Zoroark Event rips off Dragon Quest IV

Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by Nightmare, May 2, 2012.

  1. Nightmare

    Nightmare New Member

    I'll start this with a video:


    Now, I'll open the discussion about how video game companies copy each other and don't try to be original. It really is a shame. Nintendo has to make a paid event out of a game that was made in 1992, and one of my favorite games to boot. The only major difference is dialogue and the fact you get the dog in-game in Dragon Quest IV and the Shiny Dogs in Pokemon by event. It kinda makes me sad that Pokemon gets so unoriginal at times.

    I wonder if there's copyright infringement here.

  2. baby mario

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    A 'paid event'? What does that mean? :confused:

    There's a certain amount of similarity in all of these DS RPG style games. You're blowing it way out of proportion.
  3. bullados

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    There is basically no more creativity anymore. Be happy that people decide to rehash the good stuff generally.
  4. Nightmare

    Nightmare New Member

    A paid event is where you have to pay for DLC, get something in person, like something that isn't normally in the game, where in DQ 4 this is a part of the normal storyline.

    Just as a customer, why would you pay for an event normally you could see in another game for free?

  5. baby mario

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    You don't have to pay to get DLC in Pokemon games. They are promotions.

    I dunno where you got that idea from.
  6. Nightmare

    Nightmare New Member

    You still have to drive to whatever event or go somewhere special to get it (unless it's a Wi-Fi event).

    Granted, it didn't cost as much as a CoD downloadable pack, but still, it's the same kind of thing.

  7. DJGigabyte

    DJGigabyte Forum Moderator

    This is the same as paying for DLC because you have to pay money to travel to the event, in the same way that a car is the same as a dog because they both move.

    Recently a lot of Nintendo promotions have taken place purely via Nintendo WiFi, meaning you can download them without leaving your home.

    The main difference between paid events and the promotional Pokémon is that in one instance the company is lining their pockets and increasing the Christmas bonus, while in the other they get nothing but some publicity.

    While there may be some similarity, it may just be coincidence, or even an homage to the older game. You can't base a lawsuit on a tiny portion of the game being similar. If the whole game was similar then maybe.
  8. RB Golbat

    RB Golbat New Member

    No offense, but the quality in the video was very poor and I was unable to accurately read the text on the screen.
  9. psychup2034

    psychup2034 New Member

    May I ask how you're getting your free wi-fi?
  10. bullados

    bullados <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showthread.php?

    Please tell me what BW era downloads required anything more than a simple WiFi connection. I haven't yet heard of one.
  11. Nightmare

    Nightmare New Member

    Lucario event? Some of the Japanese DW stuff?

  12. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    I honestly don't even remember that story bit in DQ4, so eh not that memorable at all.

    Seriously though, you're comparing apples to oranges if you think having to drive somewhere for a free download is the same as paid DLC content...
  13. TheRolesWePlay

    TheRolesWePlay New Member

    IRONY! I'm just watching an LP on this and the episode covering this specific part (in chapter 3 BTW) was just put up...

    In any case it isn't so much as Pokemon is ripping of DQ as much as drawing inspiration from the same source. Foxes have a whole history of being mischievous and tricksters in Japan. (I think there's a whole shape-shifter aspect too, but I don't remember)
  14. psychup2034

    psychup2034 New Member

    The Lucario event code was re-usable. There's this thing concept called a search engine. Popular ones include Google and Bing. You type in what you're looking for, scroll around, and you can actually click on the links. Find the right one, and you get the event code.

    Can you be specific about the Japanese Dream World stuff? Most (if not all—I'm not too sure) of the Japanese Dream World stuff is available via wi-fi...

    Also, since you think "driving to the store" is a cost and downloading things from home is free, could you please tell me where you are getting your "free" wi-fi?
  15. Nightmare

    Nightmare New Member

    The Lucario event was not reusable. It was a one-time code per person

    Japanese stuff, DW starters among other things you have to buy unnecessary books and things to get them.


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