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  1. My Son's First Tourney Report (10- SierraNevada/NorCal Regionals)
  2. bangiras' Mtn West Regionals Report
  3. Southern Plains Pictures, Overview.
  4. Tatianas Southern Plains Regionals Report!!
  5. Psyco Pedestrian's Southern Plains Regional Report
  6. spazcracker's lone ludi in the lone star state!
  7. Short n' Sweet report
  8. GG Southern plains regionals... Good Game =/
  9. Mid Atlantic Regionals.
  10. MK's regionals report in the Mid-Atlantic (Ocean?)
  11. A report from the only regionals I can attend!
  12. Quick Sierra Nevada Regionals Report
  13. Mid-Atlantic Regionals Report
  14. mid-atlantic regionals report
  15. POP 3 legal for remaining Regionals
  16. CleffaGirl's WINNNING PA regionals report w00t
  17. Midwest Regional Report
  18. MP Birch's Texas & Oklahoma: "Gym Challenges": The Road To Worlds '06
  19. truK's Regionals Report
  20. who will be there at North Carolina regionals?
  21. Umbreon777's regionals report (if any of you care)
  22. Rediculous! Mr. Ortiz's Tournament Report
  23. Icemelter1001 Great Lakes Regional
  24. Great Lakes Regionals Report
  25. 1st place north eastern regionals report with mewtric...
  26. The Curse of the First strikes again, and also with $20 Togepi (NorthEast Regionals)
  27. close this plz
  28. I feel like doing a report...Great Lakes Regionals
  29. If you have a Flygon ex and are going to Southern Regional Championship Florida...
  30. Duanojo at Great Lakes (62nd or therabouts)
  31. Quick Northeast Regs Report
  32. Moss' Great Lakes Regionals Report
  33. RAGECANDYBAR'S North East Regionals Report
  34. ~ MASSACHUSETTS ~ Gym Challenge ~ May 28
  35. President Bolt writes a report!
  36. 3rd place Great Lakes Regionals report (LONG)
  37. Hype the MS Valley Regionals!
  38. Northeast Regs Report late but here
  39. Ride to MS Valley Regionals?
  40. SE~WI~Gym~Challenge~Saturday 6/3
  41. Ignatious's (LATE) regional report
  42. Wisconsin's THREE GC's
  43. Dallas~Gym Challenge @ "A-Kon": June 10, 2006
  44. My Southeast Regionals Report
  45. Who/What won your Gym Challenge 06
  46. Branson's Regionals Report(THE UNDERDOG)!!!
  47. MadHatters interesting regionals report
  48. Southeast Regional Deck Check: Who Played What?
  49. We Must Protect This House: Southeast Regional Championship Report
  50. Ryan Vergel's Southern Regionals Report!
  51. Chuck's St Louis Regional Report
  52. WHISCASHEX'S South East Regionals report
  53. Southern Regionals
  54. Hitmonchan93's St. Louis Report
  55. N00belhaus' 1st Place 15+ Southern Regionals Report
  56. MS Valley Regional Report
  57. Flareon's Flariados report (St. Louis Reg.)
  58. LOST DECK - MS Valley
  59. spacrackers 1st place loser report in NC
  60. Estoy n00b, All 12 Pics Up
  61. Just Kidding, But Seriously
  62. Curran's southeast regional report Updated!
  63. Props to the X-MAN - LUKE!
  64. KS Gym Challenge - May 20th!
  65. Team Rocket Takes Down The House! Dylan's Report...
  66. JokerBoi's Detailed Southern Regional Report!
  67. what decks can we expect to see at gym?
