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  1. READ BEFORE POSTING-Pokegyms Final Word on Cheating/Hacking
  2. Welcome to the new Pokémon VG forums!
  3. Darkrai: Ends June 10th!
  4. Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus new formes
  5. Welcome Benzo!
  6. Global Link: Re-Opened! Enjoy!
  7. Pokemon Conquest
  8. Victini Wi-Fi to end: June 26th!
  9. What sort of download would you like to see?
  10. Spoiler Alert! - Black 2/White 2 discussion
  11. Replaying deterred by external promotions
  12. Ideas for 6th generation of games.
  13. Pokemon Dream Radar
  14. Pokemon Black and White RNG guide
  15. Pokémon Global Link Relaunches With A Fresh New Look and Cool New Features
  16. Still No Wi-Fi Trading Section?
  17. Pokémon Black Version 2, Pokémon White Version 2 and Pokémon Dream Radar Launch Oct.
  18. Pokémon trainers to battle against the real pokémon world champions
  19. Get ready to enter the pokémon world tournament in pokémon black version 2 & pokémon
  20. Genesect's Early Reveal
  21. Global Link Porygon Promotion!
  22. old school teams
  23. Pokedex 3D Pro Release Date
  24. Crustle C-gear Password
  25. Worlds 2012 Commemorative C-Gear Skin
  26. Do Target B/W games still come with Lucario codes?
  27. No Shiny Rayquaza Wi-Fi Event for U.S. and Europe?
  28. Elite 4: Beware!
  29. Elite 4: Join Us!
  30. BW2 Breeding Changes
  31. E4 Challenger Registration: Open!
  32. Elite 4 Q&A Thread
  33. Elite 4: Applications closed!
  34. Pokemon VGC 2013 News
  35. Play in the 2012 Autumn Friendly!
  36. Genesect event announced
  37. Pokemon Global Link Undergoing Maintenance 9/25-10/3
  38. The E4 Project: Design and Purpose
  39. Jpn bw2 in vg tournament in eu
  40. Battle Against Champions in Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2
  41. Pokemon Power Bracket
  42. Keledeo Event: Reminder- Ends 10/6
  43. Missingno could be Ho-Oh
  44. Black and white to Black and White 2
  45. Pokemon Autumn Friendly 2012 Results are Live
  46. B2W2 = home run
  47. youtube videos?
  48. Dream Radar and Nature
  49. Soft Reset for a Shiny Gible Jolly nature ?
  50. nature preserve
  51. Battle Top 4 Finalists from Each 2012 Pokémon Video Game World Championships Division
  52. What's your team in B2W2?
  53. Looks like I stumbled on some type of future Nintendo event (major spoilers)
  54. BW2 Glitch Fix?
  55. Another Pokemon Screw Up
  56. Battle video thread?
  57. Battle Video Thread
  58. Defeating the 2012 Jr. Teams: What Pokemon did you use?
  59. Daily Pokemon Augmented Reality added to Front Page!
  60. Second 2012 World Champion PWT Downlaod Available Now
  61. Pokemon Dream Radar Extension "Code Commands"
  62. Disconnection (GRRR)
  63. Another Pokémon World Tournament Challenge Is Ready
  64. Pokemon League Video Game Scizor Promotion
  65. Now You Can Battle 'Em All in Pokémon Black & White 2‏
  66. Pokemon Global Link: Gothorita Event
  67. New dream world location - Dream Park!
  68. VGCS 2013 Rules and Format Update
  69. The next big thing in pokemon
  70. Which Dream World abilities worth going after?
  71. Wi-Fi Tournaments added to Championship Series
  72. Sinnoh Starters Promotion B2W2
  73. Junichi Masuda's Deoxys - Japan Event
  74. Q&A with The Pokémon Company International reveals new Pokémon game for 3DS
  75. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity to Release on March 24 for Nintendo 3DS
