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  1. Professors: Sign up for the Prof logo here!
  2. Welcome Professors!!!
  3. What do you suggest?
  4. The Sharks are coming! The Sharks....
  5. Supporting a League from 50 miles away
  6. What do we need to be a judge?
  7. Would you be a PTO without the rewards?
  8. TMS Alternative Tournament Software
  9. How would you handle this ...
  10. 2 of 3 games - how it is judged
  11. Is our Professor logo here at the gym the offical new look to the program?
  12. Problems.... with problems... (ruling question)
  13. What's happen if.....
  14. A ruling question on prizes.
  15. Game Organization
  16. misruling
  17. Judges at Worlds
  18. Need some advice, please...
  19. Another penalty post
  20. Are the agerestrictions really changed? URGENT
  21. Trouble with manual input. Suggestions?
  22. Word of Warning Don't store extra Cards in your Deck Box
  23. attracting younger players?
  24. Decklists and Deck Checks at Challenges
  25. does discarding a supporter mean you end your turn?
  26. Umbreon Disappears
  27. Pure insanity
  28. Help from other PTO's
  29. Pokemon League Inquiry from POP
  30. When all else Fails -- Email!
  31. Goodbye Pokemon
  32. Use of Prize-swap Penalty (UPDATED - not in POP Penalty Guidelines)
  33. Hidden Legends Preview (do not click if you don't want to ruin the surprise)
  34. What is the minimum number of Swiss rounds?
  35. International differences
  36. Making New Professors and increasing to Master Professor
  37. Professor Test now online for testing!
  38. Palm Compendium Updates
  39. My Pokemon showing an incorrect POP ID
  40. Nintendos "reporter"
  41. Information Sheets
  42. Ranking points
  43. Italian Mysteries about OP and Nationals...
  44. How do I register a league?
  45. Demo Volunteers needed for Yankee's Promotion!
  46. Summer Convention volunteers
  47. Totally Rethinking Game Boy Tournaments
  48. Dealing with "Special Needs" Players
  49. International TOs and League Leaders would you do it again?
  50. Theme deck tournament
  51. National Championships and POP in Europe
  52. Questions, for professor...
  53. Professor Pin
  54. Pokemon Professor List up on site
  55. A word from the most destructive PokeMOM around
  56. International Professors - Have you got your PIN BADGE ?
  57. Professors, Are you for or against new changes so close to worlds?
  58. ok i got my pin and now i have a Q
  59. Broken pin
  60. League leaders, important info.
  61. JUdging a Tourny
  62. Rights as players.
  63. Professors, Test open to second beta testing
  64. Uploading results after 4 weeks
  65. Professor Rewards Program!!!
  66. Upcoming Professor store and points earned
  67. Professor Core Values
  68. A question about Core values
  69. Are you still Professor? See my last post and be warned.
  70. Volunteering at Cons
  71. Again no Prerelease
  72. The messenger has been shot.
  73. Read and let me know what is not clear about this emails
  74. Qualifications on Professor Redemption
  75. Error sanctioning tournament
  76. i cant find the page for proffessors
  77. Leagues during the holidays
  78. Help Meeee
  79. Question about Foreign language cards where English is a Foreign Language
  80. Help with abuse
  81. Be careful in reporting Boon Island
  82. Proffesor keep up
  83. Prof points
  84. INTL professors...
  85. Prof Store Up!!!
  86. Where can you hold a league?
  87. Did you Recieve your Professor Stuff?
  88. Professor Card Arrives
  89. PLZ delete. THX
  90. Certian Professors Hog All the Events In Your Area!!!
  91. Prof. Lab Coats.
  92. Writing Articles
  93. picture of professor shirt?
  94. Floe Island Kit Problem.
  95. League Leader thoughts, please.
  96. Mr. G Retiring
  97. POP Prof Forums
  98. Error In Sanctioning...
  99. Tips for judges to a successful State Championship series
  100. Problems retaking the test?
  101. My Professorship expired a month early!
  102. Professor Cup 2005!
  103. A quick reminder to professors playing in tournaments
  104. Professor Card number
  105. Getting started as a pokemon professor
  106. Alert to all professors...
  107. How do I cancel an order from the league store?
  108. Insulting emails from a Professor?
  109. Please lock.
  110. No professor Points!
  111. March Rewards Shipments Received?
  112. "Professor" box
  113. How do I order badge books?
  114. Prof. Test Question ?
  115. League attendance Droping
  116. Farewell Furret
  117. Goodbye and Good Luck Prof. Zuver
  118. New Item Added 5/20-League Leader Shirt
  119. Being in a League i never been to?
  120. Questions about POP packs
  121. A quite late City Championships
  122. Big and Tall Clothing
  123. Specific Rules/Penalty during Tournaments?
  124. League Leader shirt arrived!
  125. Meganium45's guide to leaguing! Support, growth for 2005 and on!
  126. Professor Lapel Pin?
  127. Volunteers needed...
  128. Origins Demo Staff needed!
  129. SDCC Demo Staff needed
  130. how do u count rounds?
