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  1. cpbog1's Sale from New To Old! Lv. X's to the Base Set! All Here!
  2. Nanashii's Complete Collection! With Darkrai Playmat! 3x Uxie X! 2x Uxie X! TSD!
  3. Deck Staples and Rock Bottom Prices!!
  4. Selling Worlds 08 tropical wind set in Worlds 08 Binder
  5. Please close, making new thread.
  6. Charizard ex
  7. Feraligatr, Meganium, Typhlo, Donphan Prime! Lugia, Ho-oh Legend! Alph Lithograph!
  8. 2X SEALED ARCEUS BOXES! Sally X! Blaziken X! Flygon X! Tangrowth X! Claydol! Uxie!
  9. Japanese Warehouse!! Sleeves/Deck Boxes/Mini Binders. Get your swag here!!!
  10. RR boxes for pickup at worlds
  11. Only keeping my thread up for 2 more weeks till i take a break huryy have merch. more
  12. Please Close
  13. Deckboxes, Playmats, Worlds Stuff for sale
  14. flyboy87's revamped sales thread. H: Blaze FB X, Uxie X, and staples, too!
  15. Duke's Japanese warehouse Auction ends 9/3/09 8:00 pm
  16. Worlds Stuff for Sale - Updated with MORE items and PICS and now with PACKS!! :D
  17. Pokemon Box Ruby/Sapphire XD Gamecube Pikachu GBA Pikachu N64
  18. BLiZzArD's Pokemon cards Auction end date Sept 10th
  19. Worlds 2009 Staff Promo Card and Charizard G lvl X
  20. Arceus packs/boxes/pr sleeves/hats/10th anniv statue/hats/shirts/mats
  21. 3x Rh Luxray Gl, 2x Luxray X $70.00 Shipped Anywhere
  22. pokeball playmat anyone?
  23. Jedi_Amara's merch sales - 50+ rare Japanese plush + other JPN / Pokemon Center items
  24. Butterfly719's House of Cards and Swag! Have Belts plus RH Eggs, Shields, Oaks, more!
  25. DS and DSi from Nationals - Playmats - Start your holiday shopping NOW.
  26. Pokemon Center Selling Thread - Flygon X $33 SHIPPED!
  27. All Your Ultra Rare Card Needs Are Here!!!
  28. NEW shipment of JPN deckboxes, mini binders, playmats and more for sale!
  29. Professor Sleeves, Pokemon Portfolios, Staple Trainers & More! - FOR SALE
  30. 4 sealed boxes of RR for sale!
  31. Brick11's Selling Thread Lv X's and more!!!!!
  32. LV X, Claydols, Uxies, Staples: All Here!
  33. SnorlaxDude's Selling Thread NOW WITH HGSS cards
  34. Shiny Gyarados, Alph Litgraph, Cheap X's
  35. Please Close for now - Thank you!!
  36. The Card Shoppe - *RARE* Collection Stuff
  37. Selling LvXs, Playsets, and Playmats!
  38. updated 4/1 have: primes, lv.X's, staples all at low prices!!
  39. Lv. X's 4 Sale! Including Fly X & More
  40. mod please close
  41. Epyon0015's LvX and Promo Sale
  42. Never released TFG Figures for Sale!!! JUST UPDATED WITH NEW FIGURES!!!
  43. please close
  44. HGSS Cards for Sale! Both Legends, All Primes, DCE, and MORE!
  45. Clearing out my stock... All is deckable, nothing unplayable! Check it out!
  46. Rotom selaed sleeves, Giratina sealed sleeves, Giratina binder, others
  47. Punyhuman Sales! PLEASE CLOSE
  48. Cards for sale!
  49. J-Wittz's Super Sales thread! Super rares, Super Pricing, everything!
  50. Old Selling Threads , PLESE READ.
  51. Lv.x's Lp Roseanne's Promocroak G PROFESSOR SLEEVES / PLAYMAT
  52. Luxray GL LV X for SALE!
  53. Close please!
  54. Selling Everything! Have: TropicalWindSTAFFWorlds'09/StatesDice/PikaSleeves/Staples!!
  55. Please Close.
  56. 3x EX Dragon Reverse Holo TV Reporter
  57. iTrader Guidelines For Leaving A Ref.
  58. Getting rid of all Ex's and *pokemon. Check it out.
  59. Holo Dragon TV Reporter ~~SOLD!!~~
  60. Tropical Wind DP48 Worlds '09 STAFF card
  61. Espeon1's Sales Thread Have Flygon X!!!
  62. Selling Sealed HGSS Booster Box
  63. Sealed Box Of HGSS.
  64. Selling lots of cards.
  65. Selling Regionals 1st Place Trophy, POP Hats and other merch
  66. Now with hs triumphant!
  67. x25 Sealed Legends Awakened Packs
  68. mint condition reverse holo TV Reporter from EX Dragon
  69. someg6's NEW selling thread H: unleashed primes, legends, and other playable cards!!!
