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  1. pokemon gba games
  2. SMA4 to feature e-Reader scanned extra levels (and other stuff)
  3. question to all moderaters and administraters
  4. Salemnce or Flygon? Who do I choose?
  5. old team new post
  6. Where is star road on Super Mario Advance 2.
  7. Psychic Masters! (Sapphire team)
  8. Stat Enhancing Items on High Lvl Pokemon
  9. Has anyone tried using Ditto
  10. Pokemon at E3
  11. Nintendo Strikes again at E3
  12. How do I find Feebas?
  13. Gardevoir or Alakazam?
  14. Tournament question
  15. Kingdra, Milotic or other Water?
  16. Pokemon stats and pokemon
  17. Metagross Moveset
  18. Master Ball
  19. R&S questions
  20. Possible Clan Idea?
  21. Para-flinchers.
  22. Punchout has been found in Animal Crossing
  23. Whats an IV?
  24. 2 Ludicolo strategies
  25. Shell Bell or Leftovers?
  26. 3 pokemon team for EX event.
  27. How to get Confuse Ray on Milotic?
  28. who thinks this is a good idea?GB games on GC.
  29. Team for the R/S Challenge
  30. Focus Punch Q's
  31. Attack vs. Sp Attack
  32. Which Kingdra is better
  33. pokemon yellow team
  34. Red and Gold Version Help!!!!
  35. Need help with Trading
  36. Fun goodies available at Pokmon-Games.com
  37. POkemon RPG for GC
  38. Pokemon Silver Version Line-up
  39. When is Pokemon Colloseum coming out in U.S.A
  40. warcraft III - the frozen throne
  41. Who's the Cheapest Character in SSBM?
  42. One Move add on
  43. Battle Tower Pokemon Lv.50
  44. My Nintendo Tourny Team
  45. Which berries are good
  46. YGO:EDS Issue
  47. Can you use Giga Drain after 8 minutes ar R/S
  48. Groudon Moveset
  49. Impossible breed?
  50. Lost ability or strategy guide error?
  51. Game Re-setting problems.
  52. Groudon vs Kyogre Question
  53. RS & GS teams!!
  54. Wismur Training
  55. Braille
  56. Baton Pass and it's power....
  57. Latias/Latios Hunting. Any tips?
  58. 70 trainers???
  59. Pokemon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire--A Objective Review...
  60. groudon can easily beat kyogre
  61. need help with a team
  62. Any word on dates for new pokemon battling vid games?
  63. Soul Dew
  64. mighteyena poocheyena questions or just plain help!!!
  65. where
  66. **Who's that Pokemon**
  67. help!!!
  68. Kingdra in Gold version
  69. Abandoned Ship
  70. where do i find surf??? some one told me you'd find surf @ wally's house is this true
  71. Good idea? GCN Pokemon:TCG + CaC
  72. How do you get the Eon ticket?
  73. TCG e-Card games...
  74. Animal Crossing?
  75. Regis
  76. The full and complete guide to Pokemon Battle Formats
  77. Phrase for Lum Berry
  78. Manectric with Crunch?
  79. Celebi in Crystal Version?
  80. Duskull in Sapphire version
  81. Pokemon Ruby Gameshark Codes
  82. team help plese
  83. Unown ! / ? and the Red/Green secret
  84. Jirachi was found!
  85. Roar for EV Points
  86. Game Review- Golden Sun: The Lost Age
  87. impossible evolution
  88. Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire TCG
  89. is it actually possible to get mew in red/blue
  90. Where can I get........free rom?
  91. Windwaker Question
  92. Slaking vs. Rayquaza w/ Hyper Beam
  93. i have wonder this for ages...
  94. SoulCalibur II Question
  95. lileep, latios and pichu in pokemon pinball r/s
  96. R/S berries
  97. Evolution help
  98. Rate This Kyogre Move Set
  99. Under 20 GBA Team
  100. Games to Find and Avoid
  101. Leaf Green and Fire Red?!
  102. help for safarizone in ruby/saphire-version
  103. GBA videophone in Japan, Dec 2003.
  104. F-Zero GX World Championships
  105. Codebreaker Codes
  106. R/S Move: Revenge
  107. Sapphire - where can I find evolution stones?
  108. Ruby Help - can you catch charmander,squirtle,bulbasaur in Ruby?
  109. Pokemon Stadium 2- Problem with Juggler Ferris
  110. Pokémon-e e-Reader FAQs sent in
  111. Confirmation of berries 36-43
  112. pokemon gold version help.
  113. In saphire, are the any duplicate thingys?
  114. Console Modding
  115. Best GBC Pokemon team
  116. Pokemon Pinball question
  117. Red and Blue remakes, could it be?
  118. Misty and Brock in Red & Blue versions.
  119. G/S/C secret unown??
  120. I have a question about Master Rank
  121. R&S Questions
  122. Poekmon Pinball 2 Gold/Silver?
  123. Game Review: Soulcaliber II
  124. Shiny Hunters
  125. Super Smash Brothers Melee- Best character?
  126. Melee Orchestra
  127. New Video Game Show coming to...Game Show Network!?
  128. Nintendo Power #173 has Eon Ticket
  129. Help with ocarnia of time
  130. Wireless Link Cable coming to Gameboy Advance
  131. underused team
  132. Pokemon Box and Pokemon Channel expected to arrive December 1, 2003.
  133. FireRed, LeafGreen, and Wireless?
  134. A new Pokemon project kept tightly under wraps?
  135. Legendary Pokemon (R&S)
  136. Colleseum Screenshots
  137. Soul Calibur II: The Endings
  138. small but strong team?!
