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  1. First Ruby & Sapphire Challenge Series Event - San Diego, Aug 9th
  2. Florida's Ruby and Sapphire Challange
  3. Columbus, OH R/S Challenge Info & Roll Call
  4. Last DCI Pokemon Tourney at Comic World-Stafford,Va.!
  5. UK Event Calendar
  6. iCal Service for Leagues and Tournaments
  7. 1600 holofoil + Sunday September 7th S. Central MI tourney w/prize listing and hotels
  8. UK South East Challenge 28 September 2003
  9. Gamers Guild 4h Sunday Challenge 24 August 2003
  10. Pokémon League in Lincoln, NE
  11. $200 cash pool tourney at Dragon King
  12. Guide to cards that are legal in the DCI Modified Format
  13. 08/31 Italy (Pistoia) - League Cup Challenge
  14. Raleigh, NC Pokemon League
  15. Wizards Arundel Mills Pokemon Player Appreciation Day - 8/23/03
  16. Niles R/S Challenge on the 23rd, who is coming?
  17. Salem, Or. Tourney, Sat. Aug. 9th
  18. Mid-South Ruby & Sapphire Challenge
  19. Pokemon Tournament in Allen, Texas
  20. Baltimore/DC Area Modified Tournament 8/9/03
  21. Sandstorm Pre-Release Event, Sturgis, Michigan Sept 6th W/HOTELS
  22. Toronto R/S Challenge
  23. R&S Challenge at TJ's Collectibles Milford MA
  24. Salt Lake City area Tournaments
  25. Zeo: Invitation to Catastrophe (NY, 08/11)
  26. League
  27. R&S Challenge Event, Rockville, MD Aug 24
  28. So you're going to go to a R&S Challenge...
  29. General R/S Challenge Info / PRIZES
  30. So Cal leagues?
  31. Rep's San Diego R/S Challenge Report
  32. Tournament game question
  33. New Jersey Pokemon Farewell Multiformat, 8/23/03
  34. North Carolina R&S Challenge 8/16
  35. Tips for R/S Challenge organizers
  36. Leagues
  37. Monroeville (Pittsburgh), PA R/S Challenge 8/17 Info & Roll Call
  38. Garden City (Detroit), MI R/S Challenge 8/24/03 Info & Roll Call
  39. How to make your R&S Challenge extra special
  40. Great Tournament Software for Palm OS
  41. Garden City (Detroit), MI Sandstorm Prerelease 9/6/03 Info & Roll Call
  42. Butler (Pittsburgh), PA Sandstorm Prerelease 9/7/03 Info & Roll Call
  43. Columbus, OH Sandstorm Prerelease 9/14/03 Info & Roll Call
  44. Where's League? =\
  45. Any tournaments/leagues/r/s challenge in norhtern ky or cincinnatti?
  46. APB to Pokemon players in maine
  47. OKLAHOMA, any pokemon players here?
  48. "Comic Con" type Event, Las Vegas, NV 31, October - 2 November 2003
  49. SD help
  50. Nevada Ruby and Sapphire Challenge Saturday 16, August 2003...
  51. Arizona?
  52. Tournament Software for the Palm OS
  53. POP League @ Winnie's Sportcards (Los Angeles, CA)
  54. Borders Pokemon League - Cary, NC
  55. To Nintendo: Reccomendation on Format
  56. liest of pokemon league stores?
  57. San Francisco any player live around here?
  58. Questions about EX Ruby and Sapphire Events.
  59. Ranking under Nintendo
  60. New San Diego League
  61. Dayton Pokemon League (and Cincy)
  62. Responses to Applications?
  63. The BIG Farewell Tournament - London September 13th
  64. New League Help
  65. Who is coming to the R/s challenge in St.Alberta Canada
  66. Has anyone been caught cheating at R/S Challenges?
  67. Pokemon League Still In Adelaid Australia
  68. Sandstorm Pre-release Comes to Colorado
  69. Anyone gone to the EON??
  70. i've got a way to check for 'sharked cartridges
  71. New Pokemon League in Cary, NC
  72. intrtgh
  73. R&S attendance
  74. is there a r/s challenge in AZ???
  75. R&S challenges in the NW or anywhere else?
  76. Pokemon Tournament in Cary, NC - 9/6
  77. Pokemon league and tournaments in NE
  78. new league kits yet?
  79. How many poeple have came in the R/S challenges?
  80. R & S Challenge in Milford MA
  81. Sandstorm Prerelease tourney 9/7 at TJ's in Milford, MA!
  82. Brooklyn R/S Challenge?
  83. Whos going to San Diego Sand Storm Prerelease Tournament?
  84. Who is coming to the sand storm pre-realese in Niles?
  85. Sandstorm Prelease Tournament Listings
  86. NC R&S Challenge Cancelled
  87. any tourneys in arizona?