  131. pairings question
  132. Worlds staff?
  133. Can we wear Prof. Polo Shirt to Worlds?
  134. Professors Around Indy
  135. No longer needing any Judges for Gen Con.
  136. Professor to Judge?
  137. After your Professor Expiration Date Question
  138. I'm still waiting for the League Kit of 4 months ago....
  139. Can Players on Probation Judge?
  140. Need a change of League Leaders
  141. Trainer Tower Activity questions
  142. Professor Store Down?
  143. 16 year old professors
  144. xpiring Points
  145. So what happens if I marry a pop member
  146. League kits
  147. "MASTER" professors?
  148. 2005-06 Professor Test
  149. Results from the Professor Test
  150. To renew or not to renew.
  151. Error?
  152. IGN Live demo staff needed!
  153. professor reward program question
  154. General Questions Pre Release.
  155. POP Forum Problems?
  156. How do you become a TO?
  157. Sling Bag Added to Pokemon Professor Rewards
  158. Professor id cards, pins and lab coats
  159. Question about something that happened today
  160. Premier TOs?
  161. Professor Watch has been posted
  162. Professor Points
  163. Forums
  164. Pokémon Hero Story
  165. Professor Program Card Box
  167. So This has been bugging me...
  168. Is everything allright with Rankings in you country?
  169. Professor Jacket
  170. The Pretty Card Pokemon Sent me!
  171. How Do You Get Points?
  172. Ranking points
  173. Failed my Test
  174. Professor Jackets Shipped!!!
  175. shipment error
  176. Professor Sling Bag
  177. Staffing for Chicago and St. Louis Regional
  178. How many pokemon professors are there?
  179. Professor Pens
  180. Error: No more Proffesor
  181. Tournament rules updated
  182. Problems Getting Kits
  183. Slightly miffed
  184. Judging Question
  185. Professor Pins
  186. Deck Building Guidance
  187. Letting my Professorship Lapse?
  188. Professor Cup 2006 FAQ up!
  189. Orders
  190. Pokemon Trivia Question #2
  191. Yay within four Days I loose my LL/TO/Prof/Member Status
  192. Double Professor (at last)
  193. Just wondering... How to prove professorship?
  194. Some more judging questions
  195. Intentional draws
  196. Question on Origons / prof cup
  197. JAA demoing!!!! Upcoming event!!!
  198. NA Professor Cup eligibility requirements changed
  199. Queries about doing my Professor duties in the US
  200. What if you fell the exam you took was misscored??
  201. Just got a pda. How can I open the pdb compendium rulings on it?
  202. Demo volunteers needed for San Diego Comic-Con, 7/19 - 23
  203. When Is Sign-Ups For Worlds Staffing?
  204. Can you be a non prof and still judge?
  205. How to catch grown-up’s interest for Pokemon-TCG?
  206. Professor Status Gym Update
  207. Professor Expiration Date
  208. Prof Points
  209. League transfers possible?
  210. 2006-07 Professor Test
  211. POP ID Booklet
  212. Prof Jacket
  213. I think I have reported all wrong HELP
  214. Professor lab coat
  215. Stripes is no longer a Prof
  216. Judging Rewards...What is fair?
  217. rullings for combination of card-question
  218. So... what would you do?
  219. slamence d-metal discard
  220. Place marker for trivia question 2007 contest
  221. North America Professor Cup Format Announced
  222. Can't access the Prof Forum
  223. Professor Cup 2007 FAQ up!
  224. Please Tell Me How to Become a Professor
  225. Drew an extra card?
  226. Best of three matches: Loser chooses
  227. Prof rewards: I can't choose
  228. Judge support being cut by Nintendo?
  229. European Professor Cup News
  230. What Happened??? HELP
  231. European Professor Cup - 2007
  232. BR Prize package
  233. A New Idea for Pre-Releases
  234. problem with professor exam. help.
  235. questions about the professor cup
  236. Professor Cup
  237. Volunteers needed for San Diego Comic Con, 7/25 - 29
  238. CardDex Update?
  239. Pokemon League error
  240. Professor needed - Southwest Virginia
  241. Prerelease FAQs
  242. it's back!
  243. No items in prof store?
  244. New Item in the Store.
  245. PokeGym Professor Forum Closing
  246. U.S. Nat'ls Staff Opportunities for Professors
  247. new item in the professor store!
  248. Whats a player to do???
  249. Anyone having trouble with the op professor forums??
  250. Professor Cup deck ideas