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  1. Avast!
  2. New guest book. sign in everyone!
  3. new player help
  4. Sealed Till October... What's Modified v3?
  5. I think these boards are better ;)!
  6. Chat room?
  7. GAB references aloud?
  8. Sandstorm?
  9. Pokemon EX: Sandstorm info?
  10. Could I get a Crash course in learning how to play the TCG?
  11. Partial refund for gencon, legit
  12. Furret's Miscue "Why ban Zappy??"
  13. Formats and tournaments without DCI
  14. Weird Ruby and Sapphire collation...
  15. grandfathered professorships
  16. Nintendo's BIG R&S Switcheroo Snafoo!
  17. Professor Message broad?
  18. Is Pokemon the Best Out There...?
  19. To Mall Tour or not to Mall Tour? That is the question.
  20. Format for a Perfect (Sand) Storm?
  21. Gastly & Chansey E Card Promos?
  22. New trainer engines?
  23. Is the Compendium down?
  24. Dot Codes
  25. When is the exact date when Sand Storm comes out?
  26. Australian Ruby and Sapphire
  27. Sandstorm Prerelease: +$5 (less prizes)
  28. Modified format
  29. Any more news on ADV 4?
  30. Any modified news??
  31. Where is the sandstorm prerelease?
  32. RS Precon Lists
  33. Good News: 15+ Renewed WooHOO
  34. Quick question...
  35. Ex-Sandstorm
  36. Pokemon TCG lingo
  37. What Would You Add to The New Format?
  38. *SPOILER* League Season One
  39. Degrees of rarity?
  40. More Info on EX Tin
  41. Unlimited in Nintendo's grasp?
  42. TMB - Hawaii 2003?
  43. Pokemon EX: Ruby & Sapphire Theme Decks
  44. Place to buy over the internet?
  45. 10 minutes not long enough for GB matches
  46. Non-Holofoil EX cards from Ruby/Sapphire?
  47. Sandstorm Prerelease Locator Up!
  48. Anyone know Steve's E-mail address???
  49. Promo Cards
  50. Previous Sets?
  51. Now that Sandstorm is upon us....
  52. Does Jason "Ness" play the Pokemon TCG anymore?
  53. An article to all who want to send decks to Nintendo Power...
  54. Sandstorm Spoiler
  55. 2 Sandstorm Packs = Fun
  56. Have you ever encountered this?!?
  57. Congratulations to PokePup
  58. Current List of Grandfathered Professors Up!
  59. Professor-E List is up!!
  60. Sandstorm Pre-release Promo is....
  61. Hidden Ruins EX?
  62. Outside the US - What is left?
  63. spoilerSANDSTORMspoiler
  64. Sandstorm, not so great after all?
  65. *SPOILER* The Next EX Set will be called.......
  66. EX Sandstorm Scans + Card List
  67. EX Sandstorm DOES use ADV 4 cards
  68. A Fantastic card that would help bring the Balance back into the Unlimited Format
  69. Babies Lose Protection!
  70. Marill in Peril (A Misprint)
  71. SandStorm Release DAte?
  72. Professor Test
  73. Has anyone ever bought a card from the following site?
  74. Sandstorm stormed in early???
  75. Pokemon Organized Play plans
  76. Hmm first Sandstorm pack...Misprints? AHHH!
  77. Sandstorm Theme Decks
  78. Proposed Parting Professor Packages * from WotC??
  79. Sandstorm at Target
  80. If the next format is E-On...
  81. How can I get hold of lots of R/S energies?
  82. Team Pokemon: A New Beginning....
  83. Druthers!
  84. New section needed
  85. New Mulligan Rule???
  86. What is the power 9 in this game??
  87. A New Forum
  88. Id like a little help here...
  89. !!ADV 4 Card Images!!
  90. 2 on 2 Questions?
  91. Need scans and deck lists from Sandstorm
  92. Professor benefits from Nintendo/WotC
  93. OCTOBER 1st is EON for the UK!
  94. Pokemon Singles
  95. Nintendo Official Magazine UK @ Southeast challenge...
  96. League Stores need love (and product) too!
  97. Sandstorm announced in Belgium
  98. Pokemon Online
  99. Offical Release Date for Sandstorm is September 17th
  100. Pokemon-tcg.com Major Makeover
  101. I can't wait for the Adv 4 Cards
  102. Error Cards?
  103. Pokemon Rocks America - Games to Find Cities discussion topic.
  104. The Case for EON Format
  105. Multiple Manaic Machines Make for Much Monsterous Mahem...
  106. Will the Real Cradily Please Step Up
  107. need sandstorm spoiler...
  108. The long forgotten symbol
  109. Rulings Suggestion
  110. The growing gap between Unlimited and Modified requires another Format
  111. It's time for Extended
  112. League paperwork available!
  113. Expedition Card List
  114. New news at http://op.pokemon-tcg.com (MORE NEW NEWS ADDED)
  115. Deck Builder, Fan Art section, and more at http://www.pokemon-tcg.com is now online!
  116. Sandstorm pre-release in England?
  117. Win the Lugia PT Crusier from Nintendo!
  118. International OP announcement
  119. Ex-Dragons product pictures released!
  120. How many Dragons in EX: Dragon??
  121. Ladder Basics????
  122. pokemontcg.com confirms ex dragons as name of next set!