  88. North Carolina R&S Challenge - 8/24
  89. Professor Program???
  90. Any upcoming events in Texas?
  91. Niles R/S Challenge Report
  92. Orlando Challenge - From a Judge's Point of View
  93. R/S Challenge report thing
  94. NY Kings Games Ru/Sa Challenge Report (see how link cables became weapons!)
  95. Niles, IL R/S challenge report
  96. Deck Med-kit for hosting a newbie friendly league
  97. Want to Play: Wisconnsin Labor Day weekend
  98. TJ Collectibles R&S report
  99. Chattanooga R&S
  100. Im back. Where are jersey tournmants??
  101. Westminster Tournament?
  102. Salt Lake City R&S Challenge
  103. Modified tourney-Rainham,Kent
  104. Chicago RS Challange
  105. Niles Sandstorm PreRelease, who is coming?
  106. Pre-release Tournaments...
  107. New San Diego League
  108. New Draft format tourney, smothered in gravy, Texas-style!
  109. Nintendo Supported Seattle League in Works
  110. Columbus Prerelease tourny
  111. Salt Lake City Sandstorm Prerelease
  112. Colorado Pokemon OP News: Marshak's HoF (Fort Collins) League starting soon
  113. League Year 1+2 Books and Badges
  114. exton pa r/s challenge...roll call
  115. SandStorm PreRelease in Seattle Area???
  116. Want to play in WI this weekend,
  117. Nintendo Pokemon Leagues in St. Louis!!
  118. mk
  119. Any leagues in Chicago Area?
  120. kids may be losing interest in league.HELP ME!!!
  121. Sandstorm Prerelease TO Info!!!!
  122. Sandstorm Pre-release venues
  123. HELP WITH LOCATION ASAP :tourneys in arizona
  124. Well this stinks (League)
  125. Finally!!! In Northern KY/Cincinnati
  126. Anyone Interested...in the Chicago Area?
  127. Orlando Florida Sandstorm Prerelease - September 13th
  128. Help Needed by me for San Diego Sandstorm tourny
  129. Texas and Atlanta Prereleases?
  130. Looking for league play in Atlanta GA
  131. Rollcall: Sanstorm Pre-release Tournament, 13, September 2003 - Las Vegas, NV...
  132. Sept. 7 - Prerelease Sandstorm - Rockville, MD
  133. Need League Kit information
  134. Yea-Houston/EX-Sandstorm in Plano, Texas
  135. looking for league play in AZ
  136. Moore, OK/EX-Sandstorm@Plano, Texas
  137. Question about sandstorm tourny
  138. Tournament in Brussels (Belgium) on Sept 13
  139. Pokemon League in Tulsa, OK
  140. Exton PA Sandstorm Prerelease Tournament?
  141. Florida league/ tournament Question
  142. Who thinks these pokemon should be banned from the GBA tornaments.
  143. Chattanooga EX SandStorm Pre-Release
  144. tournament at Lebanon Valley Mall
  145. Pokemon Tourney at Comic World-Stafford,Va.- Saturday Sep. 13
  146. Salinas, Santa Cruz, Central Coast & CentralCalifornia players wanted for league play
  147. St. Louis Sandstorm Prerelease Saturday September 13th
  148. Seattle Sandstorm PreRelease Tourny
  149. Portland, OR - Sandstorm Prerelease - Sept. 13th
  150. Milford, Mass. Sandstorm Pre-release who's going?
  151. Who Is Going To EX-Sandstorm Prerelease Tournament in Plano, Texas???
  152. Revival of Pokemon League in Buffalo NY
  153. Butler PA prerelease
  154. help...
  155. Sandstorm Party in Butler
  156. Jack and Shelly's of Jacksonville, Florida. Are we the only EX-only environment??
  157. Attendance at the Sandstorm Prereleases
  158. Skywolf1's Sandstorm Tournament Report...
  159. Rep's San Diego Sandstorm Prerelease Report.
  160. New League in NC
  161. Another new league in North Carolina
  162. Pride...*update*
  164. Sandstorm Draft (Los Angeles, CA)
  165. EXTRA EXTRA!!! New Prizes added to EX-Sandstorm in Plano, Texas!!!
  166. Who got a Misprint marill in the Sandstorm pre-realese?
  167. Too much tech - My SandStorm Prerelease report
  168. Rght Fourm? Draft Questions -
  169. unlimited tournament! & unlimited team battle!