  76. GTS is annoying
  77. Does anyone know why content stops appearing in dream world
  78. New Games?
  79. Why B2/W2, why?
  80. 30+ People Funfest Medals Pokémon Black 2/White 2
  81. Speed Boost Blaziken
  82. Tournament: ROUND 2- Ends 3/8/13
  83. Pokegym Pokemon Wi-Fi Trading Rules
  84. Wi-Fi Trade Thread!
  85. What Pokemon would you like to see be "Event"?
  86. Meloetta Event Announced
  87. Nintendo Announces New Downloadable Content and Multiplayer Features for Pokémon Myst
  88. RNG-ing?
  89. Japanese Dragonite Global Link Event
  90. New Pokémon revealed for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y! A new Eevee evolution is discovered
  91. Pokemon League DW Tyranitar Promotion
  92. And in this corner............
  93. USA DW dragonite event announced
  94. are there any ways to catch the lengendary birds in black/2
  95. Tornadus Therian Form
  96. PP UP in the VGC
  97. Penn State Pokemon Society Presents: The Penn State Pokemon Challenge!
  98. Mewtwo Movie Distribution Event?
  99. Join Avenue
  100. catching Articuno in Soul Silver
  101. 3DX Pro: On Sale Now!
  102. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
  103. X/Y Promos
  104. Pokemon Pikachu 3DS XL!
  105. Pokemon Snap! 2 AR!
  106. Charizard 3DS XL Confirmed? *Pic inside*
  107. April '13 International Wi-Fi Tournament!
  108. A New Pokémon with a Familiar Look! Pokemon X and Y
  109. What Pokemon would you like to see take on a new form and why?
  110. A New Pokemon Type?: Fairy
  111. Official Deoxys Comming to Black/White/Black 2/White 2
  112. Pokémon League Players: Claim an Awesome Dragonite
  113. The results are in from the 2013 International Challenge
  114. Pokemon Tretta comes to the 3DS (in Japan)!
  115. Four new Pokemon revealed!!!
  116. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gate to Infinity Game Review [CONTAINS SPOILERS]
  117. Fairy-type confirmed for generation 6?
  118. The Kalos Region and More Never-Before-Seen Pokémon from Pokémon X and Pokémon Y Intr
  119. what happened at UK Nats?
  120. June 2013 International Wi-Fi Challange!
  121. E3 Pokemon Reveal!!!
  122. 6TH Gen and the Competitive Scene
  123. Global Link Up-Dated Information
  124. July 2013 Global Link Showdown!
  125. New Pokemon Revealed + Type Confirmation
  126. Free IOS Pokedex App!
  127. Interviews with a National's 2013 VGC Champion!
  128. Australia's first ever VGC Nationals
  129. 2013 Worlds Event Pokemon!
  130. New Special XY edition of 3ds XL?
  131. Exciting New Pokemon X and Y Info Leaks
  132. X / Y and EV training
  133. Kangaskhan, now two pokemon?
  134. X and Y Game Version Torchic Event!
  135. Who's going to get a 2DS for X/Y?
  136. Pokémon Direct!
  137. Pokémon Snap Station Junkie
  138. Global Link Down Time: Oct. 1st-12th
  139. Say No to Spoilers -- First ever Worldwide release
  140. XY not completely in 3D?
  141. Caution! Accidental released games afoot!
  142. The all we know about X and Y topic post anything Known and unknown here
  143. Loose Talk
  144. Rumored new Pikachu-related (maybe) Pokemon Game
  145. Pokemon Designs - the Good and the Bad.
  146. Pokemon Refresher
  147. Pokemon X/Y Glitch Repair
  148. Pokemon X/Y Glitch Repair
  149. 3DS Pokemon X/Y FC Thread
  150. X & Y Shinies!
  151. Ability Capsule
  152. Zygarde is in these games!
  153. Competitive Pokemon Mega Evolutions
  154. "Mystry Event" Egg- True issue?
