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  1. Welcome to the Judges' Chambers
  2. Resolving he-said she-said at Worlds level
  3. "Let's Play it out"
  4. Double sleeving cards: Acceptable or not?
  5. What counts as "play space"
  6. What item's may not be on the table during a VGC match?
  7. Mulligan ruling
  8. Illegal starting pokemon
  9. What constitutes cheating with randomizers, and what can a player do about it?
  10. Non-player witnesses
  11. Why is there no ID?
  12. What qualifies as "sufficiently randomizing" your deck?
  13. Confusion over a dice roll
  14. Lose a match on time, due to permitted bathroom break?
  15. cards in different languages
  16. Mega gengar ex
  17. Professors Reward Program.
  18. Beginning of a game (shuffling vs cutting)
  19. Uncertainty about cards in hand
  20. Looking at deck, before shuffling
  21. Opponent Cutting Their Deck After You
  22. Lysandre's Last Resort Situations
  23. Forget to put an Active Pokémon
  24. Allowing Players to finish/complete the Game even after time has been called
  25. Judges - Be aware to avoid this situation
  26. time in the round
  27. Between-round prize loss penalties "following" a player through IDs
  28. Interesting Ruling at Cities
  29. Legality of Unreleased Cards
  30. revealed prize card
  31. Virbank City Gym not in play, but thought it was
  32. Answering a question from a player in a Tournament
  33. "drawing up to x amount of cards"-rule
  34. Deck List Question (Please answer)
  35. Supporters and Play Area
  36. Items Played when they cannot be
  37. Left handed and shuffling
  38. Reading notes
  39. De-clumping
  40. Player misplay - putting cards on top of deck
  41. Ruling about what is Reversible
  42. Age Divisions and "Playing Up"
  43. Missplay leading to known cards put on top of deck.
  44. how do i set up an ac for pokegym labs
  45. Ruling question regarding Wally
  46. Cut opponent's deck when not allowed to
  47. Game Loss Penalties Given before Top Cut
  48. Decklist and privacy
  49. No TOM / TDF File
  50. Deck list Errors
  51. Outside Assistance
  52. Deck Position Rules?
  53. Full-Arts EXs and numbers
  54. Double Game Loss after 1 player has irreparably breaks game state
  55. Resolving Misty's Determination play error
  56. Player Responsibility For Tracking Prizes Drawn
  57. Ace Trainer misplay
  58. Guidance on What an Unsportsmanlike "Choosing Methods" is
  59. Mew Fates Collide vs Silent Lab
  60. US Nationals TCG Judge Seminar 2016
  61. Show up to the match and opponent has everything set up
  62. Is Xerneas from XY legal in the 2016/2017 rotation?
  63. What is considered a correct cut?
  64. Using lysandre
  65. Disruptive hand shuffling
  66. Responsibility for Tracking GX Attacks
  67. Player interference during judge call - "Just trying to help!"
  68. Pokemon Infractions - Remedies for common errors
  69. Mallow and Improper Game Flow
  70. Professor Rank Basic ?
  71. Stadium from Hand to Discard Pile