  71. ~~~~~Mikeys_shop~~~~~ Come In And Browse~~~~
  72. All gone, thanks.
  73. Selling Luxray GL Lv.X (sold)
  74. The Card Shoppe - Under Construction. Buy my Promocroaks!
  75. Pooka's Merchandise, Promos, and Older Cards! Promocroak For Sale!
  76. Ultra Ball Play mat
  77. For Sale: 127 Older Sets Holos/Rare Holos/Rev Holos
  78. New Sell Thread H: Unleashed, X's ,and More!
  79. offline for a bit - moving apartments
  80. Please close
  81. RR, SV sealed boxes (RR sold)
  82. Magnechu's Cards for Saleee
  83. Please close
  84. Bas1990's cheap card store, with lots of good stuff, check it out!!!
  85. Karpy's Fish Bowl (Japanese Damage Counters, Nats Shirt, Chessex Dice, DCEs)
  86. please close
  87. Czech's Sell Thread have: SF Gengar, Machamp, more
  88. Two sealed boxes unleashed
  89. A few sealed boxes @ Nats (AR, UL, HGSS)
  90. Epically Awesome Sell Thread! Take a look!
  91. please close
  92. Price drop!!!!! Ex-hgss reverse holo supersale!!!!! Selling quickly!!!!
  93. Close/Lock/Delete
  94. Please Lock
  95. Updated with more single cards++++
  96. 5 claydols, 5 baltoys - all reverse, all must go.
  97. Close/Lock/Delete...
  98. ~~Mikey's shop~~ Make Me Reasonable Offers!!!!!
  99. Lots of goodies for sale!!
  100. SnorlaxDude's NEO Card Shop (MD-UL cards)
  101. My goods for sale. RH TV Reporter, Japanese Clear Deck Case, 1st ed BASE holos. LOOK
  102. Plaid's Card Shop
  103. Hybrid's Clearance Sale Thread
  104. Please Close! Thank you.
  105. Please Lock
  106. Holo Energies for Sale!
  107. Selling a few things... Good prices on good stuff.
  108. Low prices, cheap X's, 50c rares, $1 RH, and much more
  109. Cheetor586's Sales Thread ($50 gets you everything on this thread, please help me!)
  110. Please Close
  111. Please Close for now
  112. For sale: Exclusive 2010 world's playmat from hawaii with picture
  113. Please Lock: Luxray GL LvX Auction Ended!
  114. Worlds 2010 Staff Card for sale
  115. PLEASE LOCK! Eeveelution World's Banner Auction DONE!
  116. SnorlaxDude's Selling Thread(MD-UD, little bit of Undaunted)
  117. *LOCK PLEASE* 2 Pokemon Collectible Jackets for Auction ENDED!
  118. Auction - 146 card Legends Awakened Set + some RH Holo extras. Starting bid - $130!
  119. TexasTorchic's Sale Thread | Mods, Lock Please
  120. xXxAnthonyGxXx Sales Post! H: BW- ON! Codes! Full Art, Staple Trainers + TONS MORE!
  121. Pokemon Center Sales w/ TRIUMPHANT!
  122. Luxray GL Lv.X x2 for sale! SOLD!
  123. PromoCroak For Sale! $12 plus shipping. SOLD!!!
  124. H:*'s,META,SHINY,SP,LV.X
  125. Auction: Staples LESS Than 3 days left!
  126. Missingno's first sale thread! Luxray GL Lv. X for sale!
  127. Important Sales with Espeon1!
  128. Selling City Medals
  129. Various World Championship Shirt for Sale.
  130. MAJOR UPDATE 11/16 Butterfly719's House of Cards and Swag II - Uxie Lv. X & more!
  131. Lux X and Uxie X lowered prices.
  132. Luxray GL Lv.X and Top 32 Tropical Tidal Wind 2010 for SALE!
  133. Custom Poison Markers for sale! Hand sculpted and painted!
  134. MANY Base-E-Series Holos (ENG & JPN), VS Series 1st Ed, Sealed Theme Decks, & More!
  135. please close
  136. DP40 Regigigas for sale
  137. Worlds DSi XL w/ Picture - IN HAND!!
  138. 2x Toxicroak Promo DP41
  139. Quiting pokemon selling everything SP staples and more
  140. Victory Medal 2010-2011
  141. Selling Cards/Sleeves/More!
  142. Please Close. Auction Ended!
  143. close please
  144. Selling Pokémon Communications at $3 each
  145. Jumpluff for $5
  146. close please
  147. pokemonforever's Monthly Sale! - 20% OFF Select Merchandise!!
  148. please lock :3
  149. please close
  150. please close
  151. Ragneg's sell thread. Have a look
  152. Selling!! World's Deckbox's,Codes @ 0.25c each and more!!!
  153. Putgik's Sale Thread
  154. Please Close
  155. Get yourself ready for cities! Staples and others for sale!
  156. Uxie Lv.X
  157. 1-1 luxray gl x for $60
  158. Please Close: this is working its way onto ebay since i'm not getting offers.
  159. Sales by P_A.
  160. nnaann's new sale thread! 2 Gigas Promo - $30 shipped.
