PokeGym Deck List Generator

PokeGym Deck List Generator

Welcome to the PokeGym Deck List Generator


Originally created and maintained for countless sets by SteveP (Steve Perucca) and now being maintained and expanded by stuckinoh08 (Jimmy Gurney). With this software, your deckist isyours - the PokeGym does not record it - everything happens in your browser!



This software was created to help make it much easier to correctly fill out tournament deck lists, helping avoid errors and costly penalties.


If any bugs are uncovered in this program, please contact the current maintainers via our support thread.


Click on the HELP link below to see the new features in this version.


Blank Deck (Modified) - start a new deck list


Blank Deck (Unlimited) - start a new deck list


Sample Decks - theme decks


Help & Information - software description


Test Site - next version - in testing