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  1. Another new product, another new disappointment
  2. Venasaur LV.x? Is there such a thing?(close when answred)
  3. Next set TCG set announced: Platinum!
  4. New Ruling - No writing down of Prizes for Azelf!
  5. Shaymin Has Been Revealed
  6. New to tcg
  7. Prototype of the Pokemon TCG??
  8. Working at a store that sells the cards before release
  9. Suggested Special Metal/Dark Change
  10. Top players right now?
  11. In time for X-Mas - Holo POP 7 Gallade and POP 7 Ampharous
  12. Official Translations
  13. The New Set
  14. Format Change
  15. Best Deck?
  16. A change is needed...
  17. Bringing Balance
  18. I choose you Pikachu!
  19. what won cities
  20. The Best in the Game
  21. Time +1
  22. Where are these cards?
  23. Weird POP8 error?
  24. Bonds to the End of Time [DPPT2] Lv X Ratio.
  25. New tin Walgreens/Happy Harry's exclusive?
  26. Bad Gamesmanship- This needs to stop NOW.
  27. POP rankings for TCG players.
  28. Platinum list speculation
  29. Why didn't we get these cards?
  30. come on everyone "do the wave"
  31. Spectator questions
  32. The Next Japanese Set is announce
  33. Shaymon Sky Forme Revealed!
  34. Incredible Pokemon-TCG growth
  35. Pokegym Dice
  36. New (reprint) Chimchar, Piplup and Turtwig promo boxes
  37. What would you call the "Secret cards?"
  38. Shaymin Sky form Revealed
  39. Blister Pack Promo(s) leaked
  40. 2009 States/Prov/Territory Info Updated
  41. Secret rare in Platinum confirmed.
  42. States Prizes: Trophiess for 3rd AND 4th
  43. Did Pokebeach loose its source?!?!?
  44. Shaymin Lv X Officially revealed
  45. This game needs better prize support
  46. platinum Xs??
  47. So how about that new Dialga (Card number 23 in Platinum).... ERROR.... LOLZ!!!!
  48. Platinum Pics now in PokeGym's Gallery
  49. Why no "Forme" ?!!?
  50. Dialga Platinum #5???
  51. Lost Zone Location Confrimation
  52. The Lost Zone
  53. Anybody know the pull ratios for Platinum
  54. New format
  55. Hi , Can you assist me?
  56. New Japanese promo: Sunday Lucario
  57. Player rewards are in the mail!
  58. Platinum Parallel Foils - quality lacking
  59. Pt Dialga RH Error.. play as made?
  60. Pulse of the Frontier scans!
  61. platnuim cards
  62. riddle me this
  63. 2008 Worlds Decks
  64. why mods, why?
  65. Platinum PR Sleeves?
  66. Your best card
  67. Correct me if I'm wrong
  68. Early Release
  69. please close
  70. city medals
  71. POP 9 packs?
  72. 2009 World's Set rotation
  73. Good Pop?
  74. Platinum Tins? When, What, and How.
  75. New Mewtwo?
  76. I think I have the rotation figured out
  77. Dragonair Confirmed as States Promo
  78. Where can Newbies get deck help?
  79. Down time this morning 2/22/09?
  80. Platinum Promo Packs
  81. Platinum Added to Card-Dex
  82. The correct Platinum abbreviation: PT or PL?
  83. Dialga/Giratina/Shaymin Lv.X Tins OFFICIALLY OUT IN THE UK NOW TOO!
  84. new competitive player
  85. Signature???
  86. Platinum/POP8 packs????
  87. Why modified?
  88. Something I noticed with Platinum art...
  89. Jumbo Regigigas @ ToysRUs
  90. College Players
  91. Platinum Blister Packs
  92. POLL: Cards to be reprinted in future sets
  93. what will win states?
  94. platinum blister
  95. Spanish is illeagal on the Gym??!?
  96. Pulse of the Frontier- PT3 Lv x Ratio
  97. Boy on Top of the world-new paper article
  98. Current metagame
  99. OR States made the Newspaper!!!
  100. The most awsome and crazy things you've seen at a premier tournament.
  101. Father/Son States Winners in Same Year Ever Been Done Before This Year?
  102. New Magnezone
  103. Porygon-Z Promo legal in europe, why?
  104. Teaching my mom how to play the TCG?
  105. Rating invites for world this year
  106. glitch in ratings?
  107. Clarity Please!
  108. Bonds of End Time theme deck?
  109. Gallade From Rising Rivals
  110. Holo POP8 Luxray and Probopass now available at Target!
  111. Regional championships
  112. Kingdra
  113. Defenitions
  114. RR speculation
  115. Decade of Pokemon Scandals - YAHOO
  116. Rotation
  117. kingdra at regionals?
