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09/02/2004, 11:02 AM
Thanks to everyone who came and made this the biggest event yet (33 people)!!! :D Special thanks to Fine Art of Baseball for hosting and to my wife for all her help!!! Also thanks to Ben, Eddie, and Kevin (NC) for coming from out of state to attend. I can't wait till the next one!!! See results below with pictures to follow soon.

1st - Kevin R.
2nd - JT C.
3rd - Gabriel W.
4th - Reece F.
5th - Craig C.
6th - Mac E.
7th - Andy S.
8th - Sheldon N.
9th - Alex N.

1st - Tristram N.
2nd - Brandon W.
3rd - Eugene J.
4th - Frankie W.
5th - James N.
6th - Tyler B.
7th - Michael R.
8th - Zach A.
9th - Brandon R.

1st - Steve A.
2nd - Ben W.
3rd - Jacy S.
4th - Reggie L.
5th - Erick B.
6th - David H.
7th - Candace S.
8th - Glenn TM.
9th - Eddie T.
10th - Alejandro M.
11th - Juliana F.
12th - Frank W.
13th - Carl W.
14th - Chris A.
15th - Ken C.

Side Event
1st - Glenn TM
2nd - Michael R.
3rd - Ben W.
4th - Zach A.
5th - Steven A.
6th - Carl W.
7th - Erick B.
8th - Tristram N.
9th - Ken C.
10th - James N.
11th - Alejandro M.
12th - Juliana F.
13th - David H.
14th - Craig C.
15th - Candace S.
16th - Alex N.

09/06/2004, 10:50 AM
Pictures are up (see link below). Trying something new so let me know if you have any problems.