  170. Any more Sandstorm Tourneys?
  171. Las Vegas Sandstorm PR this Saturday!
  172. Are there any near ashville??????
  173. NEW LEAGUE - Black Lion Comics, Costa Mesa CA
  174. `Sensei`s Sandstorm Pre-release Report
  175. How is PUI Doing So Far
  176. TO's need help w/Prereleases, need some input and reason why you like things that way
  177. Swiss format unfair? I hate it...
  178. Upcoming Pokemon Tournaments in Nevada and Sothern California...
  179. A host for league in Sarasota FL?
  180. A report on the Sandstorm that hit Seattle
  181. Sandstorm Sealed Deck tourney In Salem, Or.
  182. Sandstorm Draft (Los Angeles, CA)
  183. My Sandstorm Report
  184. EX3 will have a prerelease tournament!!
  185. Does Anybody know if there is going to be more GBA tournaments?
  186. Australia: Canberra
  187. Chattanooga SS prerelease report
  188. Chicago League at Pastimes- Info and Details!!
  189. Official Nintendo Pokemon League @ Windy City Comics
  190. Strange new tournament at York Comics.
  191. Help needed about League information
  192. Anybody interested starting a league in the cincinnatti area?
  193. EX Dragon Prereleases in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Las Vegas
  194. Big Pokemon Day in Florida on November 8th
  195. October POP tournament info?
  196. Sanctioned! EX-Dragons Pre-release Chattanooga, TN
  197. Plano, TX Touney 1st place prize: Booster box
  198. Dragon Prerelease LaGrange,IN Nov 22nd GBA on big screen, side events, GBA Reg Sheet!
  199. Any Long Islanders interested in a tournament on Saturday?
  200. Dragon Prerelease Event - Seattle, WA
  201. AIM Tournament: Saturday, 9/27
  202. any touneys in toronto??
  203. What to do about bad gym leader.
  204. Anybody know if there is going to a be a Dragon Pre-realese tournament in chicago?
  205. Possible Pokemon League location
  206. Dragon Prerelease in Boise ID???
  207. Problem Getting League Kits in South Jersey.
  208. Dragon Prerelease in St. Louis, Missouri -TINS ARE IN
  209. Colorado Pokemon OP News: Sports Cards Etc. Tournament (10/4) and more news.
  210. Ex Dragon Pre Release Tournament In Plano, Texas
  211. UK SE Challenge 5 Crawley
  212. Dissapointing tournament page
  213. Pokemon Rocks the Southwest
  214. UK Invitational Booster Draft 26 October
  215. New modified?
  216. any unlimited
  217. Tournament format for Oct. 11th - York Comics & Cards, Parma OH
  218. Boston ex Dragon Prerelease November 23rd!
  219. AIM Tournament: Saturday, 10/11
  220. NEW League in Las Vegas, Nevada...
  221. EX-Dragon Invades Houston/November 15th
  222. Leauge tips
  223. EX-Dragon Invades Oklahoma City/November 22th
  224. Whos coming down to San Diego for the Rock Across America tour Nov.15 ?
  225. Ex-dragon Pre-release Nov.23 Exton Pa
  226. Extra Extra Plano Exdragon Tournament
  227. Sandstorm Draft, Thousand Oaks, CA., 10/11/03
  228. EX Dragon Prerelease in Portland, Oregon - Nov. 15th
  229. EX Dragon Pre-release - Chandler, Arizona; Nov 15
  230. St. Louis Area Pokemon Leagues!
  231. Sanctioning???
  232. League in South Jersey
  233. How do you register to run a pre-release?
  234. Complete List of All Cards Legal for the Modified Format (updated 12/8/04)
  235. ex-Dragon Pre-release in New Jersey
  236. Small Scale, Last Minute "Fun" Tournament; Oakland CA
  237. Delaware, OH Dragons Pre-Release 11/15/03 Announcement & Roll Call
  238. Garden City (Detroit), MI Dragons Pre-Release 11/16/03 Announcement & Roll Call
  239. Butler (Pittsburgh), PA Dragons Pre-Release 11/23/03 Announcement & Roll Call
  240. Bad GL Update
  241. Format for Oct.18th tournament at York Comics in Parma, OH.
  242. Clermont, FL Tourney
  243. Dragon Prerelease Tourney search
  244. Online TCG Tournaments, help me!!!
  245. Should League location standards be rewritten?
  246. where can i find info on prerelease tourneys?
  247. Nintendo League
  248. San Diego League Leaders Wanted for PRA!
  249. Pokemon Rocks America- St.Louis
  250. If there is going to be a Dragon pre-realese in chicago who is coming?