  68. Orlando, Florida Regonals
  69. Returning to Where it All Started: Erik Nance's Southeast Regionals Report
  70. Southern Regionals Stall response from the "Stalled"
  71. San Diego Gym Challenge 5/20
  72. Virginia Gym Challenge, May 20, 10:00 A.M. Updated w/ Final Results at end of thread
  73. Gym Challenge Coral Springs, Florida May 28, 2006 WITH RESULTS!
  74. Gym Challenge Kissimmee, Florida June 3, 2006
  75. Gym Challenge - Auburn, IN 5/20/06
  76. New England Gym Challenge
  77. Rockville, MD Gym Challenge 05/28
  78. Houston Gym: June 4th, NOT May 28th
  79. Gym Challenge - St. Peters (St. Louis) Missouri June 3rd
  80. Speedy's southeast regionals report!
  82. Where are the MS Valley Reg Picts at??
  83. Arizona Gym Challenges June 3 and June 10 (LIVE UPDATES)
  84. Gym Challenge Question
  85. Oregon Gym Challenges info
  86. New Jersey GC: June 10th, 2006
  87. Toronto Gym CHallnge at ANIME NORTH
  88. Jackson. MS Gym June 10
  89. Need INFO for PA GYM<
  90. Albertain Gym Chalenge May 21st!
  91. Gym Challenge Gallery Ready for Pics
  92. 2006 Gym Challenge Attendance
  93. Live From Indiana 5/20
  94. Ludicolous's Richmond Gym Challenge Report!
  95. Burninating_Torchic got Burninated! (GC Report)
  96. i hate myself ;(
  97. Sandston, VA Gym Challenge Report
  98. The crazy, mixed-up Midwest meta-game (IN Gym Report)
  99. I LOVE Myself
  100. IN Gym Challenge Report
  101. Psy Master's GC report
  102. Kentucky Gym June 3rd
  103. Papazit's Alberta Gym Challenge Report
  104. Ohio PTO goes to the Indiana Gym!
  105. Alberta 2nd place 15+ Report (Flariados with Pidgeot)
  106. Erik Nance's Sandston, VA 15+ Gym Challenge Report
  107. Staff/Judges needed for Tampa, FL GYM
  108. twitchy's 1st place GA gc report
  109. GA Report
  110. Gym Challenge Newark, Delaware June 4
  111. Elyria , Ohio Gym Challange
  112. are these deck sleeves legal for gym?
  113. Green Bay Gym - 10 AM 5/27
  114. Shhh...quiet...who ELSE is coming to Iowa!
  115. Colorado Gym Challenge Info! Quasi-LIVE updates
  116. LA Gym Challenge Sat. May 27 and IRVINE winner posted here
  117. Henderson,NV Gym Challenge Sunday June 4
  118. BT's Ohio GC Report-Added Dublin
  119. Pokekid to Worlds!!!
  120. Ohio Gym Challenge Report
  121. Celio is going to Worlds!
  122. had it, then...well..you'll see.
  123. Charizardian's New England Report
  124. wilhung53's Coral Springs GC Report
  125. NE Gym Challenge - 10 & Under - "Sneasel Swarm" Wins
  126. MM's Sedalia GC Report
  127. N00belhaus Rocks Da House, Coral Springs GC
  128. Matias' Coral Springs GC Report...
  129. Your gonna laugh at me. zapdos ex's 1st report
  130. Duke's So.Cal Adventure
  131. Los Angeles GC Report + Photos Added, 5/29
  132. you think you won and then its all gone...
  133. Dublin Ohio Gym Challenge Report (NOW COMPLETED)
  134. On The Road Again..
  135. Let's see, that's 160 damage
  136. Dublin, OH GC Report (I'm 15+ now and i apparently dont liek that :p)
  137. White Boy Remix's Short SA GC Report
  138. Ok I didnt want to make a report but DevOn's making me: Hunter's Gym Challenge Report
  139. TrueGamer's MD Gym Challenge Report: "I came, I saw, I lucksacked."
  140. Can One Play at Nationals If You Win A Gym Challenge?
  141. Dee dee dee (1st High-Point NC Report)
  142. MD GC Report (with some major lucksacks)
  143. Metagaming Doesn't Work!! 2 Gym Reports in 1.
  144. Santa Clara,CA gym challenge Sunday June 11th
  145. Sevierville, TN GC June 3rd
  146. Curse of the First strikes again, and this time, with no undefeated record
  147. Oklahoma Gyms Report (for lack of a clever name)
  148. Ok Gym Report( Brandonjmatt)
  149. Brooklyn Gym Challenge Report
  150. My Sevierville, TN GC Report
  151. The Computer Hates Me.
  152. Winner of KY Gym Challenge report!!
  153. Matt Tyler- 15+ Champ St Louis- Greatest Pokemon Player EVER
  154. What!?Kissimmee Gym Challenge 15+ Report
  155. KY Gym's report
  156. Live From Houston, Texas!!
  157. Nevada Gym Live Updates
  158. Chuck's Brookfield Report
  159. Nearly successfull invasion by team R.I.
  161. Winner
  162. lock
  163. Kissimmee Gym Challenge Report (Judge)
  164. My horrible report (GC Houston, TX) 15+
  165. 1st Newark, DE
  166. Tina The Pikachu's (homeofmew's) Pictures and Overview Houston Gym 2006
  167. Ahhhhhhh! CR's Mesa, AZ Gym Report!
  168. Espeonchris's 1st place New York, NY Gym challenge report.
  169. I'm still a total luck sack. Yay me!
  170. My Houston, TX GC Report
  171. Manitowoc Pokemon Tournament
  172. My NY GC Report 6/4/06
  173. Elissa's finally winning TN GC report
  174. TheDarkTwins 2nd Place Tournament Report
  175. Rich's First GC Report NY ,NY
  176. Ok tourney,and a controversy !!A MUST READ!!
  177. bangiras' Vegas GC report! !!!!