  123. Need a Refresher on the game
  124. More tourney info up at pokemon-tcg.com!!!
  125. Changes in the new POP Floor Rules
  126. Regular TO applications are now being accepted!
  127. E-On without Promos/Best Of...this leaves us?
  128. pokemon proffesor test
  129. new rules
  130. October League Kit Contents!
  131. Professor Log-in now working!
  132. You and Your Pokemon Organized Play ID
  133. No Prof ID? Post your request here
  134. Do PUI visit the Boards at all?
  135. Where's Waldo- Modified Format version
  136. The 3 Pokémon Rocks America cities are...
  137. October Promos Scans 003, 004
  138. Is it good enough for the US? A post on rest of the world issues with a twisted view
  139. Future of Pokemon
  140. Expedition Cards Foil Version?
  141. Is It ADV 4 ???
  142. The long lost set
  143. Season 1 League Reports due today (if we can send them)...
  144. How can I make my League Report?
  145. Corrected League Season 2 Kits Sent
  146. Anyone else receive something from WOTC?
  147. Very Confused
  148. TO Applications
  149. OT: Avatars?
  150. Proposing a possible first: Ban from Unlimited?
  151. League Reporting!!!
  152. R/S Gift Certificates-anyone have their's?
  153. New way to play: Chaos unlimited
  154. Save big money on Pokemon, and all other toys at KB October 8-14 u must read this!!
  155. Card Databse?
  156. Who orders League kits?
  157. League Reporter is Online!
  158. Out of the prof. gift pack, what promos can we use?
  159. Nintendo's Rarity Scheme - AGAIN!
  160. League Leader question
  161. Corporate madness
  162. First Dragon Info Up!
  163. EX Dragon will have 97 cards....
  164. gencon + nintendo prereleased deck list needed
  165. How long does it take the MTs to answer a rulings question?
  166. No Signature War!
  167. ADV4/EX1 Spoiler Du Jour
  168. Wizards files lawsuit against Pokemon USA/TPC/Nintendo
  169. Reprinted cards in Eon
  170. Gastly Card (Nick15?)
  171. Pikachu #7 on Forbes list
  172. Problems with Deck builder on pokemontcg.com
  173. Hey all you POP Professors, ready to put those lab coats on?
  174. How many questions did you submit for the Professor test?
  175. I think I know the next edition of pokemon?
  176. New PATENTED Pokemon TCG using current cards...
  177. scans of new set?
  178. Reverse foils
  179. International OP Programs
  180. deck list needed ,plz help
  181. Barcelona: Where did the kits go?
  182. Thanks for your input!!
  183. POP IDs consolidated
  184. The Problem with Modified...
  185. ADV4/EX1 Spoiler, Updated
  186. Anyone been able to sanction tourneys yet?
  187. EX 1/ADV4 Card Scans!
  188. The unaccounted-for Sandstorm...
  189. International OP: Q & A...
  190. Pokémon Battle E-cards Are Here!
  191. Unlimited and Modified aren't enough anymore-- We need an "extended" format!!!
  192. What kind of League promos would YOU like to see?*UPDATE*
  193. 2 Holofoils in EX1 Packs!
  194. Wanna see how Dragon-EX cards look here
  195. EX: Dragon Prerelease Locations Up!
  196. Black Star & Shadowless?
  197. Viability of Dragon Pokemon
  198. ADV EX1 precon decks
  199. Pokemon Rocks? You be the judge
  200. Proffessor Test Question
  201. Future Cards
  202. Spoilers for the dragon set
  203. What's unlimited?
  204. Themes of Dragon decks...
  205. Anyone know what cards are in the Sandstorm Preconstructed decks?
  206. Theme of Japanese EX1...
  207. What ever happened with that lawsuit?
  208. What are the EX Dragon pre-release promo cards?
  209. Gym Leader Series Possibly Coming Back?
  210. Scrye's Messed up Sandstorm Prices
  211. Collector's Tin with all new Promos
  212. Tournament Tour Series?
  213. Pokemon TCG Website Updated
  214. Ex-ped On format, not highly received
  215. News from December's Nintendo Power (Jirachi, EX: Dragon, Worlds 2004)
  216. Does Anybody know what is in the EX Series Collector's Tin??
  217. Massive Ad Support For Pokémon....
  218. Drafting the Nintendo Sets...
  219. Target Stores and EX Dragon?
  220. Pokemon Tin Promo Scans
  221. Out with the old in with the new?
  222. Ex Dragon Set
  223. Ex Dragon Set
  224. Outside the US - part 2
  225. Dragon's Rarity Scheme - New and Improved?
  226. Pokemon Center booth at PRA - Cash or Credit?
  227. A Dictionary Lesson Please.
  228. EX Dragon info
  229. Scans of EX: Dragon cards here!!
  230. Tournament manger software frustration
  231. PTO Changes Prize Structure
  232. mtjimmer lied
  233. EX Dragon Charmander Holo!
  234. Dragon Error Cards
  235. About those extra-rare "sample" cards...
  236. Do u get only one of charmander, charmelon, or charizard in Dragon set one per box?
  237. GameStop selling Dragon Now!
  238. EX: Dragons - When will it come out? (officially)
  239. How do you know when you are ahead of the game?
  240. The State Of The Game
  241. For those who think Nintendo doesn't care...
  242. I am not just any ordinary Pokemon Tournament Organizer anymore... I'm Official!
  243. Will we ever see a pro tour for Pokemon TCG?
  244. Has anyone used the player locator at pokemontcg.com?
  245. Dragon breakdown?
  246. Interesting E-Mail I recieved.
  247. Target is selling Dragon NOW!
  248. New format
  249. prof. number
  250. New Bagon promo (?) announced