View Full Version : Cedar Grove,NJ Prerelease Tournament Report

08/30/2004, 05:20 PM
Here is the tournament report for the first prerelase i was at this set.

I get out at 8:30am when ray picks me up and we dident see how close we would get into cedar grove. We get out to vorheesville to get steve and are on our way. We get out there at 12:30 pm and then after a little wait we get the tornament to start. I meet up with shadow zangoose and nightmare from the boards. Plus frankie and his brother from NYC events. We all get the packs and start opening it up. I get a bunch of mixed up things and fell its workable but not good. i get the evens mr mime and figure ohh well ill hold out with him. That was the understatment of the day right there.

I dont remember the rounds well but i remember i was 2nd to last palce in the end and my deck fell apart.

I only won due to one guy had to get his buddies and made it abck 15 minutes after the round eneded. He had alot of issues that day and left soon after returning. :(

I won an ivysaur bank in the raffle and after everything was done joe plams presented me with the sportmentship award because nomatter what i was always happy,never had a bad mood and i laughed at the incident of placing dugtrio and onix in the deck with NO FIGHTING ENERGY!!

It was a simple mistake that cost me big. Steve kohler,my buddy that made the trip with ray and myself constanily reminded me of it till i was about to throw the togepi pokeball i got in my award bag at him. It ended with he in the top 8 and steve kohler was 2nd at the prerelease.

In top 8 he went 2-0 in both battles ton get to top 2 and in that round he found how wiggly can kill him

His opponent played a wiggly,primape deck that slowly took apart his grassy deck with lickitung

Steve tried to hold out but round 1 was difficult due to steve found how wiggly can slowly stop hima nd sleep induser dosent help. in round 2 steve finally pulled off a slow and power ful victory and finally in round 3 we all watched as steve and his oppoent went to a very hard fough battle taht steve lost whne wiggly was just to strong and sleep inducer didnet work. Steve finally dropped the hand and extended the hand in defeat. They were great sports in all 3 battles,fought hard and at the end even me and ray shook both thier hands. After the battle ended and we all said our goodbyes we went to eat.

We all go out to eat at TGI Friday's-45 minute wait there,we decide to go to Pizzaria Uno and get in right away so we eat there. We have a great meal and ecellent service,the waiter even took steves open packs whne steve asked for a bag to dispose of them because he dident want to leave the mess for the waiters/waitresses to clean. We all were full after that meal and left happy. Steve took 1/2 of his pizza home and in it all he gets some nice pulls including pigeot,snorlax,and as EX's he gets: Electrode ex and Clefaible EX. Now i need to find a vileplume ex to trade with him for it.

We get back to NY well and safe and had a blast that night


Joe Palms-For all the day you were very friendly and did a great job judging the tournament with lianne and jim

Jim and lianne- For running the event very well and keeping it fast and in order. We all had a great time and the raffle prizes were all fun.

Time warner comics and games-In all, the tournament was very much fun and the stuff you had are beautiful. Next time im there i will buy a shirt or two. You do a graet job running your store and your prices are graet too.

No Slops that day

Till Next prerelease see ya all later