  139. the next game
  140. A question about the eReader
  141. Possible Glitch? you tell me
  142. Is there a difference between Action Replay and Pro Action Replay?
  143. The top 6
  144. Where do I find the new trainers I scanned into R&S?
  145. Evolution help Strikes Back
  146. Who are you? (Nintendo advertising campaign)
  147. Dreamcast...
  148. Gba Emulator
  149. What is the greatest video game ever made?
  150. The games of the future
  151. Well, i have returmed... Yes... again. Question time
  152. Mario Kart: Double Dash.
  153. Enternal Battery Run Dry!!
  154. Qustion about ruby/sappire
  155. Ruby-Sapphire Ribbon Hunters
  156. Battle e-cards
  157. how to get to mirage island
  158. heart scale?
  159. what the devil is the eon ticket
  160. R/S - diving craze near pacifidlog
  161. R/S - How do you get plants for your secret base?
  162. Soul Calibor 2 best character
  163. A little help - Looking for Latias
  164. pole at lillycove
  165. T.V for your secret base
  166. Emulator help
  167. getting milotic
  168. WhaT IS THE true best game?
  169. Project Warp Pipe
  170. how can i fit as many types as possilble in one team
  171. how do i get celebi
  172. Where is Nosepass
  173. Now need Jirachi!
  174. sup give me cheats for silver plz
  175. how do i catch mew
  176. what do you think the srongest pokemon in g/s
  177. how do you catch the legendary dogs?
  178. how do i catch the legendary dogs and were
  179. What do you get for defeating Lady Astrid/Gentleman Nils?
  180. Mysterious door
  181. mt. pyre Items
  182. where can i find dunsparce
  183. whats different about a shiny
  184. Where's wally????
  185. Breeding Problem
  186. Latias doll
  187. Whose Your RuSa Theme Team?
  188. Pokemon and their better halves...
  189. Help me decide...Ruby or Sapphire
  190. Your ideas of the future Pokemon games
  191. THIS JUST IN! "Heck" finally froze over (Diablo II patch)
  192. So shocking .....Pokemon game switch...
  193. Pokemon Battle e-cards Questions
  194. Skarmory or Swellow?
  195. How do I get the Eon Ticket?
  196. Memory Cards with Pokemon
  197. How am i supposed to teach a person a move?!?!
  198. Would it be pointless for me to buy the Battle E-cards?
  199. Critical Hitting through stat boosters
  200. Where is bagon?
  201. an easier way to raise my pokemon
  202. Unlimited,red,blue,and yellow tournament! What should be the guidlines?
  203. Machoke Movesets?
  204. A new SCII review
  205. Battle E-Cards
  206. When will the next pokemon version come out?
  207. Using Rods
  208. How do you play GameBoy games on Nintendo Gamecube?
  209. Just Woundering - when does pokemon box colloseum and channel come out
  210. Evil Kazam-Pig
  211. Reviews on the Run- Gamboy Player
  212. Latios/latias not the quickest poke'mon
  213. Rare Candies not so bad any more?
  214. Jirachi....mystery revealed
  215. Do berries multiply if you don't pick them right away?
  216. How do you get to shoal cave?
  217. Help me find my secret base!
  218. Looking for a Pokemon who can learn these moves
  219. Mario Sunshine - I want to nuke Serena Beach
  220. Is there really such a place in R/S as southern island
  221. Battle Tower Team
  222. Moveset help
  223. Team Help
  224. Saphire Team
  225. Zigzagoon's Pickup
  226. Ok, I won all the contests...now what?
  227. (the Uncatchable) Pokemon Abilities
  228. What Is Poke'mon Box?
  229. Fire type tips needed
  230. Dream Teams
  231. Uber-Pokes: too powerful?
  232. Final Fantasy X-2
  233. Flight of the Falcon...Isn't it about time?
  234. Poke-Egg Help
  235. How do you get items from bug maniac Brandon and the other two?
  236. Is this a good lendary battle party.
  237. More sneak peeks of Jerachi
  238. What are good pokes for the smart contest
  239. My Ruby Team
  240. Nintendo.com has new site layout
  241. SSBM Mewtwo
  242. Double weakness/resistance: egad let the madness stop!!!
  243. Completion of "DEX" for Pinball R/S???
  244. How does Damages calculation works ?
  245. Jirachi--Nintendo Power Failed Me
  246. Something odd about Pinball R/S
  247. Can Shedinja learn.......
  248. Lost Balls
  249. How to play the Lotto, the easy way
  250. Has anyone made good use of Torkoal?