  118. Blister packs finally
  119. Petition against the banning of foreign cards
  120. The Need for a Pokemon Dress Code
  121. Why are English cards allowed in every country?
  122. The older player in a match should have the option to play first or second.
  123. Theme Decks Should Contain Dice
  124. Worlds format should be Rochester Draft
  125. A good old "what would you do to make the gym better" thread.
  126. Spam Threads and our Staff
  127. Pokémon mentioned in the Columbus Dispatch
  128. Pokemon TCG Strategy Guide Available May 20th
  129. Thank You!
  130. Did you plan to use Foreign Language cards at Regionals? Check this guideline.
  131. Rising Rivals Prelease Cards and Sleeves
  132. TCG Nats and Video Game Nats at same time?
  133. Sleeve fix
  134. Next Japanese set: The Advent of Arceus!
  135. The Importance of Understanding WHY Rulings are Ruled the Way they Are
  136. When can I take the prof test and what should I study?
  137. Should ALL tournaments count towards rating?
  138. We're # 2! We're # 2
  139. Horrid Misplays/ Horrid Luck
  140. banned sets?
  141. Why do so many people hate to play against a sp deck or hate it in general??
  142. Rising Rivals 3 plack blister with Carnivine promo
  143. State of the Format.
  144. Something I found on Wiki today...
  145. New jp Lv. X sets (Mods please close)
  146. Early RR Images
  147. Where can you pre-order Rising Rivals booster boxes?
  148. Rising Rivals text spoiler list?
  149. Rising Rivals Lv. X Discovered!*
  150. How can I use the money?
  151. Pop 9 packet
  152. Booster Package
  153. Ways to improve the format
  154. could swine flu change prerelease dates??
  155. Holo POP 8 Yanmega
  156. Is there away to get one of these???
  157. Where are these card art at?
  158. Professor Rewards Questions
  159. The Current Metgame
  160. Getting back for nats
  161. Target sets
  162. Interesting Cards & Items from Japan's Organized Play
  163. Handicapped players playing Pokemon.
  164. Japanese Metagame
  165. And then there's this... (RR talk)
  166. HeartGold and SoulSilver's implications for the TCG
  167. The Eevee Rule?
  168. snorlax lv.x is confirmed in rising rivals
  169. Need help!
  170. rising rivals
  171. Question
  172. RR Box ratio question
  173. Request for RR theme deck lists
  174. Local Pokémon Card Group Sparks Controversy
  175. New Tins?
  176. Japanese Arceus Promo? (Translation would be appreciated!)
  177. Toxicroak G promo
  178. Counterfeits are thriving in general
  179. Absolutely Ridiculous...
  180. Regigigas Premium Box
  181. Platinum sleeves
  182. Battle Road Prizes
  183. The Current Direction of the Game
  184. Feelings about the current meta
  185. Pokemon comes back to Burger King in June!
  186. What kind of ratio is everyone else getting with RR? Is this normal?
  187. Sealed VS. Booster VS. Rochester (Draft)
  188. Tropical Mega Battle 2001 English VS
  189. Players Rewards are in the mail
  190. format? really true
  191. RR Pikachu Dex Data
  192. RR Card-dex?
  193. Coin Flip Outcomes? 15 Degrees?
  194. RR Theme Deck
  195. Worlds Prizes
  196. What card is this?
  197. Holo POP9 Rotom now at Target!
  198. Level Xs in specific packs?
  199. RR GL and E4 deck list question.
  200. Do translating errors only happen from Japanese to English?
  201. Top tier deck list
  202. found on monster.com:
  203. What's the best way to shuffle?
  204. Japan worlds qualifier video and question
  205. BK cards have arrived!
  206. IF stuff gets cycle'd out...
  207. 2009 Player's Guide Pictures and Review
  208. HG and SS?
  209. Advent of Arceus
  210. Probopass G Question
  211. Synergy?
  212. What's the chances of getting a Shining Card, and a Level X???
  213. Dark season prize support?
  214. Format history, and current comparisons.
  215. are they really doing it??
  216. Next English set: Supreme Victors
  217. Is it time to create new types?
  218. FB? please answer.
  219. Possibly letting us use Japanese Cards?
  220. Supreme Victors
  221. Machamp or Macheap
  222. about ages and divisions
  223. K-Value Questions
  224. Supreme Victors: Theme decks
  225. Late Newspaper article from a while back.
  226. Ultimate Zone? Big Disapointment...
  227. Ash's Pikachu. LVX.
  228. What's the weirdest DONK?
  229. Is the donk on its way out?
  230. RR Trapinch Error
  231. Pokepedia, updated by Pokegym members
  232. Rising Rivals Card-Dex is up!
  233. PCL purposely building counter cards to force older decks out of the format?
  234. Card Rotation???
  235. Revive the Archtype Section
  236. Would Machamp/Gengar/Etc. still be played as much if they were EX.
  237. most favorite card to give you best memories
  238. What is your favorite lv. X and why? and another ?...
  239. Bye Bye Claydol :(
  240. your favorite set/format
  241. Are the SP Pokemon going to all be Basic and Lv.X?
  242. Best Place To Buy A Box?
  243. pokemon zeo site- warning
  244. what one card would you like created or revived and why
  245. Pokemon Community Wiki
  246. Platinum: Rising Rivals Box Ratio
  247. Broken Time-Space discussion.
  248. North America Seniors Top 50 Updated
  249. Lock.
  250. Please Opt Out of Rankings if You Earned a Rating Invite and Can't Attend Worlds!