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  1. pokemon girls
  2. Pokémon guys..
  3. Dragon Ball Z
  4. So What's Changed?
  5. Flcl
  6. Japanese vs. English Anime
  7. Need good manga titles
  8. New Pokemon series to begin next week?
  9. SD Gundam. What do you think?
  10. Guess who?
  11. New Pokemon episodes to air at 4pm week of 15, September 2003.
  12. Looking for - Anime Messages (sounds) for an answering machine.
  13. National Geographic article about anime
  14. Action Ash
  15. Pokemon's Popularity
  16. DBZ movies. Whatcha Think?
  17. What!? DBZ is being dropped from Toonami lineup!? Isn't that a first
  18. "Pokemon:Advanced" to premiere on 1, November 2003...
  19. Pokemon Movies to Air on Cartoon Network
  20. Street Fighter II anime...
  21. Shaman King
  22. Yu-Gi-Oh Enter The Shadow Realm....
  23. The final master quest
  24. Actual Duel Disk coming soon!
  25. Big O mistake on Adult Swim.
  26. My Opinion on what Movie 7 will be about
  27. Pokémon Advanced
  28. Cartoon Network Friday Party (this is a good thing)
  29. Unaired Family Guy to air.
  30. See the new Adult Swim schedule?
  31. The Clone Wars
  32. The Future of the Pokémon Animé
  33. Gargoyles
  34. Yu-Gi-Oh! help?
  35. There's No Place Like Hoenn
  36. Pokemon Heroes VHS/DVD info
  37. Jerachi's secrets revealed, sort of
  38. Twice the Pokemon Advanced starting this Saturday!
  39. Sneak Peeks at Jerachi
  40. What was in the GS BALL????
  41. Totaly Spies
  42. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children..thoughts?
  43. This Is Strange....
  44. So what's the big deal about which direction manga is printed?
  45. *spoiler* 7th Pokemon Movie First Info *spoiler*
  46. Pokemon the 7th Movie
  47. Pokémon 4Ever any good?
  48. Harry Potter 3rd Movie Trailer!
  49. Jirachi Movie Title Revealed
  50. Brock and Erika Shipping Site?
  51. The best anime ever!!
  52. A Word on Jynx
  53. Pokemon Movies "DVD Specail Features"
  54. who wants a spoiler? (pokemon)
  55. Rustburo Gym and other mistakes
  56. Spare Change
  57. A question about the show..(pokemon)
  58. Pokemon Heroes DVD
  59. Brolly: The Legendary Super Saiyan
  60. Opinions on these anime?
  61. Jessie and James pokemon?
  62. Sad News Concerning Pokémon Movie 6
  63. 2 Pokemon this weekend?
  64. Old Skool, New Drool? (Astro Boy)
  65. Gloom or Doom! (Invader Zim)
  66. The 08th MS Team DVDs, Help!!
  67. Team Rocket is the best!
  68. Talking Pokemon (interpreted)?
  69. Trigun
  70. Duel Masters anime
  71. KidsWB announces Fall schedule
  72. Mewtwo.... ( enough said )
  73. Dragonball all-in-one
  74. Toonami and Gundam Seed?
  75. Gotta Spot 'Em All: Translation Mistakes on Pokemon Episodes
  76. The Best Trainer So far on PKMN/PKMN ADV
  77. Screwy Two-y Sat. Question
  78. FLCL Soundtrack
  79. Toonami
  80. A little Pokemon TV show question
  81. *SPOILER* May is getting a.... *SPOILER*
  82. What happen with Brock and Professor Ivy?
  83. Falling in love with Anime all over again with new show Kaleido Star
  84. To Protect the World from Boring Filler
  85. Is Yu-Gi-Oh and pokemon cartoon at its ends??
  86. Is it possible? (Megaman X4 voice acting)
  87. Fooly Cooly, and/or FLCL
  88. Anime Quiz
  89. Anime Quiz 2
  90. Jirachi: Wish Maker site online
  91. Gundam Seed - How many episodes are there?
  92. Rave Master on Toonami?
  93. Pokemon Season Box Sets?
  94. Passing Programing
  95. The Deoxys Pokemon Movie...
  96. Pikachu: The Ketchup Question
  97. Need ultra quick, sweet and cheerful anime? Try Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat.
  98. Kanon
  99. Ever Notice...?
  100. We need a Jirachi: Wishmaker discussion
  101. Gargoyles: Deadly Force
  102. O Warner Bros. Where Art Thou?
  103. No more Fruits Basket?
  104. Pikachu's level
  105. Pokemon has taken over Yu-Gi-Oh!
  106. Deoxys Movie Summary *contains MAJOR, MAJOR spoilers*
  107. Ash's father: the final debate!
  108. James is getting a *SPOILERS*
  109. What's your anime?
  110. Deoxys Soundtrack availible on amazon.com
  111. Strongest Legendary Pokemon?
  112. Best in Show
  113. Any other Naruto fans out there?
  114. Anime Quiz. TEST YOUR ANIME!
  115. BRAND NEW Deoxys Info + 8th Movie Info
  116. Its about time anime is in theatres (again)...
  117. Last Names?
  118. Everybody Loves Pokémon
  119. Anime in Theatres (part 2)
  120. Anime Network to become an actual cable network
  121. COncerning the anime realm
  122. What pokemon charictor are you like?
  123. Yu-Gi-Oh part two?
  124. Best characters in Anime
  125. Any DBZ fans here
  126. Gargoyles Season 1 DVD release date
  127. Baby Mewtwo...?
  128. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is great.