  178. tatisssss WINNING New York City, NY GC REPORT!!
  179. Tampa Florida's 2006 Gym Challenge
  180. ryan vergel HAS to be right ; D
  181. NV Gym Challenge-problems and concerns from Jean Thorn who monitored event.
  182. ok and houston report YEAH!? I AM ALIVE?? *pics of me added. thx Mr. Schell
  183. Newark DE GC
  184. Hagrid23 Invades the Islands - Toa Baja GC Report
  185. Bulbacharís First GC Report Nevada! Please Read
  186. Rew's Houston and Oklahoma Gym Reports
  187. Team Rocket tours the SW, Rocketman's Oklahoma & Texas Gym Report
  188. I'm sick of lugia ex doing 200 to my weak pokemon. ;(
  189. Houston Gym Challenge -- Thanks!
  190. Another NV GC Production
  191. Dylan Rules in Oklahoma
  192. My Houston GC Report.
  193. Niles, IL Pastimes Gym Challenge
  194. Tucson, Az Gym Challenge Sat. June 10th (LIVE WINNER UPDATE)
  195. Three Peets for Gym Challenge
  196. Jackson MI Gym Challenge Updates!
  197. Some live info from NJ Gym Challenge
  198. Dallas GC Updates anyone?
  199. done.
  200. Please Lock
  201. Zapditto's T8 15+ Cedar Grove GC Report
  202. BT's going to worlds!
  203. I suck at life ( squirtle's MS GC report)
  204. IL Pastimes G.C Report
  205. TheDarkTwins (Drew G.) 1st Place NJ GC Report!! :)
  206. 2nd Place 15+ Jackson GC
  207. Heather's winning tourney report
  208. Hot Carl's 1st place Tucson, AZ GC report.
  209. I Did It Again... My SC GC Report
  210. Mesa, AZ GC Report
  211. Failure (NJ GC 2nd Place)
  212. Updates from Wisconsin?
  213. Niles report
  214. DOES IT!: An STS Champion's Tale
  215. NJ Gym Challenge Report and Issues
  216. DOES IT: A 2002 World Champion's Tale
  217. LA updates??????
  218. BROKEN gym report
  219. Triple shot short reports (and thoughts)
  220. LA Gym 2006
  221. Patriarch pulls a matriarch and blunders in Oklahoma (6/3)
  222. Santa Clara Gym Challenge almost Live Updates
  223. State Roll Call
  224. Hitmonchan93's 2nd place Dallas report with SMP!
  225. "?!" A Houston Gym Challenge report (6/4)
  226. Dunford's Tucson Quest
  227. Ludicolo wins a game! Dallas GC Report (6/10)
  228. Raichu2063 Tampa gym challenge report
  229. Rew's 3rd place Louisiana Gym report!
  230. En nomine patris, et filii...et spiritus sancti (2 gc reports)
  231. Poliwag's Niles GC Report.
  232. Pooka's Manitowoc, WI Report
  233. Im Bored *Yawwwn* so Heres My NJ 2nd Place Gyms Report
  234. James Is Going To Worlds!!!!!
  235. Bianchi's Tampa GC report
  236. DOESN'T! Poliwags Manitowoc Report
  237. Dallas Gyms at A-Kon Overveiw and WHAT I GOT 4th?
  238. Santa Clara, CA GC Report
  239. Pics of Santa Clara Gym!!
  240. I got 6 months off!
  241. Mathew donks one last time
  242. MY GC report
  243. Santa Clara,CA gc report with list!
  244. Eugene, OR Gym Challenge photos
  245. Anyone know?
  246. reagionals in cali
  247. 05-06 Regionals question
  248. The calm before the storm: SPR - April 21, 2007
  249. Mississippi Valley Regionals First Info - Memphis, TN 4/21/07
  250. Check it Out - Upper Midwest Regional POSTED 4/14/07 ROCKFORD Check it out NOW!