveltal with "Fright Night" Ability gets KO'd, am I then able to use Exp.Share on one of my Benched Pokemon to recover one of Yveltal's Basic Energy cards?

    {A. Sorry, but no. Fright Night would still be working so Exp.Share would not enable before Yveltal hits the Discard Pile.}

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