  129. Butterfree Will Never Come Back
  130. Misty's return
  131. Ever wanted to change something in the anime?
  132. InuYasha ends?
  133. Where can i get the special eps?
  134. Some of the best manga-ka (japanese comic book artist)
  135. Chobits!
  136. Inu Yasha the Movie:......Affections Touching Across Time!?
  137. Yay for YTV
  138. The Theme is Song
  139. Pokemon Advanced Challenge: Best yet?
  140. Today is Saturday...
  141. Out of your favorite Anime shows, who are you most like?
  142. FoxBox Kills everything
  143. Kaleido Star getting better than ever! Reviews of volume 2, 3 and 4
  144. The Countdown to Her Return (spoilers)
  145. Rejoice! Yu-Gi-Oh! is off weekdays again!
  146. who is better for you mysty or may???
  147. Kenshin!
  148. DBZ Power levels
  149. Ragnarok Online Anime?
  150. Pokemon Christmas Bash now availible on iTunes!
  151. Pearl and Diamond - How Will They Affect the Show?
  152. Destiny Deoxys!
  153. Did you notice (Cartoon Network getting KidsWB shows)
  154. Love At First Flight!
  155. 2X the Pokemon on KidsWB!
  156. Relly good (Team Aqua logo in "Pokemon: The First Movie")
  157. Anime USA 2004
  158. where to DL and watch?
  159. New Evolution and Capture - Hasn't Happened Yet in Japan or Anywhere!
  160. Where can I get the ADV theme songs
  161. Pokemon World CD-Single now on iTunes!
  162. Aqua Teen Hunger Force marathon tonight (10/31)!
  163. Kaleido Star: My Amazing Review of Stage (Volume) 5
  164. Anime Music Videos
  165. Pokemon Chronicles
  166. Do you have DirecTV?
  167. Your day, your anime day.
  168. Fullmetal Alchemist
  169. Pokemon or Yu-gi-oh???
  170. Gundam SEED, why?
  171. Last Exile on TechTV
  172. am i missing something? (re: Launch from DB)
  173. New Monive staring Mew, plus possible new 4th generation Pokemon
  174. Inuyasha the movie
  175. Kaleido Star: The Amazing Finalle with Stage 6 "Reach for the Brass Ring"
  176. Worst. Crossover. Ever.
  177. Final Fantasy Fans, a little Christmas treat
  178. Henshin a go-go, baby! (Viewtiful Joe anime!)
  179. Up and Coming Animes
  180. What's happening on Advanced Challenge?
  181. <<Destiny Deoxys Review (Spoilers)>>
  182. Wolf's Rain (The Series)
  183. Full Metal Alchemist
  184. Favorite Aqua Teens episode?
  185. Full Metal Alchemist
  186. pokemon tapes from kanto
  187. 4 (yes, 4) "new" Pokemon CDs at Amazon.com
  188. Don't Jynx It
  189. Thoughts on "Destiny Deoxys"
  190. Naruto for Toonami!?
  191. No No Vox
  192. Anime Music CDs
  193. Rukario, Brothers
  194. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie
  195. Yzak is like, swears every min!
  196. Rurouni Kenshin fanfics
  197. Pokemon TFM Score Now on iTunes Music Store
  198. Adult Swim becomes its own network
  199. Megaman NT Warrior Axess
  200. Pokemon Series waning
  201. Dbgt
  202. (April Fools) Pokemon-Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover event announced
  203. So, YTV gets .hack//SIGN
  204. Onyx?
  205. PPG Anime, Fly or Flop?
  206. Team Rocket left out of first episode of Pokemon since the first show!
  207. New Mew Movie Trailer
  208. Undiscovered Treasure: Hunter x Hunter
  209. Robot Chicken
  210. Episode 4.16.2005 Hokey Pokémon Error
  211. Full Metal Alchemist
  212. Toonami's VOD
  213. What new anime are YOU watching as of this month?
  214. Next ep of pokemon
  215. Destiny Deoxys on Cartoon Network, May 7 & 8
  216. What's your fav Rurouni Kenshin CD?
  217. Episode Banning in 5th Series of Pokemon
  218. Rest in Pieces, One Piece
  219. cool site
  220. Shaman King-Gone for Good??
  221. Huge Mistake in Today's Episode
  222. What happened to Kirby right back at ya?
  223. English: Legend of Thunder - Raikou
  224. Samurai Champloo
  225. Tom Goes to the Mayor
  226. Kiddy Grade
  227. InuYasha Lovers Wanted!
  228. Yu-Gi-Oh! Anti-Climactic ending to Waking the Dragons
  229. any anime fans out there?
  230. Toonami's Naruto Preview
  231. Another Major Trainer's Choice Error
  232. "Brother my Brother" on iTunes
  233. One Piece DVDs, new version?
  234. DOes anyone actually WATCH Di-Gi Charet Nyo!?
  235. Original One Piece Dubbed OP? We Are!?
  236. No Major Trainer's Choice Error Today
  237. Pokemon Chronicles
  238. Anime Questions!
  239. The Next Dimension
  240. Favorite Anime Quote?....
  241. Drawn Together
  242. Wait! It's actually UNCUT!? (DBZ topic)
  243. Requirments for anime?
  244. You're Under Arrest [Anime Discussion]
  245. Gargoyles is on the verge of getting a comic series
  246. Ah Need a Hero
  247. Pokemon is back on Cartoonnetwork
  248. Inuyasha Help!!!
  249. Naruto main VA cast announced: OFFICIAL VIZ LIST OUT.
  250. another misty topic from the latist japan episodes(probs end up wiv spoilers)