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Crono Sabre
08/06/2009, 07:09 AM
[4] Gastly
[2] Haunter
[4] Gengar
[2] Baltoy
[2] Claydol
[1] Uxie
[2] Nidoran
[1] Nidorina
[2] Nidoqueen
[2] Crobat G
[1] Unown G

[3] Broken Time-Space

[4] Bebe's Search
[3] Looker's Investigation
[3] Roseanne's Research

[4] Rare Candy
[1] Luxury Ball
[2] Night Maintenance
[4] PokeDrawer
[2] PokeTurn
[1] Warp Point

[3] Call
[7] Psychic

Quickly setup Gengars to begin sniping, and play Crobat G's for easy KO's. Nidoqueen is there as a backup attacker and/or to make Gengar a tank.

You may see 2 decks I have posted that I'm using for grinder. I could go with either deck at this point. Be sure to look at both of them and help me decide. Fixes and suggestions are both greatly appreciated.

08/06/2009, 07:11 AM
-1 Uxie and -1 Lookers for a Roseanne and a Warp Point. Otherwise not a bad list! You need more Poke Turn though. Well -1 Psychic for a Poke Turn and -1 NM for a Poke Turn. That is my suggestions.

08/06/2009, 09:14 AM
Can someone make a sticky for people to always post what sets their cards are from.

You posted Uxie twice, is it the same Uxie or from different sets?

Crono Sabre
08/06/2009, 06:54 PM
The Uxie was clearly a typo. I might drop a Looker's for... something. Probably a Warp Point...