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    Okay so I want to make a Zebstrika deck on ptcgo because it seems like a fun deck. But I was wondering which cards other than Zebstrika and Eelektrik I should use. I'm thinking Zekrom EX as a heavy hitter, Mewtwo to counter other Mewtwo if I can pull one, but other than that I'm not too sure.

    Any ideas?
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    I was actually hoping to submit a Zebstrika article after this weekend. Regular Zekrom BW should be used instead of Zek Ex, unless you are running a high switch count. You want to get that Disconnect going as soon as possible, so having as few as possible pokemon with >1 retreat would be ideal. Level Ball, Catcher and N are also staples. I've seen some people play with Zapdos(as a fighting counter), Amoongus(to inflict sp conditions), Weavile(to further disrupt once you decide to drop trainer lock) and pokemon center(free retreat to heal zebras). You also want to play another color of energy so that you dont discard as much when you lightning crash. I prefer rescue, though DCE isnt bad. Prism Energy also works and allows you to splash in other techs like ShayminEX or Terrakion.
    Theres quite a few options out there.
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