  161. Selling time!!
  162. please close
  163. Please close. Was Luxray GL Lv X sale - paypal only.
  164. Uxie X only $55!
  165. ◄ Slashed prices and stock updated! 4x Lost World/CoL, Shining/Star, Staples! ►
  166. Pokemon Center Sales with CITIES PLAYMAT and other stuff
  167. Finalist+Semifinalist+Quarterfinalist Worlds Stamp cards Taking reasonable offers!
  168. Close this! Dialga G Lv.X + Palkia G Lv.X come get them!
  169. Auction over, please close: Luxray GL Lv X - set starting price.
  170. Please close for now. Sales by P_A.
  171. Mod Please Read Last Post, Thanks!
  172. New BW Merchandice For Sale
  173. Please Close
  174. Please Close.
  175. Battrio coins for sale
  176. Auction closed: Mint Reverse Call energy. Set starting price.
  177. Luxray GL LvX and Uxie LvX for sale
  178. Please Close.
  179. Please Close. Auction #3: Mint Reverse Call energy - set starting price.
  180. WOTC Holo Energy
  181. Auction #4 closed: Luxray GL Lv X - set starting price.
  182. Close please
  183. Bundles Added, ALL 25% OFF! RH Call Energy + Tons of RH Trainers
  184. Player Reward Energy Sealed Packs
  185. Please close. Auction #5: 2 packs of clear Ho-oh/Lugia sleeves. Set starting price.
  186. Please Close
  187. Have a full SP engine, Gengar Primes, and other great cads for sale!
  188. Selling '08 Tropical Winds, Unown Q RH, Machamp's, Diceboxes!
  189. Sealed Prerelease Sleeves and rare cards!
  190. Putgik's Sale Thread /Machamp SF Gyarados SF BTS SP ENGINE/
  191. please close
  192. Please Lock
  193. Everything must go! ERL, Promocroak, Professor promos, Prerelease sleeves & more!
  194. [Auction] EXFRLG Charizard EX #105 - [Bidding Closed/Lock Please]
  195. Selling a Gengar Prime
  196. Please Close
  197. auction over pls lock :3
  198. 2 Gengar Primes for Sale
  199. [Auction] HGSS/UL/UD Set of Pokemon Prime (18 Cards) - [Bidding Closed/Lock Please]
  200. [Auction] Large Lot of Promo Cards [Bidding Closed/Lock Please]
  201. New COL Stuff for sale, RH Smeargles and RH LW!
  202. Good deals at Reasonable prices
  203. Warbuzz's Shop H:CoL Singles!! TM Primes, Professor Sleeves, and More!!!
  204. Get your Mew Primes here! Prices Dropped!
  205. Selling ENTIRE Leafeon/Roserade Deck!
  206. Warbuzz's - Update 07.26.11, Added Triumphant Sealed Box, +Added RH's
  207. Pokemon DVD's For Sale
  208. [Auction] HGSS/UL/UD Complete Set of Legend Pieces [Bidding Closed/Lock Please]
  209. selling. Lux gl x uxie x hgss playmats gengar prime mew prime promocroak machamp pri
  210. auction over... sadfaice :/ please close
  211. *~~Chibi's Selling Thread~~*
  212. Regigigas Promo For Sale
  213. Java's Selling Thread! I have what YOU want!
  214. [Auction] Lot of 8 New w/Tag Poke Dolls/Misc. Pokemon Plush [Closed/Lock Please]
  215. [Auction] Complete Set of Majestic Dawn (100 Cards) [Bidding Closed/Lock Please]
  216. close please
  217. Please Close.
  218. Rh stuff for sale
  219. Please Close.
  220. Close/Lock
  221. i have gengar prime and more for sell
  222. Close Please
  223. Please close wilyfungi bought the lot!
  224. Holo Trainer's, Supporters & Stadiums!! +More!!!
  225. Hybrid's 1 Stop Poke Shop...(States Ready!!!)
  226. Sealed Call of Legends Booster Box
  227. Auction: #25 Metal Pikachu Coin (Rare!)
  228. nnaann's Sale Thread - 20%+ off Ebay's Cheapest Prices
  229. MODS Please Lock
  230. Auction! UXIE X
  231. Pre-HGSS Sale!!! SP cards for cheap!
  232. [Auction] Complete Set of Platinum Arceus (111 Cards) - [Closed, lock please]
  233. Selling RH Staples
  234. Quitting Pokemon, Come buy it all! Stars, Shinings, Lv.X's, Primes, Sleeves, Legends!
  235. Getting Rid of Most of My Collection...Lv. X's, Secrets, Shinys, 100s of Holos, etc.
  236. Cards for sale
  237. Please Lock. Auction Ended
  238. Primes, X`s & Pokemon For Sale.
  239. first sale thread !!
  240. 4x Call Energy for $20 shipped
  241. Crazar's Card Box.....A little bit of everything for sale *04-08*
  242. Close/Lock/Delete
  243. Close/Lock/Delete
  244. Clearance Sales Thread!
  245. Close please.
  246. Uxie Lv. X Action
  247. Meta Cards for Sale
  248. Selling Luxray GL Lv.X $30 Uxie for $25+more.
  249. Selling sealed CoL box and Reshiram 113 & Zekrom 114!
  250. Mods, please close.