SteveP's Pokemon Deck List Program
Welcome to SteveP's interactive Pokemon deck list program. This software was created to help make it much easier to correctly fill out tournament deck lists, helping avoid errors and costly penalties. The program can be started by clicking on any of the links below. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the program will load and perform accordingly. This program was written in HTML and Javascript. If your browser security settings are high, you might be asked whether to allow Javascript or not, in which case, you'll need to either allow javasript to run this program or reduce your security settings. This program does NOT gather information from your computer, nor does it write anything to your computer.

Enjoy and tell others about this program.

Discuss and provide feedback for SteveP in the Decklist Creator Topic at the PokéGym.
Full Version
This is the latest released version. Click on the HELP link below to see the new features in this version.
Blank Deck (Modified) - start a new deck list
Blank Deck (Unlimited) - start a new deck list
Sample Decks - theme decks
Help Information - software description
Test Site - next version - in testing
Offline Downloadable Lite Version

Development and maintenance of the downloadable lite version has been discontinued. However, you can continue to use the final version of this program online by clicking on the link below.
Online Lite version