  155. Pokemon.com VG Stratagy Series
  156. VGC 2013-2014 XY format officially announced
  157. 2013-2014 VGC Format X/Y with Up-date
  158. Battle Spot: 2014 Format added!
  159. Do you know what grinds my gears?
  160. VG "Slang/terminology" thread--
  161. Did anyone do the restaurant challenge across from the Looker Bureau?
  162. Global Link Unova Retirement
  163. I hate almost all the music on Pokemon X!
  164. Pokemon X/Y Ver. 1.2 Update
  165. Pokemon X/Y Ver. 1.2 Update
  166. Now's a good time to concentrate on my Pokemon X game.
  167. Just tried downloading pokebank....
  168. If you could add to Pokemon X/Y with some download content.....
  169. How to trade properly with people you don't know
  170. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  171. Sweet IV Pokemon you have or breed
  172. Memeber feedback please!
  173. Increased Shiny Rate
  174. Global Link Ranking
  175. Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire coming November 2014!
  176. Pokčmon DELTA EMERALD Trademark Surfaces
  177. Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: Discussion/Speculation
  178. 2014-2015 Format: What Pokemon will change up the current Meta?
  179. What New Megavolutions would you like to see?
  180. Shiny Mamoswine Event!
  181. Megas OH MY!
  182. Trade Thread!
  183. "Amiibo" and Pokemon?
  184. Where do we go from here?
  185. Picking up the video games...which should I buy?
  186. Pokegym VG Tournament Sign-Up!
  187. Celebrate with Vivillon!
  188. Pokemon Emerald
  189. Pokéball pattern vivillon download now available
  190. Heracross and Pinsir available for X/Y tomorrow.
  191. Pokeken Tournament
  192. Inequality regarding ORAS preorder bonuses
  193. Things you want to see in future games
  194. Question about 2014-2015 VGC Rules
  195. Pumpkaboo Event for X/Y
  196. Pumpkaboo Event for X/Y
  197. Mega Pidgeot confirmed
  198. I caught a shiny lickitung in Pokemon X!!
  199. ORAS Demo
  200. My Diancie code musings.
  201. When can one purchase a copy of ORAS? i.e. When is the actual time of the "release"?
  202. Pokemon X and Y Update Ver. 1.3
  203. Pokemon Bank Update ver. 1.2 Now Available
  204. Pokemon Bank Update ver. 1.2 Now Available
  205. BOGO for 40% off at ToysRus INCLUDES ORAS!
  206. ORAS download vs cartridge
  207. Super Secert Base - QR Codes
  208. VGC 2015 Standard Format info
  209. 2DS and ORAS bundle
  210. I have a shiny medicham in alpha sapphire!!
  211. Will VGC eventually use a "points system" for invites, a la TCG?
  212. What Pokemon would you like to M-Evolve?
  213. Diancie Distribution Event
  214. Rayquaza Download Availible!
  215. VGC World Cup 2015: who would you like to see as a winner?
  216. Rare Candy, Squirtle and Wartortle wanted
  217. "Fusion" Pokemon?
  218. How would you improve a Pokemon?
  219. A Chance to Get Hoopa!
  220. Mystery Gift Zoroark!
  221. ORAS FC Exchange Thread
  222. 2016 VGC Format
  223. Mythical Pokemon 20th Anniversary Events
  224. Does anyone want to battle me in AS?
  225. Original Red/Blue question
  226. Pokemon Sun/Moon Speculation Time!
  227. Shiny Zygarde Event Now Live!
  228. Shiny Zygarde Event Now Live!
  229. Shiny Xerneas Event Now live
  230. Shiny Yveltal Event Now Live
  231. Hyper Training: Boost those IV's!
  232. Am I the only one that wants Pokemon Sun and Moon to be hardcore?
  233. Saw an interesting Ontario license plate on a pickup truck today.
  234. Midnight Thursday Sun and Moon - who`s with me?
  235. Spicey meat balls!